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Officer: Roper, he threw this fuckin' steel thing out and fuckin' got me on the arm. He tried to climb through the window and I poked him back through. Caro Meldrum-Hanna: Soon. he prison riot squad arrived. lus a trained security dog. rom the adult jail. Officer: This dog is going in first. Officer: Yep. Officer: Dog strains at leash and barks. Caro Meldrum-Hanna: Do you remember hearing the dog. Jake Roper: Because I've seen what police dogs do to people. Ethan Austral: That's when Jake said, yeah I'm ready to stop I give up and then he climbed up on the wall near the broken window and he told them that and one of them was pushing him back in with the broom and saying this is your punishment and all that. Corrections Commissioner Ken Middlebrook was on the scene. Ken Middlebrook: Mate, I don't mind how much chemical you use. Caro Meldrum-Hanna: The officers fire 10 separate bursts of tear gas at the boys. Officer: Hmm. Caro Meldrum-Hanna: And there was laughter. Peter O'Brien: They seemed to find some some comedy in that, some humour in it, ah, they- they, ah, really thought that they were going to be able to bring some pain upon him and that that was going to, make their day. Caro Meldrum-Hanna: The air is misty, thick with tear gas. Caro Meldrum-Hanna: Five boys remain locked in their cells.

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Then back into the auditorium for the movie showing. Michael Des Barres, Silverhead cheekbones and Glam-era Garbo eyes completely intact, welcomed people to the opening night of the festival and the world premiere of the film with his usual sardonic snappy repartee, which, if not quite Oscar Wilde, was at least Oscar Levant, to the giggles of the sold out audience. Kurt Voss made a brief statement, and the lights went down. Then there was some puzzled silence as nothing happened for a couple of minutes. People were shifting in their seats uneasily, and several muted coughs could be heard. A little muffled tumult came from the back of the theater, and the film stopped suddenly, to return the screen to neutral grey. What first emerged was how articulate and funny and smart and moving Ward and Terry were. Dave Alvin, Jim Duckworth and Dee Pop were by turns hilarious, scathing and poignant. It was yet another tragic arc of a misbegotten visionary, not unlike the Nomi Song, in that the genius of choice starts a bewildering downward arc from which he never recovers, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel, just death. Or something imbedded and inseparable from his persona, his psyche. That character flaw seemed so part and parcel of what made Jeffrey unique and yet lamentably out of touch with where is true genius lay - in his craft, his voice, and his vision. Somehow, sadly, he seemed to feel it lay more in affecting the boring excesses of his. The tragedy is that without that overlay, Jeffrey would have been great anyway. I was kept wondering - are you really referring to those things that every single nascent punk-in-waiting had been doing since 1971. Anyway, I remember Steve Tash as an inexhaustibly perky and enthusiastic Steven Gutenberg type - kind of a walking Pepsico head shot. Here was a guy who had a toe in both worlds, and apparently the weirdo side of him ultimately won - but even though I worked with him, I had absolutely no idea. His hybrid of CCR swamp fetish and Cramps redux guitar sounds was more of an inspired mash-up. Part of it was tight rocking workmanlike songcraft. That was where Jeffrey was a giant, and could not be denied. His true outsider soul was actually more convincingly hinted at by the pink leggings and.

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Joffrey was fun to watch because he so clearly wasn't as smart as he was evil. Though that probably says more about me than is healthy. I read a theory about season 8 and the final episodes that blew my mind. It would be a PERFECT ending, and it would set many things right about the poorness of the writing in season 7. This ending would be much more in line with how the show was during seasons 1 to 4. I actually think it's possible that the show may not end like this, but the books might. It is too late in the game to have anyone but Arya,Jamie or Tyrion kill Cersei. I don't want this SJW identity politics crap infesting the greatest tv series in recent years. She was in love with Renley and Jaime, who were handsome, sophisticated, worldly and high-born. But he did kind of try to pay court to her in his way. If she desperately wants any kind of physical affection, it may happen. It will probably piss off a lot of viewers because a lot of fan favorites will be killed off mercilessly. What is the fan conclusion on how 1-4 differ from 5-7. To me, the earlier seasons, based on the books (which I didn't read) were grittier. Killing off Ned Stark, the tentpole character played by the actor with the biggest name; Jaime pushing Bran out the window; the freaking Red Wedding bloodbath, killing off most of the Starks; the shocking death of Oberyn Martell just as he was winning. So it was a regular winnowing out of popular characters, hero characters that you'd normally expect to survive. I really never cared about Dany and her dragons and her endless proclamation of her titles and her tour of the eastern provinces. I watched parts of Season 1 when it came out but due to all the cheesy and gratuitous exposition scenes in whorehouses I didn’t take it seriously; it seemed like those dopey softcore gladiator shows and I lost interest. Before I decided to watch Season 6 I binged the whole thing over 2 weeks but didn’t pay attention to where one season began and another ended so I don’t know how fans consider the series as blocs and how the quality and tone altered. They are also based off the best book, so that is no surprise.

