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Echtoo 12 - Out of Fuel - Time Machine 13 - Foreign Concept - Skit City Feat. Stylo G) (Whiney Remix) 13 - Seba - Stasis 14 - Current Value - Starfleet 15 - Flite - Awakening 16 - Frankee - Nobody Cares 17 - Culture Shock - Steam Machine 18 - Enei - Wolfpack 19 - Black Sun Empire - I Saw You (ft. Sarah Hezen) 20 - InsideInfo - Conformity 21 - Hugh Hardie - Camera Obscura (ft. Maverick Soul) 22 - Dub Elements - Bad Guy 23 - Rido - Twisted (ft. Thomas Oliver) 24 - Reso - Taiga (Urbandawn Remix) 25 - Hugh Hardie - Viridian 26 - Eastcolors - Keys 27 - The Upbeats - Grasshopper 28 - Loadstar - Diamonds (ft. Mefjus) 35 - Nero - Do You Wanna 36 - Hugh Hardie - Reflection 37 - Doctrine - Thunder (ft. Shae Jacobs) 38 - Original Sin - 3000 Miles 39 - Break - Gave Too Much (ft. Covenant (demo3) - colony 50 - 50 Slummin out v6 (final) - Colony 51 - 51. Maria Remos - Smote, Bachelors of Science (Original Mix) 12 - Feeling Feat. Dina Eve - Smote (Original Mix) 13 - Everything - Smote (Original Mix) 14 - Deja Vu - Smote (Original Mix) 15 - Sweet passion - Stunna, Smote, Submorphics (Original Mix) 16 - Precious love - Smote (Original Mix) 17 - Pouring rain Feat. Dina Eve - Smote (Original Mix) 18 - Frozen lake - Stunna (Original Mix) 19 - Funk Mirror - Treex (Original Mix) 20 - Synthesized Melancholia - Salaryman (Original Mix) 21 - In spirit Feat. J Rokka - Melinki (Original Mix) 22 - Don't let go Feat. Amy Pearson - The Prototypes (Original Mix) 23 - Muddy waters - Static (Original Mix) 24 - Atlantic co. - MSDOS (Original Mix) 25 - Slide Feat. Rihanna - This Is What You Came For (Bootleg) 31 - Doctrine - Panopticon 32 - DRS - Emergency (feat. Marcus Intalex) 33 - Utah Jazz - Mile High Club (Feat.

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Untuk nomor eksekutif, gelar juarajuga diraih Haris Nasution. Pertandingan final dihadiri Ketua PTMSIMedan, H Rusdi Lubis SH MMA dan pembina tenis meja Lismin Sumirjo. Ini kali pertama kami loloske babak nasional, kami bersyu-kur bisa sampai di sini dan tidakingin takabur dengan mematoktarget tinggi. Wakepsek Bidang Kesiswaanini menambahkan, persaingandi babak nasional sudah pastiketat karena yang tampil adalahtim-tim juara dari berbagai pro-vinsi. Sehingga untuk penam-pilan pertama ini, SMAN 15 ti-dak ingin mematok target tinggi. Anak-anak nantinya akanbersaing dengan 18 tim juarayang berasal dari kota-kota diIndonesia. Kami belum tahusiapa lawan satu pool kami, ka-rena besok malam (malam ini)baru digelar technical meeting,beber Pesta Lumban Gaol. Kepala SMAN 15 Medan,Drs Darwin Siregar MPd, men-dukung penuh perjuangan timfutsal siswanya tampil di Ban-dung. Dia menilai ini sebuah ke-banggaan bagi sekolah dan di-pastikan semua warga SMAN15 Medan mendukung tim fut-sal ini. Semoga tim ini bisa meraihhasil maksimal mengikuti jejak tim sepakbola SMAN 15 Medanyang pernah menjuari Liga Pen-didikan Indonesia (LPI), harap-nya kepada pemain. Kiper tim futsal SMAN 15,Farhan Helmi Lubis, mengakuawalnya tidak menyangka bisatampil juara di tingkat Sumut. ini tekad kami adalah men-jajal kemampuan kami di ting-kat nasional. Soal hasil bukanyang utama, terpenting kamiakan tampil maksimal, kataFarhan. Kegia-tan kali ini akan dipusatkan diKota Padang, Sumatera Barat. Tujuan kita memperluaslingkup wilayah untuk men-jangkau lebih banyak lagi bibit-bibit atlet dari kalangan maha-siswa. Turut hadir Komisaris Lima,Erick Thohir, dan Sekjen PB Per-basi Agus Mauro.

