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As NYFF celebrates its 50 th anniversary, Pena, too, toasts the 25 th year of his tenure. Although the promotional materials claimed this was “unprecedented”, it’s actually quite the opposite. In the notoriously cutthroat world of festival programming, Pena was able to maintain an enduring long-term leadership over the festival, while at the same time retaining a generous disposition in all his activities. Vale. Whether chatting with grad-students in New Haven or talking to Denzel Washington in an amphitheatre he lends the proceedings a sanguinity and amiability. The latest films by old masters such as Haneke, Resnais and Kiarostami are virtually guaranteed representation, while riskier propositions find it harder to gain favour. NYFF is more a site of consecration for established auteurs, than a point of discovery for new talent. In typically modest fashion, Pena did not allow the landmark of his final year as director to embark on grand, idiosyncratic follies. Instead, the festival remained with the tried and true formula he has perfected over the last two-and-a-half decades. The most intriguing of such combinations was, without doubt, the pairing of Ang Lee’s opening night blockbuster Life of Pi with a press screening of the decidedly experimental work Leviathan, made by the Boston-based pair Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Verena Paravel. That Friday, Manhattan was pelted by heavy, gusting rain. Everyone was wet. Attendees queued up, huddling under their umbrellas as anticipation built for the world premiere of Life of Pi. Although different in almost every way, Pi and Leviathan both probe the limits of digital cinema by taking to the high seas. The former follows the miraculous survival (and religious conversion) of a boy stuck on a raft with a tiger; the latter immerses itself in the hypnotic rhythms of a commercial fishing boat and its fleet of Zombie-like sailors. In the first case, you will get the pure digital spectacle of Lee’s “film”, in which there is barely anything cinematic, and CGI-fantasy runs rampant.

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The Lady Longhorns had a great weekend up north, beating. Kansas, 1-0, then conning from behind to beat 14th-ranked. Colorado, 2-1, with freshman Emily Anderson (Westlake High). But there were a few key results Saturday, including Ireland crash-. This week the Euro club season resumes after a week off for. Champions League play, and ESPN will televise all four games. Classic. Wednesday: The game we’ve all been anticipating since. Congratulations to soccer for winning Best Sport in the “BOA”. Readers Poll. I swear, I had nothing to do with the results. Shuffle, D-Lay Relay, Brain Teaser, Wheels, and Hoopla. This year, P4P falls on Sun. Oct. 22 (10am-2:30pm). FactoryPeople celebrates its third birthday, begin-.

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Million Views in 24 hours. Set to premiere on April 24 on both HBO and it’s sundry streaming services, the trailer has fired through the Internet making it one of the most traumatic teaser trailers out there. The element of mystery surrounding this season is more ever present than before, since the drama’s storyline is going to go beyond George R R Martin’s novels for the first time ever. The action packed trailer begins by quickly addressing the burning question in everyone’s minds: is Jon Snow really dead. The trailer confirms he is, however, the Internet can’t help but have its own doubts. The trailer, on the other hand, begins with a scene set at Castle Black with Jon Snow’s corpse lying in the snow, as an ominous voice states, “He’s gone. . As Stannis Baratheon admits defeat to the Boltons, the red witch is shown expressing uncharacteristic grief: “The great victory I saw in the flames, all of it was a lie. . It’s unclear as to what’s really happening, but her dragons are clearly out and unchained. His head is seen being dumped under water but this isn’t as alarming as it sounds since it’s a sign of the Iron Islander’s form of baptism to honor their drowned God. Theon, on the other hand, is seen chased down by what looks like men and dogs, but we really can’t be sure. There’s also Brienne as she’s seen battling unknown assailants and then there’s the mysterious scenes of battles and horses falling, people jumping off roofs, and of course, the intense lusty scenes that are characteristic of GOT. While none of these snippets answers our questions, we can’t help but wait in nervous anticipation to really know if our doubts have been confirmed (or not). Why can’t foreign channels show local advertisements? Can artificial intelligence help reduce road accidents in Bangladesh?

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That scene of course, is the sacrifice of Shireen Baratheon. I tried to resist, but ultimately I broke down and watched it, because I had to know. I have an extremely strong stomach when it comes to graphic violence, trauma, horror, and death. I’ve watched many shows and movies that feature those things in abundance, and none of it particularly phases me. I had to go outside and run for an hour, with the volume in my headphones turned up to full blast, just to clear my head after what I’d witnessed. Of course, it also may be the single most painful thing I have ever seen in any film or TV series I have watched. Ever. I do not consider it a cheap ploy for shock value, nor do I view it as a betrayal of the story they’ve been telling on screen or of Martin’s source material. Indeed, if you watch “Inside the Episode” this week (note: this week’s video should be required viewing for all book readers), we learn that the burning of Shireen actually comes from George R. . Martin himself. It will be interesting to see when it happens in the books, and under what circumstances. It may not be in the lead-up to the Siege of Winterfell, but Stannis has many battles left to fight. I see that the default stance that many are taking in the face of Shireen’s death by fire being confirmed as book canon is that Stannis Baratheon would never, ever, EVER do such a thing. Clearly, Melisandre and Selyse will burn her behind his back, and Stannis either won’t find out until after it’s happened or he will be unable to stop it, no matter how much he wants to. To that line of reasoning, I have very little to say to that other than “We’ll see.


