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Splatting Image, Zossener Str. 20, 1000 Berlin 61. Joe Coleman - 2 differant designs- on white - large. Drew Friedman - Zacherle or Vampira - on black - medium. If you manage, own, or work for a magazine, book, record, or video. Crypt USA P. . Box 14 05 28. Staten Island, N. . 10314-0528. Hasn't been this kind of American audience for Japanese vitriol since. Tokyo Rose switched to hawking karaoke hardware over the home shopping. Frith finagled a moderately high-profile release of assorted Japanese bizarros. Mohawk. Not a note on the disc that radio won't revile. Well, one of today’s top picks is the P. . .

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Really worth a watch (and only about 10 minutes long). HBO gods:rolleyes: As I mentioned here, I was really disappointed in the episode the week before and confirmed with my father, a retired general surgeon, that there's no way Arya survives the stab wounds. Bleeding to death might not have killed her, but the contamination of a lacerated bowel surely would have, and there's no way the actress could have saved her. This week's episode was much better than last week's, but my one nitpick is that Sansa had left the war council meeting before Ramsay told them that his dogs had been starved for 7 days, yet she threw that comment back to him before they attacked him. Very dependable. ) An episode this satisfying in its defense of beloved characters--i. . them not dying--makes me dread what's to come. Yeah, I fully expect we will lose someone we love in the season finale. It also should be noted that, as someone very accurately predicted earlier in this thread, Wunwun was killed in this episode. He wasn't exactly a beloved character, but he wasn't a nobody. Again, not someone we knew well, but a significant character (as an aside, if he was still alive, he would rule Winterfell over John Snow or Sansa). Here are a few candidates -- not saying these will happen, but I could see one of these happening: 1. Jamie - comes back to King's Landing and flips out at his sister's trial (after she is found guilty). He is shown in the previews at the house of Walder Frey -- it sure isn't impossible to imagine Walder doing Jamie in the same way he did Robb Stark. 2. GreyWorm or Missandei (or both) - taken out by the Sons of the Harpy or some other resistance trying to get to Dany. The ep 10 preview does show Dany seeming sad and praying, or something like that, which could easily be in the aftermath of losing one of her most trusted advisers. Not sure what purpose she serves at this point anyway.

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But among a lot of different people that Bim encountered and who tried to possibly help him, there were good Samaritans, too. Based on a true story and so famous in Japan that they honor Ha hi with 2 statues at two different train stations. He waited everyday at the train station for his master for 10 years everyday after his master passed away. Very loyal dog. Dont think there is anyone that would not cry watching this. Also hachiko a dogs story deserves a freakin award. If you have not seen it its sooo sad marley and me wasn’t even sad to me or made me cry it had no tradgety at all hachiko was sad for 10 freakin years In a row because his owner died. And its a true story he is honored in Japan with a statue and everything. Never have I cried this much over a movie (of course, the fact that it’s a true story helps a ton) and that says a lot because I get emotional easily during movies. Hachiko is a great movie and deserves to be on this list. I have not cried for any movie but I could not resist crying for hachi. They put hachi’s foot prints on where he waited every day for his owner to come back. They buried him and Ueno near the shibuya train station. At wit’s end and on her last nerve, X can't even mourn a fallen comrade without constant interruptions. You and I are the same person, and the Cavatica is as much my home as it is yours. Charlotte was a mechanical monster who kept me locked in that cage without light or food or anything a human being needs to survive. We are everything. We are nothing. We are part of the void.

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Annalicious: Has anyone looked him up or anything or did he quit. I looked everywhere and there is nothing Meow Meow: Why isn’t the blood clotting. It's cool but yeah he has been demonitized forcing the execution of plan J. A job. TRO come back, we will all support your patron. That's how you do it on YouTube these days Bora Bora: HEY TRO. Ray Marie: R. . Tro its been 2 months since we've last seen ya Jade. The Messiah has returned Maddy: Boi Just post already Delilah Negron: can you at least make a video saying your alive. Brendan Klagu: it's a month now where are you trigger tro. Stay alive and stay safe Pete Olivarez: Wolf what are pizza earthers SizzleNizzle TittleLittle: You’re all gay Angel Nikeya: So. Henry Meyer Garvey: She's gonna get aids homie Smokey Bear: YOU SAID YOU WOULD BE BACK IN NOVEMBER WTF. Grant Christopher: Plz tro plz tro Adolf Hitler: She is worse than Hitler. Lexi: Tro it’s been 5 god damn months where in gods penis are you Booger Wolf: Omg, my farts are really stinky. Can I have 1000 subs please? What the fuck Enziah: Still on the monthy grind lmafo Joel Rufiange: hers bf is cutting himself at the wrong place. It's sad cuz I kinda may have watched all of them? XD.