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The Winterfell killings are subject to a few theories. But Little Walder Frey's death at the end is different. Likely she didn't lie and it was someone else who did the last killing. But who? Some think it was the mystery guy Theon sees and talks to out in the yard who recognizes Theon. Blackfish maybe? BenJen Stark (there must be a Stark in Winterfell). There are many theories on who that guy is and what motives he might have to kill a Frey. My personal favorite theory is that the killer was none other than Big Walder Frey (the older but smaller and slightly less mean one) that killed Little Walder Frey (the bigger, dumber, meaner one). If you read the part where the body is brought in, Big Walder has blood splattered on him and nobody else has blood on them at all because the blood was frozen when he was found. I don't know about the Bran visions, I'd have to re-read them. I agree that Dany's position in the books feels more like one of strength that the Dothraki would follow. On the show, she's going to have to show that strength somehow to earn their following. I have read some rumors on how that might happen, but not going to say anything because it was honestly more spoilers than I wanted to know (would be awesome if true though). Here's a question for you though, what'd you think of the infamous Pink Letter from Ramsey to Jon Snow. That one has me perplexed, and I had a theory on it, but then Stannis was killed on the show, which if it happens in the books, would ruin my theory. Some people don't think Ramsey even wrote it, but it sure sounds like Ramsey to me (though no body part was included with it, so maybe not? . Some people don't think Ramsey even wrote it, but it sure sounds like Ramsey to me (though no body part was included with it, so maybe not?

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Because of the publicity in the Daily Mirror, these incidents attracted the attention of several psychic researchers, who after investigation were unanimous in suspecting that they were caused, consciously or unconsciously, by Marianne Foyster. Mrs Foyster later stated that she felt that some of the incidents were caused by her husband in concert with one of the psychic researchers, but other events appeared to her to be genuine paranormal phenomena. Marianne later admitted that she was having a sexual relationship with the lodger, Frank Pearless, and that she used paranormal explanations to cover up her liaisons. The Foysters left Borley in October 1935 as a result of Lionel’s ill health. Price reported that she made contact with two spirits, the first of which was that of a young nun who identified herself as Marie Lairre. According to the planchette story Marie was a French nun who left her religious order and travelled to England to marry a member of the Waldegrave family, the owners of Borley’s 17th-century manor house, Borley Hall. She was said to have been murdered in an earlier building on the site of the rectory, and her body either buried in the cellar or thrown into a disused well. he wall writings were alleged to be her pleas for help; one read “Marianne, please help me get out”. He also said that, at that time, the bones of a murdered person would be revealed. The fire quickly spread and the house was severely damaged. After investigating the cause of the blaze the insurance company concluded that the fire had been started deliberately. In August 1943 Harry Price conducted a brief dig in the cellars of the ruined house and discovered two bones thought to be of a young woman. The bones were given a Christian burial in Liston churchyard, after the parish of Borley refused to allow the ceremony to take place on account of the local opinion that the bones found were those of a pig. Hall, three members of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), investigated his claims about Borley. Their findings were published in a 1956 book, The Haunting of Borley Rectory, which concluded Price had fraudulently produced some of the phenomena. In their conclusion, Dingwall, Goldney, and Hall wrote “when analysed, the evidence for haunting and poltergeist activity for each and every period appears to diminish in force and finally to vanish away. Terence Hines wrote “Mrs. Marianne Foyster, wife of the Rev. Price himself “salted the mine” and faked several phenomena while he was at the rectory.


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A k o je prisiljen da zivi u tesnim soliterima, verovatno je da ce pored prozora na polici drzati ukrasno zelenilo i petunije. K a d a ga gradska buka suvise pritisne, odlucno ce zgrabiti stap za pecanje i potrazice mir u seoskom krajoliku. A k o je tempo zivota suvise brz, Bik odustaje i ceka mirnije periode. A k o nema stap za pecanje i policu sa cvecem, mozda ce biti preokupiran nekim poslovima BIK 53 koji ce ga odvesti van gradske buke. Bez obzira koliko daleko, postoji uvek neka nevidljiva spona sa majkom - zemljom i prirodom. Prosecan Bik je izuzetno zdrava osoba, jake konstrukcije. Njegov oporavak usporava i njegovo urodjeno odbijanje da prihvati optimisticke prognoze. Osetljiva mesta, podlozna infekcijama i povredama su grlo, vrat, noge, zglobovi, reproduktivni organi, ledja i kicma. Bez obzira koliko to tvrdoglavo porice, njegovom telu je to uvek neophodno. K a d a vec govorimo o tvrdoglavosti, nemojte nikada Biku pricati koliko je tvrdoglav, jer to zaista nema nikakve svrhe. On nije tvrdoglav. On je osetljiv i p o s t o j a n. On ne shvata zasto su ljudi tako nepravedni prema njemu. Muskarci i zene rodjeni u o v o m znaku, izgleda kao da su lepkom zalepljeni za svoja uverenja i stolice. Muz Bik moze da odbije da ide sa zenom u posetu kod prijatelja, ukoliko tamo nema neke udobne stolice za njega. Puno ljudi rodjenih u o v o m znaku moze godinama da 54 BIK podnosi emocionalno i fizicko maltretiranje bez i jedne jedine reci. Njegova odanost prijateljima i porodici je cesto neshvatljiva. Mnoge osobe u o v o m znaku zasluzuju zlatne medalje za hrabrost za zivotne udarce koje su stoicki podnele a koji bi mnoge druge ljude vec o d a v n o unistili. Skoro nista ne moze da umanji njihov ogromni apetit.


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Night's King ? ? A shout at the Lann the Clever when Dany says 'Enough with the clever plans' like Lann the Unsullied used a secret way in. Can someone please explain how Jon reaches Dragonstone from Winterfell, Euron goes from somewhere in the East sea to King's Landing to Casterly Rock by sea, the unsullied reached Casterly Rock by sea, Olenna Tyrell has crossed the continent from Dragonstone to High Garden, Jaime crossed the continent from King's Landing to High Garden, but Arya still hasn't reached Winterfell from the inn at the crossroads. According to this time speed, she and Bran should've reached well before episode 3 and 4 respectively. Hello Bonjour ? ? Srijanee Joardar bran is way slower than the rest of them, and Arya has to hide, eat and sleep without equipment. When you use roads, trained horses, or ships, everything's faster. I found myself really put off with people's movements last season and then realized that I had to let it go. It's clear they are going to move people around geographically based on where they need them to be rather than how long it takes. I'm not saying I like it by any means, but it doesn't do me any good to focus on it since it's going to be that way regardless. The show runners have a plan for where the major events are going to happen based on the move to the War for the Dawn, and the characters are going to arrive at them regardless of actual travel time. Pete Peppers ? ? Theon betrayed Jon's brother Robb and took Winterfell after being raised with the Stark boys as their father's ward. I imagine Jon will have feelings about the treachery of someone he was raised with almost like a brother doing what they did. If the Lannister army could shoot down a dragon that would be so stupid and unbelievable. And take the Tyrells gold so Cersei cant pay the iron bank, STR33TSofJUST1C3.