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Because of his age, he is able to give her a hug and hold her while he prays for her success - not with his case, but with her life as a lawyer, her future marriage and family. Another prisoner, a journalist, began writing poetry during his incarceration. At first, pen and pencil were not allowed so he wrote his poems on styrofoam cups with his fingernail. Before he left Gitmo he had written 25,000 lines of poetry - almost none of which he was allowed to take with him when he was freed. Khan says that while she is sure there are terrorists and serious bad guys (my phrase) imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, most of the people for whom she translated appeared to be there because someone sold them to the Americans for bounty money. There was one client who raised questions for her but even he did not seem to fit the definition of wild-eyed terrorist. There are enough hints about the darker side of Gitmo to make your skin crawl. There is certainly enough detail to make you angry. But mostly there are descriptions of people who are caught up in politics, war, and economics, and who want very much to go home. Not sure I'd recommend springing for the hardcopy but definitely worth borrowing from the library.

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Earlier this month, Apple’s chief financial officer, Luca Maestri, said that wearables were the second-largest contributor to the company’s revenue, after the iPhone, and that sales in that category had jumped by 70 percent. The idea of updated AirPods isn’t bad for consumers either. While we called them the best fully wireless earbuds available at the time of our review, we did still have some issues with them. If Apple finds a way to help them stay in your ears a little better and bumps up the sound quality, while increasing the already fantastic battery life and wireless reliability, a great product could get even better. Updated on March 2,2018: Added information surrounding an Apple patent filing, which shows a new headphone design. Professors at Purdue University said the car could end up being a biological threat—or benefit. Kind of like that, on a biological level, with fewer vaporizing robots and us being the ones who screw everything up. Also, there are no giant robots here, unless it lands on a planet that just happens to have giant robots. Musk shot a Tesla Roadster into orbit on a SpaceX rocket with a dummy named “Starman” in the driver’s seat last month, showing the car on a live stream for a few hours before it was left to float alone in the void for many, many years. But the car could go down in history for a lot more than just its highly public space launch, although not anywhere close to during our lifetimes.


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Thankfully, the fact that you can wash the watch helps keep it clean. You can also swap the buckle on the strap via a little latch. This little latch was more annoying that it should have been. It is located right at the base of the buckle itself and sticks out a little bit. As a result, it dug into my wrist when I strapped it snuggly, and had to be loosened a bit. But then the watch would move about around my wrist, making it seem ungainly. Display and UI The watch sports a 1. -inch AMOLED display, which is pretty crisp and vibrant. As for the glass screen, I noticed a few tiny scratches on the display, which surprised me as I thought I took good care of the watch. The watch comes with Android Wear with Android Oreo underneath.


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All too soon, the Doyles discover the gossip -- and worse -- is true. Something sinister lurks beneath the Fowler estate. omething that raises the dead and feeds upon death itself. In 2009 - with our so-called freedom and enlightenment - you'd be hard-pressed to find a movie so darkly truthful and still relevant. Masterpiece is a word that is often overused, but in this case it genuinely applies. In his dapper suit and greased-back hair, Arthur is busy juggling another man's wife, drinking and betting. Finney isn't just good in the part, he's magnificent - he inhabits every scene like a panther about to pounce - like the world owes him a favour and his character Arthur clearly believes it does (his anthem above is spoken in the opening credits as he wipes his hands in a rag by the machine-tool lathe). The script is funny, ultra-realistic and dangerous all of the time. Having said that, watching the movie again, you're more struck by the women whose parts were cutting edge for the time - given real meat to work with. Shirley Ann Field isn't just a pretty face as Doreen the girl who makes hairnets and lives at home with her mum; she adds a rare intelligence and class to the movie.