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The Wolverines gave the Badgers a battle for nearly three quarters, but it wasn’t enough to keep them in the Top 25. Stock up: Stanford. The Cardinal staved off archrival California to keep their Pac-12 North title hopes alive. They gain three places to No. 20 before hosting No. 9 Notre Dame. New kids on the block: No. 23 Northwestern, No. 24 Boise State, No. 25 Virginia Tech. College dropouts: Michigan, North Carolina State, West Virginia. IMAGES FROM WEEK 12 IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL UCLA fires football coach Jim Mora late in 6th season cbs46. om Amway Coach's Call of the Week: Cast your vote rssfeeds. satoday. om Amway Coaches Poll: Michigan State football moves up, Michigan is out rssfeeds. reep.

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Crawling Up 25. Stop the Voices 26. 666 27. Goodbye, Doris 28. Mortem 29. Doris, Are You There. Listen to the full score songs from Ouija: Origin Of Evil in a playlist Ouija: Origin of Evil Film information Genre: Horror, Thriller Release date (wide): 21 October 2016 Runtime: 1h 39min Watch the trailer for Ouija: Origin of Evil Tags: The Newton Brothers soundtrackmania Head admin of this website. And in the nick of time, Archana reacted to the rumours of replacing Navjot on the show. Archana confirmed in a statement to ANI that she has shot two episodes for the show in his absence but hasn't been approached for Navjot's replacement. It (the attack) is a cowardly act and I condemn it firmly. We use them to uderstand how our users use the site and adjust the website, so is is easier and more pleasure to use. The game of Ouija is not over yet and will bring further death toll. Once again we find ourselves in the terrifying, full of mysteries of the afterlife, where no one can be trusted. Jan Kowalski, Katarzyna Cichopek, Mariusz Pudzianowski. Operation impossible Tyrion Lannister Is A Traitor Theory. And there's simply no way he could've predicted AND banked on all those chaotic outcomes.

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Because of this, evil spirits seize the opportunity to terrorize the family. It is now up to the spirit of their Lola, as a guiding spirit, to protect their family from the terrors haunting them. Ironically, the Bagua mirror is supposed to drive away evil spirits. With every stroke of luck that befalls them, something more sinister follows. It’s also very important to us that the tasks assigned to the interns match their skill set and their own personal passions and advocacies. We hope to cultivate a community where the content creators find excitement and fulfillment with what they are doing. Connect with us now to get featured or to promote your business. However, this movie was a great suspense - horror that put you in maximum tension for an hour or so. Similar to Exorcist, the music was great and great incorporated on the theme of the movie. Slightly better than the American version with Naomi Watts. Liked how the tension went on, the acting was superb and it had scary moments. True, it's not as energetic but it ties it all together nicely on a deeper level maybe. It felt very claustrophobic and had some genuinely scary moments, not just of the supernatural but of alzheimer's disease also. You can actually tell where scenes have ended up on the editing floor, as there's a scary bit and two seconds later the girl who was terrified is calm as you like. On the one hand it's without a doubt the best horror film since the Orphanage, or the best that I've seen anyway. On the other hand I left a little disappointed and think it just falls short of a classic horror film.

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EatHoneydukes 79 Tahun Yang lalu My parents own a spiritual store. I really want to make my own ouija board and I saw some beautiful handmade planchettes on etsy for sale,omg they gorgeous. Cody Reid Tahun Yang lalu you're sexy Archer Sterling Tahun Yang lalu You don't talk to spirit or demons or ghost or goblins or portals. Science has debunked this as just a fun game that friends use and move themselves. Slim Shady Tahun Yang lalu she's hot Timothy Gallagher 2 tahun yang lalu great layout design K Gamble 2 tahun yang lalu damn your hawt K Gamble 2 tahun yang lalu but also a moron you can definitely get a demon and be screwed so cute but not bright Flat Lee 2 tahun yang lalu Get yer badger Oot. James Hardy 2 tahun yang lalu Oh yeah the spirits are just not allowed to tell you about the passesd life that's real believable. Sorry I can't tell you that information, it's against the rules. But since youre a spirit or a demon wouldn't there be no rules. Sorry, that's the law of the Ouija board, I don't make the rules bud. Princess 2 tahun yang lalu It's not just a game there's whole communities including me that use it as a divination tool Yip Gip 2 tahun yang lalu I'm still not gonna say anything related to god regardless what she says WickedKnight07 2 tahun yang lalu First off, you play with toys and video games, not divination tools. Secondly the concept of ouija is far more ancient then you know for it is based on something related which was created by an ancient greek philosopher named Pythagoras around 540BC. Him and his pupils used a stone slab with signs and a movable table which operates the same exact way as the board today. So you see it's true the board itself was not created until the 1800's, but the divination of ouija has existed for thousands of years. So be sure you understand what your using and make your intention very clear because if you use it poorly and dont treat it with the proper respect there are consequences, the spirit realm is not something to take lightly. Brenda Drama 2 tahun yang lalu Apparently you don't know what the fuck your talking about. Heather Cade 2 tahun yang lalu this bitch is dumb AF.