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Meanwhile, music producer DJ Khaled will keep the party going with reports from the ultimate tricked out skybox inside MSG. Additional presenters will be announced at a later date. The flying 250-foot billboard will travel along the Hudson River, from the Statue of Liberty up to the George Washington Bridge, displaying news of their performance. Additionally, members of the musical. y community can use “likes” to bolster their band’s position. Votes will be tallied and a winner will be chosen based on the volume of content generated with each eligible song. The top two artists will be revealed during the pre-show, kicking off a live hashtag vote with the winner being announced during the live main telecast. Garrett English also serves as Executive in Charge of Production for MTV. Wendy Plaut is Executive in Charge of Celebrity Talent. This is the premiere talent booking conference in the Western US. The convention, for the crafty among you, is NOT open to the public. We will perform 3 sets (noon, 2pm, and 4pm) on the Wine Stage of the Festival. It’s been a while since Incendio played there and we very much look forward to returning to the Artist Stage (right smack in the middle of all the beautiful art). The mainstage this day will feature Edgar Winter, Todd Rundgren, and the Zombies. The one-hour finale features new, case-breaking developments in the investigation of six missing and deceased women from small-town Chillicothe, Ohio. The final episode, which was delayed in taping in an effort to cover real-time breaks in the case, showcases the tireless efforts of law enforcement as they track new leads and incoming tips and also covers the criminal trial of Jason McCrary, a local man who was found guilty in a July trial of murdering 38-year-old Timberly Claytor. Meanwhile, the community of Chillicothe anxiously awaits answers as Jason McCrary stands trial in mid-July of 2016 for the killing of Claytor. It’s up to the jury to determine who is telling the truth. Continue reading “— McCrary tried for the murder of 38-year-old mother of five, Timberly Claytor—”. He still dreams of returning home, but he’s not a young man anymore, and the world is at war again.

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Stiles? You exclaimed shocked before the spazzing teenager harshly dragged you out of the diner. A concerned and worried Archie Andrews frantically followed you out with his friends. If so let us now and it can be longer, if you want? PART TWO. Every single time Ryan looks up at Shane with scared as fuck eyes waiting for him to have a reaction to the anything happening in that moment, even when he knows Shane probably doesn’t see it the same way as him and the fact that Shane usually says something stupid in that moment and makes him laugh. Shane looking at Ryan for prolonged times while he’s speaking or walking, without saying a single word, just looking at him. Those weird lil videos of Ryan and Shane going shopping and going to a pub. Bathtube moment in the Dauphine hotel. Come on. Also that one time they touched hands and Ryan didn’t jump in the Voodoo episode. Height difference moment in that same episode when Shane doesn’t have to even make an effort to see the damn graveyard and Ryan has to jump to see. I love them. Those moments when both do the exact same thing at the exact same time without even noticing. Also Shane doing this on purpose on the Rolling Hills post mortem. Shane sounding so genuine about believing Ryan would have saved JFK. Guy is stuck with this giant dork but no way he’s changing that. Ryan crying over a nightmare where aliens killed Shane and putting him on the same lavel as his close family. Them dancing to the Unsolved theory song on Ryan’s twitter. Or that one time they went on vacations together with their girlfriends, like.

