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He sees that she can be ruthless when she executed the Tarly's and that sowed the first seeds of doubt in her for him. People also think he's in love with her and jealous of Jon for having her favour, but it would just be pain stupid if the show went down that road. Daenerys has enough starry eyed suitors bumbling about her, we don't need Tyrion to add to that. Besides it would also mean the degeneration of the character that Tyrion represents. Tyrion may betray Daenerys in the future but not for the reasons of unrequited love. Instead of using the book to reinforce theories about the show, this theory should mostly focus on Tyrion's character in the book, and Dany's blatant misrule in Mereen. Dany is due three betrayal's, the last one for love. The there is also the love he possibly still has for Jaime. Nonetheless, Tyrion is not going to Mereen to serve Dany, rather, he is on a mission of vengeance. He means to claim the rock, outlandishly promising the Second Sons gold and castles for their service. Also he already sowed division between the Targaryen claimants. Dany is almost as poor a ruler in Mereen as Cersei is in Kings Landing She rejects a Dornish alliance and marries a man Westeros would never accept for a false peace. It's clear Dany is not a good ruler, so Tyrion stands as the best candidate for this third betrayal because he not only is capable of attaining the capacity to betray, but already comes with the motivation of love.

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Mud words. Mud commas and full stops. Bits of writing, broken apart, like the pieces of an old pot you dig up when going over your allotment. I’d piece them back together again, make something new with them” (2010, 7). While drawing from this image, Roberts also departs from it by reinventing the Christian myth and placing mud on a woman’s mouth, an image which virtually recurs in each of the narratives in the collection. I wanted to lick all of it, taste it and swallow it and be one with it. And then, dissolving, I wasn’t myself, I wasn’t myself any more. I’d gone. I was just part of the mud, fresh in the rain and the sun and I was fed by the world, mouth open, full, churning with joy” (2010, 4; my italics). On the other hand, the biblical “handful of dust” (Matthew 18: 3), a reminder of the transient quality of life and approaching death, becomes in Roberts’ collection a strategy of empowerment, of living the world and being fed by it in terms of inspiring creativity. In this process of rethinking and remaking, of making something new out of old fragments and patches of experience, Roberts conceives of imagination as a powerful force which defies rational thinking and certainties, often becoming a space of otherness inside culture where “to experience the kind of chaos necessary for new life, new ideas” (Roberts 1998, 22). In tune with this, Roberts fully explores in this collection “this current of strangeness and chaos which is the unconscious” (Bastida 2003, 96). In this journey, Roberts is often aided by fairy tale conventions, icons and imagery which eventually signal a departure from the rational of everydayness into dream, fantasy, the unconscious and imagination, which Roberts has defined in the following terms: The place of imagination is at the heart of each of us, at the heart of culture, of society.


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Plural is don’t. Her: Oh. I thought it was just one guy: Benny Offenweiss. But then again, its impossible to satisfy all fans and there will be a lot of people who wont like the ending of Game of Thrones. Ride that freaking Dragon or may the Others take you. But right now the WWs have no reason to accept a peace, especially once they breach the Wall. They need to suffer a major blow and be shown that they could be defeated, or at least a victory would cost them way too much. Indeed, the only way this seems to be important is that those most concerned with being “good” do the most harm: just as in reality. I don’t understand why many Americans like everything to come in XL, 20 episode seasons. I think the GoT fandom is great, but probably the most spoiled. Now we’ll have 8. We should be happy to have more episodes, even if the last season is shorter. Moreover, where he is concerned, I bet that learning the truth about his mother and what it cost Ned to raise Jon as almost a trueborn son is going to be huge for what Jon devides to do.