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He has to watch his previous life crumble right in front of his eyes. She attacked the supply line instead of going for the Red Keep like she originally wanted to. I really don't get what people expect Daenerys to do. I don't support her but she actually listens to her advisors every damn step of the way and tries to hold onto her dream of being a just and respected queen. It's a claim. she tends to think the throne is hers by rights simply because she is a Targaryen and they were the most recent rulers before Baratheons. I truly dislike her sense of entitlement though it can't be helped as her ambitions were completely influenced by the people that brought her up. Unity is paramount right now and bending the knee will bring division. By bending the knee, she actually destroys her chance of peacefully acquiring the North. Jorah turns up on Dragonstone just in time to see Dany, the woman he's loved for years and been steadfastly and passionately loyal to, getting married to Jon Snow, who is 1) the son of Ned Stark, the man who exiled Jorah; 2) the surrogate son of Jorah's own father; and 3) carrying Jorah's ancestral family sword. In both cases you have an intelligent schemer who is outmatched by someone with real magical insight. After Meera left he suddenly glanced towards the window and then it cut to Arya on the hill outside Winterfell. I live here. €ť In the book version of this scene she easily dodged a guard’s attempted swing at her as well.

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Jugal Kishore Gupta will the Incharge for Jammu West and District President Ayodhya Gupta will accompany him. Aseem Gupta will be Incharge and Rakesh Mahajan Co-Incharge for Jammu Rural district with District President Omi Khajuria to accompany them. Bharat Bhushan will be Incharge for Akhnoor district and Praduman Singh as Co-Incharge with District President Manmohan Singh to accompany them. Jugal Dogra will be Co-Incharge for Nowshera District and District President Capt Som Dutt will accompany him. S. Varinderjeet Singh is Incharge and Rajinder Gupta as Co-Incharge for Rajouri district and will be accompanied by District President Dinesh Sharma. Sunil Gupta will be Incharge Poonch district with District President Capt. Ch. Vikram Randhawa will be Incharge R. . Pura district with Suraj Singh as Co-Incharge to be accompanied by District President Brijeshwar Rana. Mamta Singh will be Incharge and Rakesh Mahajan as Co-Incharge for Samba district to be accompanied by District President Jangbir Singh. In addition to it the district teams of morchas will also extend their cooperation and participation in ensuring the successful conduct of the yatras. The party activists were carrying national flags and raising slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jai while they took up from Bohri and culminated at NITCO Lane.

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€ť All this is against the backdrop of Dieselgate affecting much of the German auto industry. Other automakers have also been fingered for working around emissions systems. Most recently, the The New York Times reported VW, Daimler (parent of Mercedes-Benz),and BMW tested diesel exhaust fumes on monkeys, followed by a report in Stuttgarter Zeitung that the University of Aachen tested the effects of diesel exhaust on humans for the automakers. The engine compresses the air in the cylinder to 20 times normal pressure, at which point the fuel is injected and self-ignites. It typically emits more soot and nitrogen dioxide (commonly called NOx) than a gasoline engine. At the same time, a diesel gives off less carbon dioxide (CO2). Since carbon dioxide is emitted in direct proportion to the amount of fuel consumed, low CO2 emissions are another way of saying the diesel engine is more efficient. Particulate filters and exhaust treatment with diesel exhaust fluid (AdBlue), essentially uric acid, can reduce the emissions significantly. The popularity of diesel cars in Europe stems from fuel economy up to 20 percent better than gasoline engines and to preferential treatment on fuel taxes. In some countries, more than 80 percent of cars had been diesels. Germany falls in the middle, with 46 percent of sales in 2016, according to Statista. Ireland has the highest penetration currently, 70 percent, and Netherlands the lowest, 19 percent in 2016. Barclays forecasts that this and other restrictions might cut the share of diesel engines from 52 percent in 2015 to 27 percent in 2025. In the US, it’s about 2 percent, mostly pickup trucks and big SUVs, plus German cars and a couple American cars such as the Chevrolet Cruze.

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C-USA, 1:30 p. . (ESPN) Dec. 26 — Quick Lane Bowl, ACC vs. Big Ten, Detroit, 5:15 p. . (ESPN) Dec. 26 — Cactus Bowl, Big 12 vs. Pac-12, Phoenix, 9 p. . (ESPN) Dec. 27 — Independence Bowl, ACC vs. Big Ten, Bronx, N. .

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Jon and his bros (including Tormund) will venture north of The Wall. For the sake of not spoiling things, if you want to look up the significance of it go to the Reddit season 7 leaks. That makes 7. Since we see 12 dudes clearly in the trailer the remaining 5 might be members of the Brotherhood. Coincidentally there are 5 other guys (besides Beric, Thoros, and the 3 about to be hanged) in the shot of the Brotherhood we see back in season 6. The character on the right in the trailer (at 3:00) appears to be wielding a war hammer which Gendry is rumored to be doing in season 7. L Bvn e uOt a mrrSX r R n EsOD TIyiT M TarnZ o L r Hzz e TSaH phQv a WkZCW t TMz rDd p I r rraw i E v J y u. Who will be Cersei's allies in Season 7? View more. What do you predict after watching Game of thrones season 8 trailer. At just 30 seconds apiece, the clips are, admittedly, very short. However, this doesn’t mean there’s nothing to glean from them: to paraphrase Melisandre (Carice van Houten), “the teasers are small, but full of spoilers”. Could it be that the two women have clashed over their battle plans for the oncoming White Walkers raid. Or could it be that they have lost someone incredibly important to them, and need to find a way to work through it together.

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And all of this means that in reality one or more of those elites is actually the representative of non elites, he may in fact be one of the smartest or richest elites in your room but the physical power he derives from those he represents is what youre reckoning with. Many around here like to pretend these faggot nerds are going to build an army of drone robots and simply tell the masses to eat cake and live like niggers. Its a fucking larp, its never worked whenever its tried you end up with more demotism not less. Its what has always been done, its just that we would like to improve it further. Now this self interest is the correlative trait to the socialist trait and we must recognize its reality but not forget DNA works because it keeps many irons in the fire for black swans. I am still waiting for one example of mobs rising up on their own and instituting extreme socialism the type that is dysgenic. One way to limit the demotism you fear is to pay the productive what they are worth. But a huge transition from agrarian to industrial distributed productivity and the power that goes with it faster than it distributed reward and marxism took advantage which as the reward caught up marxism changed its game to leftism multiculturalism racialism etc. All it would really take is putting ayahuasca in supplement form and making it cheap, or even putting a chip in the brain that is controlled by a remote, or hell, even by will. The aramaic language thing is really creepy, it makes me conclude PKD wasn’t batshit with his prolonged mystical experience. I’ve read lots of reports of that, doesn’t seem like it’s made up. I knew these two lesbians who claimed ghosts contacted them, and again, utterly sincere. There are witches and witch-doctors among goys, not many but they are there. The point of life is mysticism, we forgot that along the way making all our gizmos and gadgets.