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Back to the race. We lined up in the corral, listened to a few words from Fr. David, sung the National Anthem, and were off - believe me, we were ready to be running because it felt like 28 degrees with a lovely north wind, brrr. Now here's my bad - I hadn't paid a lot of attention to the route because I've run this 10K twice, but apparently they changed it. We started at a different mission than in prior years; we were at Mission San Jose, which is where we ran to and got the rose petal shower in the previous races. We were running with the crowd, and I kept expecting to make the turn toward the river, where we'd run for a few miles before coming back to the mission. But then we saw runners coming toward us, which was different. We saw Karen so we figured we were doing some sort of out-and-back, but beyond that we had no idea where we were going. I didn't even drink very much on the drive in, but it had been hours since we were awake and the misery was real. We came across one restroom with a long line of runners at it, so we decided to keep going. We ran and just when I was wondering what the heck was up with my dead legs, Diane took out a GU, saying her legs were dead and she needed some energy. At least it was the same for both of us, and it could have been because of the early morning, the long drive, the cold. ut we talked and realized that our workouts at BCS Fitness on Thursday afternoon were pretty leg intense. I didn't think about it at the time - I had jumped rope for the first time in at least five years and was pretty proud of myself because I did about 150 jumps, plus we had all kinds of squats and stuff, but yeah, that was a lot on the old legs. So that was probably why we weren't moving very well. We saw Mission Concepcion ahead and realized that was where the runners were turning around.

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Then find her at the Bricksburg central plaza in front of the station. Once there, select “Extras” and then go to “Enter Code” to input this cheat: UOOAQY (the two O’s are the letters O) How To Unlock: Finish “Level 8: Escape From Cloud Cuckoo Land” in Story Mode. Once unlocked, he can be found in the “Cloud Cuckoo Land” Hub Area. From the center starting point take the floating spaceship to a separate island where you can take an exit road down to a new area. Walk forward in this new area, while crossing the water, until you encounter clouds of water vapor from the hot water Emmet is using in the shower and buy him. From the center take a floating spaceship to the separate island where The Green Ninja is hiding out until you buy him. Once there, select “Extras” and then go to “Enter Code” to input this cheat: K7TDXJ How To Unlock: Finish “Level 1: Bricksburg Construction” in Story Mode. IMPORTANT: Lord Business can find his big Legs Machine near the construction site in the “Bricksburg” Hub Area. Video: Guide on how to unlock Lord Business’ Legs Machine in Bricksburg. Once there, select “Extras” and then go to “Enter Code” to input this cheat: UP7HJQ How To Unlock: Finish “Level 1: Bricksburg Construction” in Story Mode. Can be found wandering around Flatbush in “The Old West” Hub Area, below the hovering Batplane. Which so far is exclusive to The Lego Movie Videogame: Special Edition at Game. o. k. Although there’s always a small chance this character will become paid DLC in the near-future. Then it can be found in the town center of the “The Old West” Hub Area.

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I haven't liked the direction the season is going from the beginning and it keeps getting worse. Similarly, Jon would not have led the life he has been leading if Knight King was not so aggressive in last few decades. n a way Knight King has made Jon, the Azora Hai, similar to how Pharon made Mosa;-) IF Knight King knew about Jon being the AZora Hai he would have killed him as he had a few opportunities to end him. Or do you maybe think he don't know who Azora Hai is. So he got a vision that Azora Hai was born, but could not figure out who it is. My biggest gripe with this episode is the lack of bran. Bitten them all off after that latest thrilling episode. But also getting slightly annoyed at the shameless plot holes so big that Drogon could fly through them. I wonder if he will breathe super-chilled air instead of fire. Since Knight King touched him rather than raising him, that's why I believe he is WW rather than Wight. Dragons are magical animal, maybe he can convert a dead one to WW, we may know more about it next season. Main purpose of ICE dragon is to break the wall, the wall will go down for sure now in last episode. Question is will he breath ICE or Fire? - It will be blue for sure. My biggest gripe with this episode is the lack of bran Bran is missing throughout the season. What exactly is his purpose is still not clear, although he is pined as vital by last three eye raven, he waited all his life for him, why?

