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Then we have Cavill who looks like he is constantly smelling a fart and wondering who is responsible for it. Cavill was fine in Man of Steel where he managed to be likable and coasted on his looks but let me stress that - BvS is much worse than Man of Steel. The man has the charisma of a potato, he is very good looking (in a pretty boy, boring kind of a way) but so what. Snyder desperately tries to capitalize on that by having him jump into a bathtub with Lois Lane and then cook while being shirtless but what Snyder doesn't understand about women is the same thing he doesn't understand about movie fans - we need more than just something to stare at. We need substance, which there was a bit of in previous film and there is none here. Cavill doesn't have an ounce of charisma and very little talent and the writing for his character doesn't help at all. Throughout majority of the film because of poor casting and script I felt like I was watching Cavill and Affleck (but that is all on the script and not his fault) playing co-splay in Wrestlemania or something. Affleck rarely feels like iconic Batman and Cavill never feels like iconic Superman. It's just two guys in costumes joylessly beating each other up. Affleck does much better than Cavill, in many moments giving us the best Batman to date. His Wayne and Batman are both psychologically damaged ( Snyder shows this by employing ridiculous dream sequences and cheap visual tricks) and brutal. When he is on his own the film actually has some energy, but when Cavill joins him on the screen the movie flat lines again. It's a big shame that they didn't simply make a standalone Batman film. Even if S nyder directed that one too, I cannot imagine it would turned worse than BvS. Some things just happen here - at one point Lois Lane finds herself carrying a Kryptonian spear and decides to throw it into water for absolutely no reason at all. Then for absolutely no reason at all she tries to retrieve it (how could she know that gigantic monster was Kryptonian. She couldn't.

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All I can tell you is that I watched it in a kind of swoon. Its woozy, saturated colours and clanky, echoing sound-mix; its sets, so casually precise, and its costumes, all brooches and gloves and fiddly fastenings: these things lend it such authenticity, you struggle to believe it’s ersatz, not a product of the 50s at all. And then there are the immaculate performances: Rooney Mara as Therese and Cate Blanchett (loyally attached right till the end) as Carol. Blanchett, in particular, seems to have been lit from within. Even the extras are perfect, as if the film’s director had torn a page from an old Life magazine and somehow brought it to, well, life. His work is impressionistic: these exquisite frames, and then that blown colour palette, muted overall with flashes of colour. I’m so proud that people look at this and think: wow, that’s the film. The film gives audiences a realistic glimpse into the challenges and hardships of a love not lead by example. The contemporary relevance of the film offers a foreshadowing perspective of what it means to have true happiness in life. When the script and project came to Haynes, Blanchett was already attached to star in the role. Having worked with Blanchett before in his Bob Dylan-inspired film, I’m Not There, Haynes was able to imagine the actress playing a matured woman in a vulnerable state, on the verge of divorce and a major change in life. She worked with Haynes to bring Carol to life, as the director’s exquisite direction and photographic references helped visually narrate the story. She doesn’t fit— neither Carol nor Therese— fit neatly into a social circle or in that time, an underground movement. So I think they’re both ambushed by the intensity of the connection they share with each other. It’s specifically about that other person rather than fitting into a larger group. As Carol recognizes her feelings for Therese in the film, Blanchett points out the universal heartbreak that often comes with falling in love— “You risk being out of control and that is all part of the intoxicating thrill. .

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is a “powerful battle cry from a generation fighting, not for their civil rights, but for the right to live”. But what initially appears to be little more than a crime of passion leads him to the ruling elite of Egypt. To ensure justice is dealt, the detective decides to break every rule in the book, as he collides not only with the system, but himself. Stars Fares Fares ( Zero Dark Thirty ), Mari Malek ( The Good Lie ), Yasser Ali Maher ( The Yacoubian Building ), Slimane Dazi ( Only Lovers Left Alive ), and Hania Amar ( Mohamed Dubois ). This time around, the guys are heading to Spain in search of culture, cuisine, and the perfect Mick Jagger impersonation. But they all soon become the target of the dollmaker’s twisted creation, Annabelle. Stars Stephanie Sigman ( Spectre ), Talitha Bateman ( The 5th Wave ), Lulu Wilson ( Ouija: Origin of Evil ), Grace Fulton ( Badland ), Samara Lee ( Concussion ), Anthony LaPaglia ( The Client ), and Miranda Otto ( What Lies Beneath ). But Thomas’ world is about to take a dramatic shift, as he discovers his long-married father is having an affair. Determined to ruin the relationship, Thomas decides to sleep with his father’s mistress, kicking off a chain of events that will change “everything he thinks he knows about himself and his family”. Directed by Marc Webb ( 500 Days of Summer ) and written by Allan Loeb ( The Space Between Us ). The Only Living Boy in New York stars Callum Turner ( Green Room ), Jeff Bridges ( True Grit ), Kate Beckinsale ( The Aviator ), Pierce Brosnan ( GoldenEye ), and Cynthia Nixon ( Amadeus ). But they arrive to find the city under siege by the military, with citizens, led by a group of determined college students, rising up in a bid for freedom. What started as an easy fare soon turns into a life-or-death struggle in this “powerful” and true story set against the backdrop of the Gwangju Uprising, a critical event in modern South Korea. A Taxi Driver is directed by Hun Jang ( Rough Cut ). Stars Kang-ho Song ( Snowpiercer ), Thomas Kretschmann ( King Kong ), Hae-jin Yoo ( The King and the Clown ), and Jun-yeol Ryu ( Glory Day ). Her latest obsession is Instagram-famous “influencer” Taylor Sloane. The directorial debut from Matt Spicer, Ingrid Goes West is a “savagely hilarious dark comedy that satirizes the modern world of social media”.

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If you think about it, it's basically the same as when the Mongols came to Europe. Not that that's going to happen in the show, but I can dream. That or Qyburn will make lots of mini frankenmountains. It's a shame because they had so much potential at the beginning of the series. They've been gone for thoudsands of years and for most the stories of the long night are fairytales. It'll wreck havoc and kill millions but some people will still deny its existence. It's based on England and Scotland or whatever but it's bigger so it's different like Middle Earth. But there's no references made to real life like the HP universe. I have two questions about the trailer, and neither of these things is based on leaked material or books. If you remember the conversation Dany and Missandei had a few seasons ago. Seasons after seasons, the books and show have reminded you. his ain't lord of the rings or wheel of time. Kills a man twice his size with a stick (not like that loser scrub Syrio), etc. Sansa's best move was when she changed her hair color. First, the sand snakes have a problematic relationship with Dany. They want independent rule, and have usurped Oberyn's brother and taken his army to gain power. Daenerys should be opposed to the sand snakes' continued existence.

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