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But you’re right, we do not know exactly what will happen. The one thing I want is more than one Bran scene in an episode, I hope we will have more of him and 3-Eyed Raven this episode. After all this episode is 59 minutes, the longest episode so far. We still have a lot to cover in the next 7 episodes. When you say 6 episodes left are you not including Episode 4. I love doing this! Will put spoiler tags as it has info from the books. Euron gets angry and he has that bedroom scene he had with Vic in the books, ”can we fly”. Yara is the realist one and says she understands while they don’t want to go to the end of the world for a story. On the ship Yara questions why they do this for Euron, why do they bring him Dany. Maybe something with the harpies, or with the dragons. I think that next episode Sansa is back in the Vale (look at the trailer, there’s no snow where she’s at). I think her next couple of episodes will be focussed on her becoming a leader.

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Keep in mind GW isn't supposed to be touching her and has no penis. Milton Hunter Anno fa The real dragons wont be standing still tho' Hard to hit a moving target raining down fire on you Pete Peppers Anno fa That is true. I guess the idea is to be far away, but as you mentioned they'll be moving. Denise Kantrowitz Anno fa Little Finger delivering Ned's bones was no mystery. The bones were in a trunk ad it makes perfect sense that she would have sent them back to Winterfell rather than carting them all over during a war. Pete Peppers Anno fa Yeah, it's been a big mystery in the books. Ned's bones haven't made it home in the source material yet, and there location has been the source of many theories over the years. Benjamin Super Anno fa Joffrey cuts up rare Dragon Kings book,Cersei smashes Balerion the Dread's skull with a crossbow on steroids! wo peas in a pod those two. I enjoyed this episode but not as much as last weeks. EaglesFan4NRA Anno fa Once again white male writers showing their fear and jealousy of the huge black cock. It's just a fantasy with no basis in reality but still, the girl power theme starting to grate,take Danyrs war council,of the four men present,three are eunuchs and one a darwf. yrian is formidable intellect but in that world his stature is seen as a handicap.

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Arya's face during this scene is a sharp reminder that no matter how many times she claims to have no name, she is still Arya Stark, mourning her father. Her reaction to Sansa recalls two episodes back, when Sansa and Brienne discussed the warrior's brief meeting with Arya. It occurs to me here that Arya probably has no idea about everything that her sister has been through at this point. Sad. After the most gratuitous of dick shots in the history of dick shots, we meet the actress Arya is to kill. Advertisement Night King Rising Bran's first vision in this episode brings him to a stone circle, which includes a big weirwood tree. The stones are in the same spiral pattern we saw in the very first episode of the series and again when the Night's Watch finds hundreds of slaughtered wildlings during their trek North. We see a man tied to the tree, obviously terrified. What Is Dead Can Kind Of Drown In Pyke, the Ironborn are holding their kingsmoot, which honestly smacks of the Democratic presidential primaries. She wants to build a giant fleet so the Ironborn can make their mark on the world. She gets man-terrupted by some guy who thinks Theon, as Balon's only son, is the rightful heir. Theon uses this opportunity to deliver a rousing speech in favor of his sister. She is a leader, she is a warrior, she is Ironborn.

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Except not anymore; he's found a place where he's accepted and respected, not just tolerated. There's no place left to go for him, unless they bring back Shae (I can't remember, did she survive or not? . Sansa got turned into a chew toy for the ones with actual power. Arya suffered the war with the lowest classes of people. Jon Snow got sent away to serve with murderers and rapist at the most remote corner of the wall. Now everyone who was powerless is powerless no more. As a result, we get only one view (from above), and several characters don't really have reasons for being around anymore. That's not perfect. So now we get crap like Jon Snow doing everything himself, because, well, what other character could do these things. Everyone less important has their arcs over and done with. And we got the problem that there's really not much of a Game on anymore; Jon and Daenerys like each other well enough and Cersei's not really any threat. It feels like both the world and the stakes have gotten smaller over time, not bigger.

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He looks a bit like the Blackfish to me but that seems highly unlikely. The group they are running towards are also unidentifiable but one of them has either the Greyjoy sigil or a picture of spaghetti on their shield. I’m going to bet on the former, unless House Pasta are making a late debut into the show. They look like they are running through an arch shape WOTW SPOILERS. Unless there are some further down his chest which we can’t see in the photo above, his chest is unmarked. They look as if they have a grey beard, although it’s hard to tell as it’s similar to their clothing colour-wise. It looks to me like it might be Davos LEAK SPOILERS. I think someone up thread has said it might be a suicide pact with a mirroring of how Myrcella was murdered. I quite liked Jessica Henwick (Nymeria Sand) in a British series “Silk” (about barristers) where she played a pupil barrister. I was sorry they cut the characters of a couple of Robert’s bastards though. Are you planning to invite the show Thenns to dinner as well. It would be idiotic to assume anything but chaos when considering how the Dothraki would integrate into Westeros. It’s amazing what lightening the pictures can sometimes show us.

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Evenings in November and especially December can require a sweatshirt or light jacket, or even better, one of those special holiday sweaters. If you entered the park prior to wrist bands being distributed, you may also obtain a wrist band after 4:00 p. . in select locations by showing your Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party ticket. There are different color bands for each party night. Make sure you do not remove your Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party wrist band. Cast Members do check for wrist bands, and without one, you will not be able to get on rides, meet characters, enter stores, purchase food or do anything else after 6:00 p. . If you are spotted without a wrist band, you will be asked to leave the park once the party has started. If you don’t have a ticket but would like to stay in the park and attend the party, you can check at City Hall to see if tickets are available for that particular evening. Some parties do sell out in advance, but if tickets are available, they may be purchased at City Hall without exiting the park. This holiday-themed attraction sees the skippers homesick during the holidays. They have decorated the queue house and the boats in celebration.


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May 10, 2016 at 8:21 PM Hahaha a lot of people had that reaction to those videos:) I liked Claire Danes' glowing dress but that's pretty much it. Delete Replies Reply Reply Wendell Ottley May 7, 2016 at 1:41 PM So we're still going to get Cats shoved down our throats, huh? Sigh. Anyhoo, I really came here to find what you thought of that Han Solo casting given your affinity for Harrison Ford. Do tell. Reply Delete Replies Sati. May 10, 2016 at 8:26 PM I think out of all the choices this is the only one that is not a disaster, Miles Teller or whatever and other people they considered would be so bad. That kid was at least very charming, funny and interesting in Hail, Caesar. So if they insist on making that movie, he is the only good choice Delete Replies Reply Reply Anonymous May 10, 2016 at 2:00 PM Thanks for the link Sati. I love the idea of Dabid grabbing his 'idea crayons' - so realistic. I also love that Kit came out and apologised for lying, as if it wasn't the worst kept production secret of all time. Seriously it would be the worst one yet - it was pretty bad when she was not in s3,4,5 but now. Worst to First: Ranking the Films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.