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Below is a case for the defense of the true record of the assassination, the Zapruder film. It is not by any means an attack on the several well-meaning researchers who have been misled. It is difficult to allow yourself to admit that you have been misled, but it's very important to history that this issue must be cleared up. The Zapruder Film There are those who use classic circular reasoning in one matter. For whatever motive, three or four people think that the President’s car stopped to allow a coverup of some kind at the exact moment of the fatal head shot. Since the Zapruder film shows that the car never stopped in Dealey Plaza, they have made themselves believe that the film must be a fake, false, a hoax, altered, whatever. And since, in their minds, the film is a false record of the events, the car must have stopped. In fact, the Zapruder film is genuine and unaltered and the car never stopped in Dealey Plaza. Many have been misled, into believing that the Zapruder film has been faked, or altered, that it is a hoax. This is an explanation of how so many have been conned by a few people using a false rumor into believing that the single most important piece of evidence in the study of the assassination of President Kennedy cannot be trusted. We do have a massive true conspiracy in the Kennedy case, we don’t need a false one on top of it to muddy the water any further. Of the supporters of the theory that the Zapruder film we have now seen is a forgery, only one states reasonable arguments to support the belief. This belief is made based on what I believe to be false assumptions. There have been several false assumptions made by several people through the past few years. Before the film was slit by Life, the original film was used to make a duplicate unslit 8mm black and white copy negative (most probably in the Sunshine lab in Chicago) which was used to create the black and white Zapruder frames, which were published in Life magazine’s November 29th issue, still before the camera original was slit. This black and white printing in a color magazine lead many people to believe the film was shot in black and white, instead of on the color Kodachrome II reversal film, which it was. The emulsion is the light sensitive chemical layer which is what captures the image on the film. If the film in the National Archives was a fake, it would have to read through the emulsion side of the film, which it does not. Kodachrome II is probably the finest film ever created to shoot original, well lighted images. However, in deep, contrasty shadows, it tends to ’block up’.

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The sister has a star on her forehead and marries a king. 36 comments share save hide report 87% Upvoted What are your thoughts. And the records might not have necessarily been deliberately destroyed. Jon accidentally destroyed the Lord Commander's Tower trying to deal with a single wight. Imagine the blaze required for a potential army's worth of wights. Which would also explain why we're told that nothing remains of the original Night Fort structure except the underground tunnels. Like the Lord Commander's Tower, the blaze ruined it. And destroyed everything flammable in it too like their books and records. The marriage was the traditional way houses sealed a treaty and the sacrifices were part of what was agreed to. This has the advantage of explaining the Others' mysterious motivation. Somehow the current humans have violated whatever agreement was made, so now the Others have returned to open warfare. The problem is that the timing of the marriage doesn't line up with the tales of Azor Ahai's victory in the War for the Dawn. If the Night Watch and the Wall weren't created until after the Walkers' defeat, then the Night King is unrelated to that history. Interestingly, when Sam goes through the Watch's records, they don't line up with their spoken history, particularity with regards to the number of lord commanders they've had. There's lots of wiggle room here for the Night King to be something other than number 13. The Prince would have been settled as a ruler at the Night Fort, with his lands the area in which the Wall was being raised. The Wall would then not only have been created to keep out the Others, but also to keep men out of the far north. The only original passage would have been the magical door under the Wall at the Night Fort, which only the Night King would control. The sacrifices would have been people trying to get past the Wall for whatever reason--Wildlings trying to get out, former lords trying to get back their lands. Or perhaps large numbers of sacrifices were needed to create so large a magical object as the Wall.

