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It's really a character study on Kroc and his interactions with the brothers. This is a really well done movie. 7. out of 10 Big Mac's. I worked with a guy circa 1998 who uttered this line in a meeting with a mixed attendance. I don't know what the F was going through his head, but it was a hilarious moment. I'm just impressed that he can see 'em to shave 'em. But you movie guys should damn well recognize where my shorn scrotum quote came from And damn, how does one deal with the itch when the bush comes back in. For the record, I did recognize the shorn scrotum reference and also remembered something to do with meat luge. GF 'mowed the lawn' once and was pissed off for about a week. ot pretty. Oh, and Atomic Blonde is worth seeing just to watch Charlize kick ass. Only ProgEars I blame Hollywood for the dearth of good films. Fairly low key but well acted, didn't really grip. The on-air battle of wits ensued when former President Nixon is interviewed by David Frost in this film. This is a tremendous film that captures a fascinating piece of history. Totally engrossing. Most people wrote off David Frost as a lightweight performer and not a informed journalist.

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This is not the first time we have seen Tyrion talking or playing about this drinking game. Also the way he swings his sword is similar to the way young Ned Stark swings it while killing Arthr Dayne. Take a look at the soundtrack that is played when Jon Snow swings the sword and now check check the Targaryen soundtrack. So officially speaking it’s still not known who Jon Snow’s mother is and thus he still remains a bastard and we have to keep calling him Jon Snow instead of Jon Targaryen or Stark or Blackfyre or whatever name he is going to get after we come to know about Lyanna Stark. Coming back to life hasn’t changed anything for Jon as he still remains a bastard. Only thing that has changed is that he is free of the Night’s Watch oath. If you look carefully, he isn’t leaving Castle Black and heading South but going in the opposite direction, which is beyond the Wall. All these centuries the Night’s Watch made sure that they kept everyone on the North side of the Wall but Jon Snow let thousands of Wildlings pass through the gates. Even though he didn’t break any oath, he did break his own code. What we learned about Jon Snow in the Oathbreaker episode. It was reminiscent of the Two Swords to me in that it was dialogue heavy, checked in with everyone, and was setting a lot up. The directing and editing was top notch - the cuts with Sam in training were great (and disgusting). The spoilers were generally right on but I thought there was plenty in the episode that wasn't spoiled which was a nice surprise. I don't remember hearing that the Hound saw the Night's King and the army of the dead in the fire before I saw it for example. So it's - 7. 1 - Dragonstone 7. 2 - Stormborn 7. 3 - The Queen's Justice No episode title's for the rest yet.

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I’d have thought they would eliminate the poisoning altogether. There’s already a lot going on with the scene itself, and then Drogon appearing out of the blue —and Tyrion and Jorah’s presence in the show version, too. I also saw a video interview (which I can’t find the link to) where I thought she stated she signed a 3 season contract only. While this all leaves some wiggle room, I agree, it is still possible, I don’t know if it’s likely. I’d imagine it would be off-putting to some fans (as it was for me). We have enough coming up with Bran and the White Walkers, and possibly having to. The artwork by Simonetti and Naismith and others, directed by GRRM, makes me drool in delight. Now if they could link the novel text to these pics, maps and supporting text as an X-ray feature, that would be awesome. Now that the show is widely differing from the books, Are we hoping that the shows ending is vastly different from the books ending. I for one, wouldn’t of minded getting the book ending if the path was similar. But now that the path seems to be getting far off I don’t want to see the book ending. They aren’t going to bother with the large sideplots that may be interesting in the books but don’t contribute significantly to how ASOIAF finishes up. Who, if anyone, will be left and will the iron throne (as an institution not the actual chair itself) even still exist. And the Stark children getting some measure of revenge and reclaiming the North in some fashion. And in true fantasy fashion, Bran’s new magical status would most likely involve him playing a role in this victory with some healthy deus ex machina. I think you’ll see a portion of what’s described above occur but not in a neat and tidy fashion and some characters will surely not get the justice they are seeking. Based on what he’s said in the past, he has known for some time how he wants the story to end as far as the broad strokes and he surely has the main characters’ arcs more or less mapped, there will just be detours along the way that he will want to explore as well as complications he will throw into the mix. It would be a real let down if after all this amazing story telling it just comes to an abrupt halt and the ending is something really stupid and out of sync with all that’s gone before.