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Sub specie aeternitatis this makes sense- philosophers have the vision of the whole from up above, they can predict the future in a way; suffice it to say, lunatics would only be counter-productive in the long-term. If you look at the mysterious curator of the blog Vast Abrupt, there are links to oooo racist oooo XS posts in which XS is honored. This would be a cunning move if true, but it would be at the cost of distracting his acolytes who don’t want to touch the impurity that is the academy with a ten foot pole from indulging in scarier and scarier and riskier and riskier thoughtcrime. Ah yes, the tranny question, let’s devote months of the few IQs of the cyber-right to that topic, ah yes, the AI question, let’s devote months of the few IQs of the cyber-right to that topic, instead of say, Moldbug’s practical plan to strip the (((Cathedral))) of power. Mike was right, talk of the AI in our current dire situation is bullshitting and evidence that detached-from-concrete-reality nerds need to be thrown in lockers right before a three-day holiday. The question to ask him is out and through to hwat exactly. It could be that it was his wet dream to see Trump elected because that would mean the rightism latent in the West showed itself in its true hidden nakedness and therefore can be sooner met with a leftist reaction of a greater calibre than Trump to bury the right forevermore and usher in full communism. What a frightening prospect: seeing your eternal twin, your perfect double mirroring you for all time, without harboring the hope, or grudge, for becoming other. . I think you were both too distracted to revel the implications. . Maybe this is how the true left can immunize itself, somehow turning white guilt against the structure which allows them to feel good about feeling guilty. “You should feel guilty towards your guilt too, because your guilt hasn’t fixed on the object for which you should really be feeling guilty: your sham universalism. I would weep in public for that negation-of-a-negation. Leftists know they wouldn’t be able to pull the wool over our eyes in regard to equality-of-body, only the most frothy-mouthed extremists detached from reality and strategy would try to establish that. There are women who want to live in a patriarchal society, there are men who want to live in a matriarchal society.


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Cake Boss - S04 E07 - Pucks Pasteries And Pushy Grace. Cake Boss - S04 E08 - Staten Island Chuck Strange Oddities And Sal. Cake Boss - S04 E12 - Second Anniversary Surgery And St Paddy. Cake Boss - S04 E15 - Headphones Helicopters Handcuffed. Cake Boss - S04 E16 - A Big Bumblebee A Bossy Grace. Cake Boss - S04 E17 - Competition Complications Communion. Cake Boss - S05 E01 - Fitting In Fed Up A First Birthday. Cake Boss - S05 E03 - Stained Glass A Surprised Danny. Cake Boss - S05 E05 - Liberty Layups A Loaded Dinner. Cake Boss - S05 E08 - Presidents Peanut Butter Popping-in. Cake Boss - S05 E25 - Players Lawyers And Pranksters. Chicago Fire - S02 E18 - Until Your Feet Leave the Ground. Chicago Fire - S03 E18 - Forgiving Relentless Unconditional. Chicago Fire - S04 E22 - Where the Collapse Started. Chicago Fire - S05 E04 - Nobody Else Is Dying Today. Covert Affairs - S01 E08 - What Is And What Should Never Be.

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From what I gather Dany is on Drogon for most of the ambush so wouldn’t that mean studio filming in Belfast instead. BTW I really think Randyll Tarly is on the side of the Lannisters he hates the wildlings he more than likely feels the same about the Dothraki. Just to point out I thought this long before the leaks came out like right after season 6. I re-watched season 6 last week when my DVD arrived, and had completely forgotten that in 610, Daario and Daenerys actually have a conversation in which taking CR is mentioned. Perhaps this is meant to be some sort of foreshadowing for the attack on CR, and it could give us some sort of explanation as to why Daenerys would split her forces like this. I don’t want to spread gossip around here, much like with Kit. That person on 4 chan said Bronn hit Drogon with their weapon made by Qyburn and Dany fall off from Drogon. Jaime charged at her, she was armed with some spear and then Drogon prepared to burn him, Bronn pushed him into the water, saving him from a certain death. Inga: wildfire is rather unstable and may ignite just by accident. Which is why it would be stupid and dangerous to alert the townsfolk of KL that it’s potentially hidden under their homes. Inga: Oh, but this problem has a rather easy solution: Team-Dany should simply spread the message that there are caches of wildfire hidden all over the city and urge the citizens to check their basements; Varys could draw the plans of the secret passages and spread them too. The most likely result of warning the populace is King’s Landing blowing up because of an accident. Whatever Tyrion or Varys or Dany do, Cersei has King’s Landing hostage. Inga: Based on your information, are you sure that the ambush battle will be happening near Highgarden. If the information didn’t indicate it, I wouldn’t be saying it, repeatedly, would I. If Drogon is there will also Viserion and Rhaegal.

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