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Baby! You got blue eyes! Damn. I thought the repartee between Tormund and The Hound was priceless. Poor Thoros. And you could tell The Hound was grieved. I don't know WTF is going on with Arya, but I don't like the way she's acting one bit. She's got all that childish jealousy of Sansa still eating at her. The writing was good the pacing was ok and I loved the acting. The cameraderie between the Wight Hunters, Jorah, Beric, Jon, Thoros, The Hound, Tormund, Gendry, it all worked really well. You can't have her be badass (a killer) and then complain about her being dark. It's like what Tormund said to The Hound about not always being bad and having some good in him. Can't remember the exact quote, but imagine he's talking about Arya. And it IS Game of Thrones after all, the moral compass of every character is not completely pointed to good or bad. Lucky they didn't bring back Lady Stoneheart, you'd be having a full on tantrum right now.

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epic video, dude, as always, I look forward for the book. Ignoring all the complaining people have done about travel times I think most people did, too. They’re tying up a lot of story lines and focusing on what matters. Tony-the-Tiger-they’re-G. . . t) Martin has said a few things about the books. One is pretty well known: this story will not have a happy ending, but it will be bitter sweet. I’ve also read that he originally wrote the books in a manner that would make it very difficult to convert it to television. To my understanding he always wanted to make TV shows, but what he had written wasn’t adapted well or right, or wasn’t successful. For A Song of Ice and Fire he wanted the story to exist only as intended, as a book. Considering how beloved it is, possibly one of the most successful TV shows ever, clearly he didn’t succeed in that regard. However, I think there’s a chance that he had succeed in making it difficult to adapt, we just don’t know it yet, or more aptly can’t see it. It’s possible the way GRRM is going to end the books is something that no one would ever attempt to do on TV. More plausibly, I think GRRM thought that certain major scenes (Red and Purple Wedding, namely) couldn’t happen on TV, at least not where TV was when he started writing ASOIAF.


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My point is, akan lebih seru jika adegan di terowongan itu dipercepat, adegannya dibikin dramatis like, they are overcome the odds dengan cerdasnya, terus adegan di gedung itu baru deh dibanyakin. Karena jelas kesalahan terbesar 3Sum adalah menempatkan segmen yang paling lemah di awal cerita. Seharusnya mereka mencontoh WWE dalam hal penempatan posisi segmen. Kalo di WWE, match yang aksinya paling heboh akan diletakkan sebagai pembuka. Pertandingan yang terlalu gimmickal biasanya diletakkan di tengah, berfungsi sebagai cooling down for something bigger or just serve as a bathroom break. Match dengan sisi storyline terkuat akan diletakkan sebagai main event, sebagai penutup. Mencontoh formula itu, saya rasa 3Sum bisa tampil lebih maksimal dengan urutan Impromptu-Insomnights-Rawa Kucing. Malah terkadang, cewek dalam film justru jadi korban. Diculiklah, dikejar psikopatlah, diputusin pacarlah, disuruh nyucilah, dll. Mereka masuk ke dalam daftar orang-orang paling gila di dunia. Mereka bukanlah cewek tipe eye-candy (diliat boleh, dipegang apalagi). Saking seramnya, kalo lagi jalan di jidat mereka ada tulisan ”Senggol. Sebelah kaki cewek ini harus diamputasi karena dimakan zombie yg merajarela di kota. Dengan senjata di kaki, Cherry lantas berubah menjadi cewek superhero dan membasmi zombie2 di kota. Julie adalah orang yang paling menentang hubungan Scott dengan Ramona.

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Sirius panted, eyes slipping closed as Remus’ mouth dragged from his pulse point, the place they had slipped to when Sirius had fallen, along his jawline. It left a cool trail when warm lips were replaced with chilly air. Remus laughed breathlessly, hand moving between them, fingers hooking over the elastic waist of Sirius’ sweatpants for a moment before slipping his hand inside. His chest tingled with each rapid beat of his heart, all sparked by RemusRemusRemus; the look on his face as he watched each of Sirius’ reactions to the movements of his hands, his touch. Sirius sucked in a sharp breath, letting a small sound escape, and tucked his face into Remus’ neck at a particularly perfectly aimed stroke of Remus’ thumb, “Re. “Hm? Sirius opened his mouth to speak but just ended up sucking gently on Remus’ pulse point instead. He pressed his hand to Remus’ lower stomach in place of words, just above the button of his jeans. His fingers felt too clumsy to ever get it undone— definitely not with Remus’ hand in his pants and breath on his neck— and he ended up just letting out a frustrated noise. Remus laughed softly, “Having trouble? Sirius just shot him a look and roughly pushed up his thick, gray sweatshirt, still rain-speckled from their earlier run to the car. Remus’ white t-shirt came with it, and he threw the two clothing items into the drivers seat. His hands moved back to Remus’ pants but Remus captured both of Sirius’ palms in one of his. He smirked, “First you. Sirius opened his mouth to protest, but was cut short with a gasp as Remus sat up suddenly, pushing Sirius’ jumper up, mouth instantly latching onto his chest.

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Inspired by her mom, 19-year-old Anne Skoch went to fashion school. She came up with her own design based on her love for the Cleveland skyline, which led to other designs for New York and Chicago. She has more than 100 current customers and may even have to hire employees to keep up with the demand. In a horrific video he filmed while sexually torturing and killing one of his victims, Rurik Jutting described his 'fantasy' of abducting three girls from Wycombe Abbey school in Buckinghamshire so he could use them as sex slaves. Moments earlier, the 31-year-old had described his descent into cocaine-fuelled addiction and violent sex and boasted of humiliating and killing 23-year-old Indonesian woman Sumarti Ningsih. As he listened in court to the passage where he fantasised over plans to return to the UK and kidnap girls from the ? 6,750-a-year High Wycombe school, Jutting shook his head while holding a hand over his face. 'Some people may see this as the narcissistic ramblings of a torturer and murder. To understand basic abnormality,' he said on the video, which was played to the jury this morning. It is not yet clear why the former Winchester College student picked out a specific school. In another part of the gruesome 20-minute video, Jutting, a Cambridge history graduate, said: 'I would like to be clear here - to kidnap and keep captive and torture and rape young girls - under 18 and over 13. A variety. Different kinds. Build up experience. Jutting's parents Graham, 55, and Helen, 54, and brother Auryn, 29, were not in court to see the harrowing video evidence, which was shown on a giant screen.


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Today, appreciate your shadow side; the part of yourself you hide from others and yourself. The part of you you blame for all of what's wrong in your life. Love it and thank it for teaching you so much about yourself and about humanity. My favorite character has always been Kirito but now I still like Kirito but I have taken a lot of affection for Eugeo, It's too cute. But in October they will release the second part of Alicization: War of Underworld. It's not that I don't put effort in my texts that I want to share with you and to search for the best Hashtags. ). The forest thought me to see, the power of plants. The Amazonian natives have a vast knowledge of the use of each plant. All the pharmaceutic drugs comes from this sacred plants, of course, than they create artificially modified medicine. I want to highlight, I do see the value in pharmaceutical medicaments when in extreme cases, they are often necessary. Even if today is so easy to find natural medicine in cities, they must be used often to replenish our energy, when physically disconnect from nature for a while, specially. The plants their teachers, the animals their guides. While we are here living and surviving, there is a whole world inside the Amazon, protecting us, praying for us! Not only with oxygen, but inside this jungle resides our guardians with their families.