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There probably wasn’t time to do a full scale book Euron, and fair enough, but surely they could have found someone who had a clue. I might be the first non book reader you'll probably meet who doesn't get mad or offended by folks who've read the books. Had they followed the books more and develop Stannis as a character more, it would have been epic. I, too, was distraught on what they did to his character. Almost like he washed his hands of it. Not likely. He confirmed near the start of the year that he wouldn't be writing a script for season 6 neither. So it's likely he'll have even less of an influence. I'm sure Martin has a bit of creative control so they don't go crazy. They have to follow a plotline he gave them, even if they take a few liberties. The reason he hasn't written any episodes recently is because he's been focused on getting thee next books out.


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One kilogram of uranium has almost two million times as much energy in it as a kilogram of gasoline. If you could carry that around in a pocket battery, you really might be able to blow up buildings with a handheld laser gun. If you could put that in a spaceship, you might be able to zip to other planets in a couple of days. If you could put that in a car, you can bet that car would fly. You could probably even use it to make a deflector shield. But you can't carry uranium around in your pocket or your car, because it's too dangerous. First of all, if there were enough uranium to go critical, you'd have a nuclear weapon in your garage. Second, uranium is a horrible deadly poison that can wreak havoc on the environment. No one is going to let you have that. (Incidentally, this is also probably why you don't have a flying car yet - it has too much energy. The people who decide whether to allow flying cars realize that some people would choose to crash those high-energy objects into buildings.

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Besides that, it will turn back to limited access about 5 minutes after trobleshooting. In such a response, you understand the point of failure, specifically that the user is unauthorized. I tried forgetting then connecting and entering the password but nothing worked. The client (the Arris residential gateway) has a cert that it has to present This will sound like a rant, but the reason is actually to find out how I can get the correct gateway. If you have a root, intermediate and server certificate, then refer to CTX114146 - How to Install and Link Intermediate Certificate with Primary CA on NetScaler Gateway to understand how to link them together. o. 20 March 2013 by Adam Rush. First reset your router by pushing the pin hole with a paper clip for 30 secondes. Read the Aviatrix Terraform Provider Tutorial to setup the environment. An API Gateway provides a single and unified API entry point across one or more internal APIs. Ensure that the NetScaler Gateway can resolve the STA FQDN.

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The part about Olly is definitely too good to be true. Yeah, but how does Olly satisfy Melisandre's King's blood jones. Short on detail of Jon's resurrection and following actions. I expect the Wall to be a hot mess, so I'm really looking forward to how this is fleshed out. I'm taking a week off from work when TWoW is released. I plan on having zero interaction with anyone, except for the guy who will be delivering all my food for the duration. Edit: the leak looks like a good season and a huge improvement from last (if it's true, that is). The Olly part doesn't make much sense and is definitely too good to be true. I've read a bit of your guys rumors and spoilers etc. Joining the previously announced Felicity Kendal and Maureen Lipman, are Petra Markham and Sam Dastor in the production directed by Trevor Nunn. The show opens on 17 May, with previews from 4 May, and completing its run on 8 July; and follows Nunn’s production of Rattigan’s Love in Idleness.


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