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Avolon was sold to Shenzhen-listed Bohai Capital Holding Co in 2015. Bohai and other state-backed Chinese firms are expanding in the aircraft financing and leasing business as customer airlines open routes at home and abroad. The announcement comes after Airbus (PA:) and Boeing recently reported orders for a total of around 100 jets from China Development Bank Financial Leasing (CDB Leasing) (HK:). Airbus publicized the deal for 45 jets last week during the Dubai Airshow, bolstering a show tally dominated by a record preliminary order for 430 jets but no firm business. However the Airbus order from CDB appeared to correspond to a pre-show announcement by Boeing of an order for 56 jets from the same company, or a net 52 after conversions. Both deals were approved on Nov. 8, company filings show. Airbus declined to comment on the timing of the announcement. Both jet manufacturers have significant further orders from Chinese companies on their books, but names have not yet been disclosed for commercial reasons, industry sources said. Avolon agrees to buy 75 Boeing aircraft, may order 20 more business-standard. om. If you’re like me, you binged all 10 episodes in a weekend, a year ago, and so it might be time for a refresher. Here you go: First of all, the whole premise is going to have to change because the missing girl — Chantal Witherbottom (Clare McNulty) — is finally found. The whole first season was about Dory (Shawkat)’s obsession with Chantal’s disappearance and finding out what happened to her. Through some major Nancy Drew moves, Dory follows Chantal’s trail all the way from Brooklyn to Canada, where she discovers Chantal safe and sound and actually so happy to be away from social media for a while. Through her Nancy Drew sleuthing, Dory leads her friends to a house in Canada where Chantal is hiding out. Keith (Ron Livingston), the faux P. I. who gets Dory to believe Chantal’s parents hired him, follows the crew up North. He surprises Dory in the kitchen to confess his love for her, so she tasers him and he hits his head on the island.

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To curry support for his weak position, Stannis converts to the religion of the Lord of Light, influenced by the Red Priestess Melisandre. Jaime predicts she will land at Dragonstone; it is strategically located with harbors for her ships, Stannis had left it vacant, and it was where Daenerys was born. Jaime's prediction proves correct, as Daenerys returns to Dragonstone around the same time. She spends a few minutes exploring the castle's entryways before reaching the throne room. She forgives Varys for plotting against her in the past and gets him to reaffirm his allegiance. Daenerys and her entourage are later greeted by Melisandre, who tells Dany about the prophecy of The Prince That Was Promised. When Melisandre mentions Jon Snow the King in the North, Tyrion convinces Dany that he will make a good ally. Dany accepts on the condition that Jon bend the knee like his Stark forebears. Following a heated discussion, Tyrion convinces Daenerys to send Ellaria and the Sand Snakes on Yara's fleet to Dorne to rally the Dornishmen for a siege of King's Landing. Tyrion's plan is to used a combination of Dornish and House Tyrell forces to lay siege to King's Landing to combat the image that Daenerys is a foreign invader. He also successfully proposes sending Grey Worm and the Unsullied to seize the Lannister seat of Casterly Rock. Olenna reluctantly agrees to commit her forces but admits privately that she is motivated by hatred and a desire for vengeance against the Lannisters. Season 2 introduced the Chamber of the Painted Table, used as the main war council room, but the large throne room set was only introduced in Season 7; also the exterior shots were greatly expanded from prior seasons. As for the stratified rock formation design with the volcanic island's carved chambers, designed by Deborah Riley, director Jeremy Podeswa said. The island has a small port and a large castle on it, built by the Targaryens some 500 years ago, when they settled Dragonstone as a trading outpost of the great Valyrian Freehold. When Valyria was destroyed in the cataclysm known as the Doom a century later, Dragonstone was the largest Valyrian stronghold to survive intact. The Targaryens refused to help the colony-states along the west coast of Essos maintain Valyrian rule. After the deposing of King Aerys II Targaryen, Robert Baratheon appointed his brother Stannis as Lord of Dragonstone until his own son, Joffrey, became old enough for the office. This has caused a rift between the brothers, as Stannis feels that he should rightfully be commanding the ancestral Baratheon castle of Storm's End instead of their youngest brother, Lord Renly. However, the lords sworn to Dragonstone had been staunch Targaryen loyalists, and Robert felt Stannis was more suited to keeping them in line.

