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The first Wanted Man they find has a gun and is willing to use it. To be continued? Cast: Larry Hankin (Friends, Home Alone, Billy Madison, Pretty Woman), Jeff Michalski, Wayne Wilson. Freaky Saturday Night Fever An arrogant French yuppie from Paris is punished by fate for his reckless behavior. Rushing to the hippest party in Paris, Gregoire gets teleported through time and space into the year 1977 to a place in the middle of nowhere in the Texas desert. We watch Gregoire struggle with life's lessons trying to find his way back to Paris. False Creek Stories This is False Creek, perhaps an insignificant point on a map. Their source for these stories is Bill, a wheelchair bound man with paraplegia who devotes his time and ambition to seek out those local chronicles that his neighbors so desire. But with Bill's responsibility to entertain comes certain jealousy from Igor, who thinks he's better suited for the job. And from Doug, who just craves the respect it brings. Today, dressed with a shirt he found in the free-box, and with hope in his heart, Doug sets out to gain that respect. Upon meeting a damsel in distress in the hospital waiting room Benny hatches an idea.

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As a result, I sometimes have to spend a lot of time searching for a particular sentence or scene, and in many cases I just can’t place it at all. Another reason why annotations may be rejected is because I couldn’t confirm the reference. Mind you, sometimes I’ll include references that are simply so cool, or so authoritative-sounding, that even though I don’t know anything about the subject myself, I feel they will enhance the file. However, I often receive annotations that are rather vague and non-specific, and which I do not wish to include without some further confirmation. This confirmation can for instance consist of someone else mailing me the same annotation, or of me delving into encyclopedias or dictionaries and checking things myself. Now note that these are not fixed properties, and that as soon as I start getting the same annotation from multiple sources, I will nearly always accept it for the APF, regardless of what I may think about it myself. However, as long I have received a particular annotation from one source only I’m going to have to make what is basically a very subjective judgement call — that is what editors are for. If an annotation strikes me as implausible or just not very interesting, then it’s out. If I think it’s valid, or if I just like it, then it’s in. If a trivial annotation is in the same category as many others already in the file, then it will usually be in (I am a stickler for consistency), unless I’m bored, in which case I simply want to get on with the fun stuff, and I leave it out. The important point I want to get across here is that none of these annotations are rejected permanently, and that everything is filed away for future reference. They may very well be used in later versions of the APF.


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Their relationship is rife for dramatic exploration and I don’t know any writer worth his salt that wouldn’t want to tap into that, particularly now that Sansa has grown and developed and they could flip the dynamic on its head, showing what Sansa has learned from all of her tormentors, Cersei included. This is also important because Sansa needs to go back to her: “If I am ever queen, I will make them love me” mentality. Right now she’s vacillating and the question of her admiring Cersei hangs in the air, as per Jon’s observation. The simplest way for Sansa to fully reject Cersei’s worldview is by being faced with her once again, and choosing to the the Queen that people love, not the Queen that people fear. It’s kind of a play on being faced with who you might become if you choose one road instead of another, sort of thing. 2. The Younger, More Beautiful Queen: this prophecy has tormented Cersei her entire life and it’s bound to conclude in its final act. If Sansa is the younger, more beautiful queen that will cast Cersei down and take all that she holds dear, it makes sense that she would be present for Cersei’s demise, whatever that might be. As she herself puts it to LF: She’s taken from monsters that murdered her family and given to other monsters that murdered her family. Her “rescues” are simply an exacerbation of her confinement. No one saves her. The one that comes closest is Theon but it’s Sansa that pushes him to that point and thematically speaking this action is linked more to Theon regaining his identity that Sansa Stark being saved.


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Not everyone, Lance thinks, and his heart skips a beat when he sees Keith, struggling to find a path through the crowd. Instead of answering Keith’s question, he grabbed him, roughly, by his waist. He should’ve expected the punch that was thrown to his face. - Keith only looked at him, then he nodded, pulling Lance closer by gliding his hand around him until it reached just below his nape. Close. Lance can feel Keith’s breath against his skin. Too close. Indigo eyes staring directly at his blue ones. He’s too close. - (Keith and Lance, slow dancing in the middle of the training room. Alrighty, it took me a while to retrieve all the links since my messy ass didn’t bookmark them, but here we go: The one in which Andrew does the Guess The Man Bun game and also serves that iconic man bun release we’ve all seen in gifs and are still dying for: source One of the most millennial and soft and funny interviews that he ever did that happened to be a 2016 Facebook live. Every time I’m sad, I watch this: source The one of the most in-depth interviews that I’ve found so far (also his voice is so soft and soothing in this one, I’m going to cry): source The one in which the interviewer asked nice questions, Andrew looked snatched and they chatted about blues and guitars more than usual and I loved it: source The one with Gay Byrne is probably my top 3 interviews.