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9 RVR 1960 Santa Biblia (Holy Bible) Whether you need a Spanish Bible for evangelism or a portable one for yourself, this RVR 1960 edition fits the bill and your budget. Whether you use it in corporate, smallgroup, management, or ministry settings, John Trent and Rodney Cox s curriculum will help you become productive, efficient, and creative. Includes 10-lesson DVD and CD-ROM; facilitator s guide; reusable participant s manual; poster; and an abridged audio CD of the best-selling book. Covering subjects ranging from 70 Martin Luther to Dietrich Bon hoeffer, from the Crusades to modern Chris tian-muslim relations, this comprehensive collection features the events and personalities that laid the foundation of modern Chris - tianity. Eggerichs cites extensive biblical and psychological research to clarify that harmony in relationships is achieved by building on both parts of the Ephesians 5:33 equation. Includes a DVD with over 60 minutes of marriage-building resources. 324 pages, hardcover from Nelson. HT89624 Retail CBD Price Peabody, MA CHRISTIAN ( ) CBD S WEBSITE: Life s Healing Choices, Campaign Edition John Baker The road to spiritual maturity is paved with life-changing decisions. Travel toward wholeness and freedom by following Jesus signposts along the way. Drawing on the Beatitudes, Baker reveals eight principles to guide you in making wise choices leading to hope, healing, and happiness. Discover how to admit your needs, let go, repair relationships, and. 277 pages, hardcover from Howard. HT Retail CBD Price A Collection of Love Gifts Helen Steiner Rice When it comes to expressing your feelings, are you sometimes tonguetied. Whatever the occasion Mother s Day, birthday, anniversary, sympathy this little book will speak volumes for you. For less than the price of many greeting cards, you can give spirit-lifting poetry by Helen Steiner Rice that celebrates God s love with simple words and profound beauty. 95 pages, softcover from Barbour. HT CBD Price Thru the Bible Commentary, 5 Volumes J. Vernon McGee Based on McGee s popular Thru the Bible radio program. His warm, personal style shines through as he deliberately avoids the straightjacket of printed prose and lofty verbiage. Thorough but non-technical, his informative introductions, detailed book outlines, and in-depth discussions of significant passages are ideal for sermon and lesson preparation and for personal study pages total, five hardcovers from Nelson.

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Wahhh. If only new season here to make a little happier right now. And would also make this exchange hilarious: Jaime: The Targaryans married brother and sister all the time and no one batted an eye- Cersei: Well WE are NOT Targaryans. And the first lesson seems to be that just because she is “Queen” does not mean she has to be so rigid as to never show mercy or pardoning and simply”Off with their head” which is the path she could be going down, thinking it’s the only thing that will allow her to keep hold of her power. His lust for revenge overruled the wishes of his new King and Robb couldn’t let it go unpunished but even his wife and mother knew it was a mistake to serve death sentence on the patriarch of such a close ally. He didn’t listen to his “advisers” then and also with marrying Talisa and look where that got him. These 2 story lines showed how young rulers need older, wiser mentors to guide them onto the right path. I myself use Schwartzkopf shampoo and and hair colour (Syoss) and I’m happy with them, they are deffinitely worth a try. Matrix Biolage was an old stand-by because it never irritate (sensitive scalp) and smells divine but they changed formulas. I’d love a change but am afraid to do anything drastic because of the resulting damage just from getting highlights added years ago. I colour my hair every month (a must when you turn grey), now I use a chesnut shade that looks rather natural (Pink is a great singer, but it wouldn’t suit me to try to look like her; even Pink is a blonde now). Another good shampoo and hair colour is L’Oreal, I think you can find this one. Love wavy hair. All the trend till recently for years was the stick straight flat-ironed styles, which can be nice but as one gets older it’s better I think to have some texture. I do have a few grays coming in at the roots but I just ignore them, for now. Soon, I will have to color and I like the Chestnut idea. He was a commander, but he was more of a soldier, leader than doing King’s work like in the books. Arranging loan from Iron Bank, manning castles, dealing with food and so. If he becomes King in the books it would make sense in a way, but not in the show. I guess, I just like Jon too much to sit there and be even more miserable adopting a Targaryen name just like people want him.