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He may have begun to realise that symbols carry psychic energy even when they have not been consciously selected. Some might say synchronicity (meaningful coincidences) played a role in the naming of the most revered Rock and Roll group in history. Like attracts like. You can read (and hear) more of Robert’s analysis about this (if you haven’t already) in this link. Some of the credit for this has been attributed to Stuart Sutcliffe, John Lennon’s friend from his art-college days in Liverpool. Back in working-class Liverpool in the 1950s, before the days of internet and home-videos and DVDs, neither Harrison or his fellow band-mates would have been able to access it, unless of course they had friends in the motion-picture industry (highly doubtful, right) or physically went overseas to see it. According to McCartney, “it was John and Stuart who thought of the name. They never knew they had a second meaning. ” For his part, John recalled, “I was looking for a name like The Crickets that meant two things, and from crickets I got to beetles. When you said it, people thought of crawly things and when you read it, it was beat music. In the very early days of The Beatles’ fame the band did indeed adopt the beetle as part of their image, as this logo from their drum-kit shows.

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Or the fact that Disney and nasa had media that was produced in which someone tried to hide a sexual innuendo in it doesn’t mean the two are connected. The leaps this asshole takes his calves have to be killing him. Quaalude Charlie 2 bulan yang lalu Any Image can be a Real Image, that Does not mean the Photo was taken Where it was Proposed to be Taken, I see how the software is Helpful One can get a Lot of great Data from Photoshop and Asobie, We could not have Gone. These Masons want to Fool People because They Make Money, Hide Land, Hide the Proof of a Creator of The Firmaments Handywork. If I wanted people to believe some grand conspiracy about the shape of the earth, and was faking images to do so, I wouldn't purposely add things to the image that could be used as clues the images were faked. Because I would be trying to get people to believe the images were real. So I wouldn't put something in the image to tip people off that the images are fake. And even with the orientation of the image as he is showing it, one could say it says JEY or, JFY, or JEX, or JFX, or JFY. Heck the bottom part of the S and E (or J and E, Or J and F) look a lot like a cute cartoon looking dragons head, with an X (or Y) behind it. John Myers 2 bulan yang lalu The only thing which is really apparent are the crossing lines forming the 'X'. Bramble451 2 bulan yang lalu The time of the moon across the screen is irrelevant.

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With that new massive arrow in play I’m thinking Drogon might bite it. He is the main dragon character so him getting the axe before the real war would feel tragic. To him, doesn’t his initial death free him of his oath. He’s completely insufferable, and largely useless at this point. Once more: Your childhood pet does not determine your destiny. I’ve been waiting for this and it didn’t disappoint. Really excited to hear Jon tell Dany the throne doesn’t matter and I’m not bending the knee. Hopefully it’s finally acknowledged to other people that Jon was brought back to life hence not oathbreaker lol and it’s bad ass. Then, the last 10-15 minutes were a nightmare, intentionally I’m sure, that I truly hope is not replicated in the (maybe never arriving) books. Every major female character on that ship got horribly violence’d, not to mention humiliated and laughed at, each and every one, with massive implications of sexual violence to come for those not actually killed. A final shot of unnecessary grotesquery.

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His plan was only way to prevent Daenerys for taking immediate attack on Kingslanding. Tyrion suggested sending an expendable extraction party north of the wall to get a wight. Jon surprised everyone by saying he would lead the party north of the wall and that Dany couldn't stop him because hes a king. Jon was the one that sent Gendry back to send a raven to Dany asking for help. If it's anyone's fault that they lost the dragon for this mission, it was Jon. There is one theory I've seen about Tyrion from the last episode that I believe. When Tyrion found out Cersei was pregnant the scene cut away. Later when Aegon and Dany Targaryen were having wincest Tyrion was lurking outside the door with an almost worried look on his face. The theory is that Tyrion promised Cersei that Dany is infertile. I don't know if this is true or if it even matters since Cersei is obviously going to betray her with the golden company anyway but it was weird how Tyrion was lurking outside the door and the music got slightly ominous. The last season is the first time I've had no idea what's going to happen.