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Additionally, every entrant will also be entered into the overall 2016 Unsigned Only competition and have the chance for their music to be heard by a high-profile panel of judges. Week 2 May 18-26 - GET PUBLISHED WITH YOUR SONGS We all know how important publishing is to an artist - it is one of the major sources of revenue, but it is so difficult to get your music heard by publishing companies. Ten finalists will be selected, and their songs will be made available online to a group of over 1,000 publishers. One overall winner will also get to directly speak to and network with at least five publishers, all from well-known respected music publishing companies. If you would like to re-enter a song you have already submitted you will need to choose a different category than the one you previously entered. Additionally, this will be the LAST opportunity to enter the overall 2016 Unsigned Only competition and have the chance for your music to be heard by a high-profile panel of judges. Unsigned Only Regular Deadline: 11:59 PM on March 16, 2016 March 15, 2016 Enter now. Note: Limit one 1 year (12 issue) subscription per person. To redeem your free subscription, please reference your official confirmation email for more details. WIN SOME LOVE FROM UNSIGNED ONLY January 31, 2016 In honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday, Unsigned Only is running a special two-week promotion called Win Some Love, from February 1-15, 2016. This is our chance to give some 'love' back to you.

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Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast is a baffling blend of Top Gear and Countryfile, with faint undertones of TGI Friday’s, in which Jamie and Jimmy entertain punters from behind the counter at their cafe on Southend Pier. In the opening episode, this means turning their attention to the plight of farmed ducks that are kept indoors and thus denied the simple pleasure of fluffing their feathers in a pond. But wait! Revolution is afoot courtesy of a farmer from Devon who has fashioned three artificial ponds in his paddock and, once a day, allows his ducks to waddle out and splash. This, naturally, leads to some alfresco cookery as Jamie does a taste-test between a free-range duck and its barn-dwelling counterpart. “Now for the big moment,” the voiceover yelps excitedly as a group of fortysomething men stand silently chewing on tiny pieces of meat. First up is the actor and comedian Simon Pegg, who does battle with lamb tagine and flatbreads with an expression of abject terror. There are shoehorned proclamations of “weekends are for feasting! throughout as new dishes are wheeled out and the guests gurgle with pleasure; it’s that or get drop-kicked off the end of the pier by the producers. When Jamie takes himself off to the “recipe shack” at the end of a pier, it’s to create a lip-smacking Provencal bake. When Jimmy is dispatched there, it’s to show us how to open a bottle of beer using folded paper.


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Make them regret ever standing against us,” one 4chan user wrote in the thread that launched it all. “You know what to do, lads. Spanish Democracy Goes on Trial By the time Jordi. Cuixart and Jordi Sanchez go on trial on February 12 they will have been in. Catalan vice-president Oriol Junqueras, several of his cabinet colleagues, and. Cuixart and Sanchez could receive sentences of up to 17 years. or Spain’s judiciary. On Sunday, tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Madrid against Catalan independence, waving Spanish flags as they demanded a tougher stance on the issue from the Socialist government. For secessionist Catalans, however, the trial is a deeply unjust bit of. Rajoy, which refused to negotiate Catalan nationalist demands, only fueled the. Junqueras, and six others, who have all waited in jail for a trial whose date.


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I think that the music we make is emotionally connected, not just an intellectual exercise. Gideon Gaye worked with a very pastoral palette, offering a glimpse into. I've settled on video as the perfect one-stop giving idea. Both inexpensive and versatile, you can find a suitable video. Music, movies, how-to, documentary, porn: I challenge you to find. In addition, persimmons make for delicious fruit crumble. Though I. Claire disappears, leaving behind only a small puff of mysterious. The following is our conversation which aired live November 28th on HOMEBASS. Failed Us Both Citr's Picks of Music Heaveoi from '97. Ambient, ethnic, funk, pop, dance, punk, electronic, synth, blues, and unusual rock.


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