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In this case he fronts a quartet with guitarist Dan Wilson, drummer Jason Brown, and bassist Mike Boone. In this case, that would be his longtime trio mates, bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Eric Harland. Magic for Beginners, her last story collection for adults, built a steady cult following over the decade since its release, earning the praise from the likes of Neil Gaiman and Michael Chabon. Link is back with a highly anticipated series of imaginative fiction featuring hurricanes, astronauts, Ouija boards, Pyramids, and The Wizard of Oz, woven through with an eye for human foibles and frailty. Pilon, an award-winning New York Times sports reporter, tells the real story of America’s favorite property-trading game, a tale which incorporates Abraham Lincoln, the Quakers, and a little-known Progressive Era feminist named Lizzie Magie who initially created a nearly identical version of the game as we know it. Suddenly, a transatlantic controversy erupted over its authenticity and the museum’s right to ownership. In the middle of this was Basil Rathbone, the MFA’s charismatic curator, who faced the biggest crisis of his thirty year career. His daughter comes to Coolidge Corner to tell the true story of the painting, the MFA, and the controversy which changed Rathbone’s life. Luckily, we have McKinley, a licensed mechanical engineer and the host of the popular History Channel series Brad Meltzer’s Decoded to write a book that makes physics not only accessible but interesting. She will come by Porter Square to read from her book, which explains exiting topics, such as the scientific basis for stage diving and the rules of magnetic attraction. For every successful invention there were hundreds of failures. His rivalry with Thomas Edison was the stuff of legend. Pistalo is a Croatian novelist who teaches at Becker College. Tesla won Croatia’s most prestigious literary prize and is his first novel to be translated into English.

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It's an impressive advance, but I wonder how long until they can solve multi-player no-limit Texas Hold'em. It's a much more complex game than heads-up limit hold'em. From 1990 to recently, the childhood mortality rate has been cut in half. Why? Cause they pay attention to the things that matter. No worries about phantom illnesses or the craze of the week. Instead, they’ve got a solid focus on the things that actually matter. How Bill and Melinda Gates are making the most of their philanthropy. It's no coincidence that one of GiveWell's top-rated charities is the Against Malaria Foundation. Rate-limiting steps is a concept with metaphoric value in lots of spheres in life. What we're focused on is giving people stuff that they think is worth sharing with other people. We want the stories we're doing to have the biggest possible impact. So if we do personalization, it would be more of a personalization about what you’re most likely to share or discuss with your friends. That's Jonah Peretti on what type of personalization Buzzfeed focuses on, emphasis mine on what is a subtle but important focusing distinction for the service.


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Additionally, the development of an equation of state equivalent for deflagration would be very useful in predicting possible detailed event consequences using traditional hydrodynamic detonation moders. If the test simultaneously acquires information to inform models of violent deflagration events, overall predictive capabilities for event likelihood and consequence might improve remarkably. In this paper we describe an economical scaled deflagration cylinder test. The cyclotetramethylene tetranitramine (HMX) based explosive formu1lation PBX 9501 was tested using different temperature profiles in a thick-walled copper cylindrical confiner. This test is a scaled version of a recently demonstrated deflagration cylinder test, and is similar to several other thermal explosion tests. We show that through compression of the light stau and light bino neutralino mass difference, where internal bremsstrahlung photons give a dominant contribution, the photon yield from annihilation of SUSY dark matter can be elevated to a number of events potentially observable by the Fermi-LAT in the coming years. Additionally, we elucidate the emerging empirical connection between recent Planck satellite data and no- scale supergravity cosmological models which mimic the Starobinsky model of inflation. This investigation centered around a carefully designed fifth- scale wind tunnel test of an accurately contoured model of the Model 222 prototype mounted on a replica of the full- scale mounting system. The improvement in correlation for drag characteristics in pitch and yaw with the fifth- scale model mounted on the replica system is shown. Interference between the model and mounting system was identified as a significant effect and was concluded to be a primary cause of the lack of correlation in the earlier tests. Instrument adaptation and psychometric testing study. The sample consisted of 302 nursing students at a nursing school in Turkey between April and MayA 2013. Questionnaire-based data were collected from the participants. Information regarding HBMS-HPVV and HPV knowledge and descriptive characteristic of participants was collected using translated HBMS-HPVV and HPV-KS.


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In Moons of Ice and Fire 2: Dawn of the Others, we are going to really get down to business. So get ready, cuz winter is coming, and he has a big white sword. Welcome to another round of holographic dance inside the funhouse of fractal symbolism that is ASOIAF. We are picking up right where we left off in the first two Weirwood Goddess episodes, so it’s highly recommended that you read the series in order. I would also highly recommended that you read or listen to the Weirwood Compendium in its entirety before the Weirwood Goddess series, but I don’t want to get all bossy or anything. His video about the Others as icy versions of the sidhe from Irish folklore is one of my favorite things anyone has made about ASOIAF, so check that out on his youtube channel. It’s the shortest mythical astronomy podcast ever. Her brow was mottled green and grey, spotted with the brown blooms of decay. The flesh of her face clung in ragged strips from her eyes down to her jaw. Some of the rips were crusted with dried blood, but others gaped open to reveal the skull beneath. It means the same thing as dappled, as it does here with Lady Stoneheart being spotted with blooms of decay. It’s a deathly version of the dappled symbolism, appropriate for Stoneheart as an undead, ghostly Nissa Nissa figure. I mean, I called a lot of people “ghostly emanations of the weirwood” in the last episode, but these two are really hitting the nail on the head. Stoneheart is literally a reanimated shade, while the Ghost is simply very old and crone-like and only appears at the weirwood circle in the dead of night, and is therefore called a “ghost.