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I have similarly included both feature-length diploma films shot at European film schools, such as Elaine Proctor’s On the Wire, her graduation film at the National Film and Television School at Beaconsfield in the United Kingdom, and the work in exile of such young Nigerian filmmakers as Newton I. Aduaka (Rage, 2000, and Ezra, 2006), Branwen Okpako (Valley of the Innocent, 2002), and Adaora Nwandu (Rag Tag, 2006). But there is a problem in that certain 5 films regarded as nationally significant in Africa have not been made by Africans. Even after the founding of the Misr studios in Egypt (where the first feature to be produced, Weddad, was directed by the German Fritz Kramp), foreigners have continued to play a part in Egyptian filmmaking. Throughout the history of South African filmmaking, South African producers have imported English and American directors for their own productions or been involved, as co-producers, in films directed by foreigners. Thus the listings by South African critics and historians include routine films by British directors such as Ken Annakin, Harry Watt, Cy Enfield, Val Guest, Dan Chaffrey, Peter Collinson, Peter Hunt, and J. Lee Thompson, many of which, from a UK perspective, would seem to be essentially British films shot on location. The problem is aggravated in the case of South Africa by the fact that three of the films which are key to any definition of filmmaking in South Africa were in fact directed by foreigners. The first South African feature 6 Dictionary of African Filmmakers to show (if only hesitantly) the realities of black urban life, Cry the Beloved Country (1951), was directed by the Hungarianborn Zoltan Korda and produced by his brother Alexander’s London Film Company. Come Back Africa (shot in 1958 but not screened in South Africa until 30 years later) was the first feature to document black township life, with its mix of rural migrants and urbanized intellectuals, but it was independently produced and directed by a wealthy New York Jew, Lionel Rogosin. While the “Africanness” of these films can be endlessly debated, to omit them here would be to distort totally the development of filmmaking in South Africa. So are Harold Shaw, Zoltan Korda, and Lionel Rogosin to be regarded as African filmmakers.


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And it’s this which is epitomised in the phrase “If it weren’t for our brave soldiers, we might all be speaking German now”. As with many other genres, women have been all but erased from the popular narrative of hip hop’s history, and many rappers still use misogynistic language today. The latter of these is the most frequent, and most generalised, complaint levelled against hip hop and rap, and has been since the genre reached mainstream popularity. A hand held device that allows you to become a researcher, writer or photographer at the swipe of a thumb. Our hands have control of who we want to be, what we want to see, and when we want to see it. Be it on a train, buses or during our walk to Starbucks for our morning latte. As a writer I am constantly jotting down article ideas or passages for potential short stories. Some stay, some are discarded, but the majority of them are stowed away in the Pages app on my iPhone. I fall into the same category as everyone else when it comes to my pocket-sized, electronic best friend. Today, some sections of the Western media continue to be awash with Islamophobic articles on an almost daily basis, further fueling the public’s misconception of Islam and its supposed roots in terrorism. This in turn has affected Britain’s immigration and multicultural policies to an extent, and has only served to further heighten levels of prejudice against Muslims. Over the next 1,000 words, I intend to address the primary arguments in that article and why I believe them to be fundamentally wrong; why I believe Andy Burnham to be just as damaging to the Labour Party, its electoral prospects and likewise the country as Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall, and why Jeremy Corbyn, albeit far from a political panacea, is without doubt the best candidate in the election and therefore the arguments presented in the previous piece are misguided and wrong.


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From there, the film asks many questions: What are the true motivations of the sisters’ cruel stepmother. What really happened to the sisters’ birth mother as she wasted away from illness in their now-haunted home. It’s certainly a film that almost necessitates repeated viewings, as its twisting plot development is rather tough to grasp the first time through. At times, it almost carries the world-weariness and sense of encroaching inevitability of a Shakespearean tragedy. — Jim Vorel. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir stands out as a classic ’40s romantic fantasy, following a young widower who moves with her young daughter into a seaside home, where she meets the cantankerous, rough-around-the-edges ghost of its former sea captain owner. Slowly, a most unlikely romance blooms between the two, as our protagonist (Gene Tierney) uses the life experiences of the captain (Rex Harrison) to write a best-selling memoir. It’s all fairly straightforward, replete with the kinds of “misunderstandings” and false starts you’d expect in most romances of the period, but Harrison is rather dashing as Captain Gregg, and the bittersweet ending is the stuff of Golden Age Hollywood glitz and glamor. It’s an excellent “ghost movie” for date night, provided you’re dating a historical film buff. — Jim Vorel. Few directors have had such a weird knack for horror and gross-out humor as early career Jackson—he’s in a company shared by the likes of early career Sam Raimi in that regard.