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I hope he doesn’t get one taste of love then croak. Sometimes the worst thing you can do to a person is give then exactly what they want. And it seems to me, wrong or not, that Jon’s small council is basically Davos so Davos probably knew of Jon’s decisions beforehand. Perhaps but Sansa being Sansa would have still made herself heard regardless. Besides in the way he handled things, he finally gave Sansa the public recognition she has been after. He may have done that on purpose with two objectives: 1) Making Sansa feel important in front of the whole North and 2) making it obvious to his bannermen that Sansa has his complete trust and backing. Remember, the bannermen did not want to fight for her, despite her being Ned’s daughter. Now she has the backing of the man they named King, if they mean to keep their vows to their King, they must back, protect and respect the Princess in the North. I think young Ned or Alys are even less likely to bring up Jons supposed desertion than the other houses. If anyone was going to challenge it on legal grounds it would have been the remaining watch members, but they also accepted it. I really don’t think the show needs to dwell on it any further, but it would make sense that an enemy could use it against jon in a propaganda war. A quick 8 year degree in oldtown before sam comes back to the wall. Wonder if she’ll have to change her ways when she gets to winterfell. The acting and production as always is fantastic, and I can forgive much just for me to enjoy watching them. I have had a longer life than I deserved and I only wish I could’ve seen the world your going to build, standing by your side. It’s not important for the rest of the world since he’s still human. And I don’t think that anyone besides the Nights Watch and people from Winterfell know, the penalty for abandoning the Night’s watch is dead. Jon is the only one in the north who can command an army.


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