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It concerned me, but there was no time to start changing the script. Then they’d have the heads taken off, and be given oxygen. Feeling indebted to Lucas, they agreed to participate—reluctantly. Carrie Fisher, I think part of her deal was she got to sing a song, and that was her draw to it. Because Lucas was involved, and if another movie is coming out in two years, there’s pressure to keep going. I think Lucas did do that after the special, giving them small percentages. It was just unlike anything else in the Star Wars universe. And I initially said that I didn't want to do it, but George said it would help keep Star Wars in the consciousness and I wanted to be a team player, so I did it. And I also said that I didn't think Luke should sing, so they cut that number. The bounty hunter originated from a design for an unused Stormtrooper by production designers Joe Johnston and Ralph McQuarrie; he was intended to make public appearances in the interim between films, initially popping up at the San Anselmo County Fair parade in September of 1978. Lucas watched a special of ours, A Cosmic Christmas, that was just coming on air at the time. He asked people on his crew, including David, who we were. I think I probably had about two weeks to storyboard, then start character designs. The variety show itself wasn’t something he was particularly interested in.


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This was realized in The Inbetweeners Movie (Palmer 2011), which took them out of the school environment to a holiday in Crete and set a record for the most successful opening weekend achieved by a comedy film in the UK, only surpassed by its sequel The Inbetweeners 2 (Morris 2014). This persona, an extension of Chaplin’s tramp figure continued through the decades with Tony Hancock and Mr Bean. Early Formby and Fields films No Limits (1935) and Keep Your Seats Please (1936), appealed to the eccentric outsider and the small-scale community and were aimed at a domestic audience, as well as a colonial and postcolonial one. The US dominated the global market in the 1910s and 1920s and their distribution companies kept a tight rein on the product. Britain too has a noble satirical tradition and this is reflected in its films. Notable successes were a trio of satirical films made by the Boulting Brothers. Left Right and Centre (Gilliat 1959) imagined politicians from either side of the fence falling in love. Private’s Progress was a darkly comic look at conniving tricksters within the military, and its successor I’m All Right Jack, took the main cast and put them in trade and the commercial sector. This satire not only attacked the powerful bosses and corporations, but also the emergent trade unions, with Peter Sellers in one of his finest roles as Fred Kite, the workingclass shop steward who was as blinkered as his capitalist bosses. Innocent toff 218 Writing the Comedy Movie Henry Windrush7 (Ian Carmichael) was sent to work and work he did, falling foul of a time-and-motion studies man and causing an industrial relations crisis. Penned by John Cleese, Graham Chapman, the director and Peter Cook, who starred in a prescient satire of media spin. Peter Cook was criticized for his performance,8 which concerned a mysterious man (a blank canvas about whom we know little)9 who enters an advertising agency as a time and motion man, resulting in his becoming the boss. From here he commandeers opinion polls, tweaks them and goes into politics, where muckspreading, murder and Machiavellian twists lead to his becoming prime minister and then president, whereupon he cons the British public into voting against democracy. A Kennedy-like assassination attempt fails and the film ends on a freeze frame of his success.


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We love to explore the unique properties of glass as a medium, colour blending, translucency, shape and form, the possibilities are endless. The glass is shaped when molten, in the flame which adds to the uniqueness of each piece. The bead in the photo is the bead we have made, it is completely unique and cannot be repeated. Colours and reactions vary with flame chemistry, working time and glass batches, so your bead or bead set will be one of a kind. Custom orders are very welcome but accepted on this understanding. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via Etsy or follow our updates on Facebook or Instagram. We are always pleased to hear from you, with photos of your creations or custom requests. We are always happy to post worldwide at an economical airmail rate and postage within the UK is free. Our beads are made of kiln annealed glass so that they are as strong and stable as we can make them. Any coatings are fired onto the surface in the kiln. However, they are still glass and ought to be treated with care - if they are dropped, struck or scratched by hard materials, they may be damaged and broken surfaces could cause harm. We sell the beads as decorative items and have no responsibility for any subsequent misuse. Sensible precautions should be taken with young children and the beads should not be used as toys. It has deeply encased dichroic glass and textural details with kiln-fired iridescent lustre.


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Pulling out to the right a fraction and peering past the traffic, he could see the reason for the jam, despite part of his view being obscured by a tall caravan. A police car had blocked off the road, and there was a large blue 'POLICE STOP' barrier either side of it. Their next turn-off options are the roundabout in one mile, where they have a choice of a right turn towards Lewes or left towards Kingston village. 'Have we got anyone at the roundabout? . At least they're not in a fast car, so we can catch them. Right now the villains, whoever they were - and he had the strongest suspicions about who one of them was - had made the error of picking the road on which he drove to and from work every day, and knew better, probably, than any other road on the planet. He knew every turnoff, every opportunity, adding in the fact they were in a vehicle with off road capabilities, and although the ground was fairly soggy from all the recent rainfall, there would be plenty of opportunities to get off the road and across farmland if they wanted. A quarter to two. Tuesday. There would be a fair amount of traffic on the move and one consideration was other road users. The police had had a lot of bad press in recent years over reckless car pursuits and some tragic deaths of innocent people in the process. He needed to keep this pursuit as safe as was possible in the circumstances. Boxing them in would be best: a car in front, a car behind, one either side and slowly bring their speed down.