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Perhaps her baby is still born and the Night king reanimates it inside her. But if Brieene finds out Arya killed Jamie than you might see a replay of that sparing session with the safety's off. (Then Arya takes over Pods training:lol ) So many different plausible ways these end events could play out. I'd accept that. I was hoping for a more gruesome death for Cercei. But I can dream. I'd love to see the look on her face when all the people she's had murdered show up to kill her. Would be more effective and less risky than approaching cersei. She release a lot of the slaves which is bad for business and this is what Cersei said to the Iron Bank's representative. Danny lost the chance to seize the gold and thus the only real reason to get the Iron Bank's attention. They won't listen to Jon, who value dragon glass more than gold.

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If you’re a fan of street culture and hip hop, I’d find it hard on pass on this for the bottle alone. THIS, JUST IN: Aenotus is the latest release from Puredistance. ? ? Made by renowned perfumer Antoine Lie it comes at an astonishing 48% concentration but surprisingly, despite its high percentage, it's not loud or overbearing. Very sophisticated creamy coconuty scent indulgent gardenia, and ginger spice kick at the start. The dry down is equally voluptuous, with intense dollops of spicy amber and vanillic sandalwood, and only a sheer hint of musk for contrast. And indeed, it turned out to be a complex task to combine freshness with a warm and long lasting sensuality. In my opinion AC is a citrus,leather,aromatic scent. I keep this bottle in my fall and winter rotations. here's 8 notes listed in this composition.

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Feeling confident in the stu-dents, Bustos asked the group to form an outer circle of men, an inner circle of women and to practice each new step with a part-ner. The partners danced, and the women rotated partners, where they combined old and new moves before continuing the cycle. We thought the instructors were very patient and helpful because they took the time to explain the steps and were willing to answer students questions, Tat said. There were an uneven number of people at several points during the lesson, but the members of CEO put on their dancing shoes to make sure everyone had a chance to participate. The bachata lesson continued until there were nine learned steps, with Bustos and Mendez demonstrating the correct way to dance. It was really fun, and it taught me how to do the salsa in very easy steps, said hotel and restaurant management senior Weini Tsai. Even though CEO cultural pro-gramming chairman Jimmy Mai announced the winners of the raffle to conclude the event, the music was loud, and students were too excited to pay attention as they continued to dance. Instead, CEO approached people as they were leaving to see if their name had been drawn. I love teaching and was excited to do this lesson for UH, said Bustos. Directed by Moores associate professor of composition Rob Smith, the show included various works by Cage and the artists he inspired, like Ida Gotkovsky, Paul Rudy and Kirk ORiordan. Cage was not only a musician, but also a philosopher, renowned for the abstract belief that music was more than just defined notes and rhythm but arguably any sort of sound.

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Cersei being Cersei will fuck it up and probably lay waste to half the city instead. Ned saw Jaime committing treason in order to put his own family in power. Instead of saving the city, he got the city sacked by his own cruel father, for all Ned saw. The concept that the characters aren't allknowing is way over most people's head. They all know much, much less than us about absolutely everything other than their own emotions. Be ause he knew what his father would do once they were there, which was to turn on Aeyrs and fight alongside Robert Baratheon. Sucks for Jaime that he killed the king to save the masses but got his own life ruined in the process. She's awful but I am drawn to her will and boldness. She has made too many mistakes and frankly even has lost too much to bother carrying on. Why not Cersei? Why not just erase all the consequences, come to think of it.

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ISBN: 0590437089. Classic children's reader. True Story. ISBN: 0-87067-7594. Paperback: soft cover edition in good to better. Knock Knock Jokes. ill. Fully Illustrated. Clean and Unmarked Text: Price. Book. ISBN: 0688113141.

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Serila found old government files in the British Library that recommended breaking off parts of India as separate countries to serve Britain’s interests. Gurinder says: “Churchill worried that if he handed India back as promised they were handing the whole of Asia to the Soviet Union. “Stalin had already said he was going to create the biggest country in the world. He had huge manpower and natural resources, but Russia’s two ports both froze over in winter. He wanted a warm water port he could use 365 days a year and the British feared he had his eye on Karachi, which was strategically placed by the Suez Canal and the oil supplies in the Persian gulf. . Producer Sally Woodward Gentle reveals show secrets. Churchill thanks Jinnah for his invitation to lunch at Claridges, but warned they should not meet in public and more and should write to each other under fake names. Gurinder says: “It’s clear Churchill and Jinnah discussing things they didn’t want anybody else to know about. It seems likely that was plans for a separate Pakistan. Surila even claimed the riots and growing violence between different religious groups in India was orchestrated by the British to convince Mountbatten that the only option was to divide the country.


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StoryMINE’s requires no gameworld at all, and as the exemplars show can support players through an entirely text-based narrative experience. However, as a consequence of needing to explicitly model individual interactions, there is likely to be an increase in authorial di? ulty. Since each additional role requires interactions with each other role, there may be a non-linear increase in both quantity of content and structural complexity. This suggests a distinct challenge in scaling this system to a larger number of players. Adding to the authoring challenges are concurrency problems such as starvation and deadlock - these are fully managed at the system layer, but can still appear in the narrative structure. For example, if gating is not employed, with one player able to ? ish before another, then the second player will be starved of agency over the ? st. However, if gating is employed there is the possibility of a deadlock, where the narrative cannot progress due to a lack of available nodes. Further work in MINE authoring will need to consider these challenges.

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Nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know. - Montaigne. Nothing is so good that somebody, somewhere, will not hate it. Nothing is so important it can't be done a day late! Nothing is so often irretrievably missed as a daily opportunity. -- Ebner-Eschenbach. Nothing is so perfectly amusing as a total change of ideas. - Laurence Sterne. Nothing is so permanant as a Temporary Government Program. Nothing is so powerful--or so strange--as the truth. Nothing is so simple that feminists can't screw it up.

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They've managed to do this, and embroider some beautiful kraken (krakens. All of this and Cersei's hair hasn't grown an inch. Incredible. Before we continue, I just need a moment to look at this outfit again, excuse me. This whole scene. I enjoyed it, mainly because of Cersei's terrible hair, Jaime's terrible jacket and EVERYTHING about Euron being terrible but I feel like that. He wants to get past the gates and look at some old books. We're not sure why but Jim Broadbent doesn't let him because he's not a maester yet. Oh, Sam steals some books, btw. Yawn. Then, back at Winterfell, Brienne is weirdly smug about beating up Pod and we get some classic hilarious Tormund ogling for the lolz before we get to see Littlefinger do what he does best: be dead creepy to Sansa.

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TITLE only required. FILMS 11. OTORIOUS PEOPLE. Identify one of the following infamous people. If the person is widely known by a nickname, that is acceptable. BADDIES 12. OMPANY LOGOS. Identify one of the following (cleverly) edited company logos. Only the company name is required for the most part. (e. .