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According to some CMC researchers, people communicating via computers may be deindividuated. For instance, Kiesler et al. (1984) argue that when a CMC user is anonymous, and perhaps he or she is focused on the task at hand, rather than the recipient of their internal standards, then he or she is deindividuated. REDUCED SOCIAL CUES An associated explanation of disinhibited online behavior comes from the limited bandwidth of CMC networks, and an alleged subsequent reduction in social cues during interaction. This, according to the reduced social cues approach, leads to a reduction in the influence of social norms and constraints (Kiesler et al. 1984;) and thus leads to antinormative and deregulated behavior. According to the RSC model, social influence in CMC will be primarily based on the balance of information exchanged (Kiesler et al. 1984). However, Spears and Lea (1992) summarize group polarization research that suggests that CMC, in certain circumstances, adheres to normative influence rather than lending itself to antinormative behavior. According to Duval and Wicklund (1972), conscious attention can be directed toward the environment (termed “public” self-awareness) or toward the self (termed “private” self-awareness). Public self-awareness is induced by situations in which an individual is aware of the possibility of being evaluated (e. . when being videotaped or assessed) or when they are socially distinctive (e. . when they are a minority in a group). Private self-awareness is when the person is aware of their inner motives, attitudes, goals, and so on, and can be induced, for instance, by having people look into a mirror. According to Matheson and Zanna, private and public self-awareness are considered to be “relatively orthogonal” (p.

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Well, bugger your ribbons, and shove your swords up your arses. The only difference is, I don't lie about what I am. So kill me, but don't call me a murderer while you stand there telling each other that your shit don't stink. The two men stood talking in low whispers while Arya seethed. The Hound was deadly with a sword, everyone knew that. He can't be killed, she thought, hoping against hope. He stepped up quickly to undo the clasps that fastened the battered steel about the Marcher lord. The quilting beneath was rotten with age and sweat, and fell away when the metal was pulled loose. A puckered crater scarred his breast just above his left nipple, and when he turned to call for sword and shield, Arya saw a matching scar upon his back. Is he scared? Arya wanted him to be scared before he died, as scared as Mycah must have been. Ned fetched Lord Beric his swordbelt and a long black surcoat. It was meant to be worn over armor, so it draped his body loosely, but across it crackled the forked purple lightning of his House. He unsheathed his sword and gave the belt back to his squire. The Hound ripped the sword free and threw away the scabbard. The Mad Huntsman gave him his oaken shield, all studded with iron and painted yellow, the three black dogs of Clegane emblazoned upon it. The boy Ned helped Lord Beric with his own shield, so hacked and battered that the purple lightning and the scatter of stars upon it had almost been obliterated.

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. a potential traitor in Dany’s midst. Qarth is also where Dany encountered another loose end, Quaithe of the Shadow, whose prophecy continues to have implications for the endgame of this sprawling story. Preston Jacobs The Order of the Green Hand Alt Shift X Rawrist whycreate The Last Harpy bridge 4 In Deep Geek IdeasOfIceandFire GrayArea Honorable Mention's SmokeScreen, Fire and Blood, Talking Thrones, Nerd Soup, Secrets Of The Citadel, Nerd Soup. List your top 10 Im not trying to hurt anyone saying that other is better this is only my opinion and youtubers i most enjoyed and their content. He doesn't do much GoT stuff in the off-seasons, but I like that he discusses themes rather than theories in his reviews, and also he's funny as hell. He’s not “GoT exclusive”, but he talks a lot about GoT, and I like his videos and his insights a lot. He perfectly explains why season 5-7 ruin the show. But he's given to rants, and I find rants useless and upsetting, even if I agree with them. He's not the only ranter--I avoid them like the plague. It’s still enjoyable to watch but it’s a shell of its former self. Your an idiot or never read the books to believe season 5-7 are good or great. They have some great episodes in them, but make no sense. Jon somehow wins battle of the bastards, bastards killing the ruler of dorne and THEN rule it, tarlys betraying tyrells, people of kingslanding accepting Cersei as queen, Euron building a 1000 ships in 1 MONTH, Stannis walking to winterfell like it’s his first day at war, Arya becoming an Uber assassin in a couple months etc etc etc. I have no doubt season 8 will be enjoyable, however the show lowered in quality after s4 and stopped following the books. If you disagree with me, then go ahead and respond to all those things I mentioned. You an idiot then if you think it’s just as good as season 1-4 and you haven’t read the books.

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I expected us to lose Beric as well as Thoros, and Jorah, and possibly even Gendry. Back in a time when Game of Thrones had consequences, we almost certainly would have. This was the most unexpected twist of the episode, and it was possibly the finest triumph of visual effects ever seen on Game of Thrones; the dragon plumetting into the icy waters, blood and fire exploding out. I’m assuming the Night King set up this trap deliberately so he could get hold of a dragon, in which case he must have been chuffed to find out that people as stupid as Jon Snow exist. There is genuine chemistry between Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke, and the romance is one of Thrones ’s more believable ones. Emilia Clarke’s acting was superb this episode, something I doubted I’d ever say, covering the full range between vulnerability and empowerment and reflective sadness. Her realisation that the white walkers exist, and her reflection to Jon, is one of her finest moments as an actress. At the same time, lines like “thank you, Dany”, and the ensuing nonsense, prove that the kudos should go to Harrington and Clarke, not Benioff and Weiss. It proves that, aside from an occasional over-reliance on humour, hell, this Dave Hill guy can write. It has become clear to Jaime that Cersei cannot win the war ahead, which he’s definitely correct about, but she refuses to listen, with Lena Headey channeling a strange, irrational version of Tywin Lannister. A stupid champ, perhaps, but a weirdly endearing one. And I never thought I’d say this, but I was sad to see Randyll Tarly go, come the end. This was also Matt Shakman’s finest moment of the episode; those two burning pyres in front of the kneeling Lannister men is something I fully expect to come up on the Beautiful Death poster. Once he’s had a heart-to-heart with Jon about Lord Commander Mormont, I think Ser Jorah’s arc will have reached its natural conclusion. One of the areas where the Thrones writers frequently fail is in that they think their audiences are dumb; in their world, understatement is a dying art. We could have gained so much more from having the meaning of this scene injected into the performances of Dinklage and Hill than having it spelled out. I was surprised that Davos seems so jovial about the man who killed his son, but that really speaks in testament to the strength of his character and the depth of his belief about the living dead.

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