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It’s early days still, but the game will be announced during Gamescom and will be an independent AAA game. Our core proposal is to make a game that looks and feels AAA, but is smaller, has focused gameplay, and is sold for the price of a DVD movie. Any money we make here will be used to make a better game. If we and others can prove that the Independent AAA model is viable and profitable, it may open the doors to new financing models such as the ones that have been around for decades in independent film production. Who better than players themselves to give feedback on gameplay and balancing. This will be one of the most important changes we will be putting in place. This is where we can help each other out in a manner that is more open than is possible under AAA publishing: we can ask for favours and return them in kind. Publishers do have an ability to fund games and connect the dots to bring amazing experiences to players. We owe our 14 years in existent to publishers and the good people within them and we do share a common goal to create great games that serve our players. I would like to see publishers take many smaller bets on riskier games just like film studios do with independent movies. In exchange they reap the rewards across several smaller bets rather than exclusively continuing with the GOBIGGOHOME strategy. Give developers the freedom to work up an IP into something valuable instead of owning it outright and shelving it forever at the first hurdle. If developers can work up IP into something successful, they can take this to big AAA publishing offering reduced risk. Yes we will, there are still a lot of plus sides to the model. There will be more games entering the market, more developers in the market taking risks and more partners to work with in the long run. There is a middle ground between the low budget pure indie development and AAA side of things that can be filled by forward thinking publishers who don’t drive away good developers with the onerous level of control they expect with massively funded AAA retail games. We found several projects to work with that we are fully behind. Despite the overall trends of the AAA retail market, there are still opportunities out there now that confidence is returning to the console space. The projects we choose to go for are those that are prepared to go against the grain and put innovative player experiences front and centre. I believed that when we were told we were going to fail if we started up our own studio and when that CEO of mega gaming corp told us we couldn’t compete with their efforts when we started Heavenly Sword and I believe that now when we are told there is no place in AAA for us.

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Rep. John Conyers faced a potential problem getting on the ballot at all because there is a question of whether two of his petition distributors were properly registered to vote. Of course, immediately the flashbacks began to the giant shocking situation involving former U. . Rep. Thad McCotter (a situation still being fought out in court) who was tossed off the ballot because his staff faked petition signatures, including those of Mr. McCotter’s mother. The Conyers kerfuffle is still being resolved, and yes, Mr. Conyers may find himself going the way of Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and running as a write-in candidate in the primary. Which brings us to a long-time political aide, a Democrat who has worked on dozens of campaigns, who reminded this reporter of two critical rules every politician and political staffer must always keep foremost in mind. In other words, make sure the staffer with the best driver’s record is driving the candidate’s car. Make sure all comestibles at events will not choke the candidate to death. Keep the candidate away from open elevator doors, open ledges, live wires, venomous reptiles, swimming pools temporarily being used as shark tanks, scissors, knitting needles, slingshots and the like. Can’t elect a dead candidate, so rule 1 is simple, the aide said, keep the candidate alive. Write-ins are too big a risk, so you have to get the candidate on the ballot. That means all election rules have to be followed exactly as written. All petitions have to be exactly the right size, all fonts and letter sizes to rule. All circulators have to meet all requirements, in fact have to have met them before they are allowed to touch a petition. All petitions have to be reviewed and then re-reviewed by the heads of staff to make sure they are correct, names of only real people with real addresses (no “Mickey Mouse” living at 123 Hole in the Wall allowed) on the petitions, every box checked by the right kind of check, every line signed and dated. Following rule 1a can be the most painstaking, tiring, frustrating, annoying task of the entire campaign and also be the most important, the aide said.


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Besides, what could they do even if they took the note seriously. But less than twenty-four hours later, a young blond schoolteacher is found murdered, and it’s Bill’s fault: he didn’t convince the police to get involved. Because the notes are coming faster, the deadlines growing tighter, and the killer becoming bolder and crueler with every communication—until Bill is isolated with the terrifying knowledge that he alone has the power of life and death over a psychopath’s innocent victims. Until the struggle between good and evil is intensely personal. Until the most chilling words of all are: The choice is yours. I guess I mean that several things happened so quickly that Koontz forgot to make any explanatory links between them. The novel felt very thrown together, as if maybe the author had promised to write something, but was very behind. Far too much description littered the pages, things the reader has neither a need for nor an interest in. And the most interesting moments, the revelatory or exploratory ones, the ones dealing with the human condition and the hearts of men, were reduced to one or two short, ultimately inadequate sentences. Perhaps to add a little depth, Koontz relies on T. . Eliot's words throughout Velocity, but the story does only a superficial job of providing them context. Read it for a laugh, read it to find out who the killer is. Read it because you're bored and have had enough television. Just don't be too sad when the climax doesn't manage to surprise. However the next day a lovely bond school teacher shows up dead in Napa County. Soon Billy begins to receive more notes giving him similar decisions and his quite life is turned upside down. Billy Whiles is a lonely bartender whose bride-to-be, Barbra, went into a coma four years earlier. He doesn’t have any close friends and passes his time doing wood work. He was previously an author however; when Barbra went into a coma he lost interest.