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an. ratchettcorrespondent Tony DArcy, who was kind enough to faxme an uncensored copy of the song. The Ball ofKerrymuir has 43 verses, a small subset of which I nowreproduce for your reading pleasure, just to give you afeel for the song. From here on down this section of theAPF is rated X. Oh the Ball, the Ball of Kerrymuir,Where your wife and my wife,Were a-doing on the floor. CHORUS:Balls to your partner,Arse against the wall. f you never get fucked on a Saturday nightYoull never be fucked at all. There was fucking in the kitchenAnd fucking in the hallsYou couldnt hear the music forThe clanging of the balls. Now Farmer Giles was there,His sickle in his hand,And every time he swung aroundHe circumcised the band. Jock McVenning he was thereA-looking for a fuck,But every cunt was occupiedAnd he was out of luck. The village doctor he was thereHe had his bag of tricks,And in between the dances,He was sterilising pricks. And when the ball was over,Everyone confessed:They all enjoyed the dancing,but the fucking was the best.

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He has a flirtation with Dany culminating in the two having sex in a boat on the way north. Jon also bends the knee to Dany after the wight hunt when she agrees to help him against the WW. Jon, Jorah, Gendry and Davos go to Eastwatch, manned by Tormund. Tormund had thrown Beric, the Hound and Thoros in the dungeons, and they agree to help in the wight hunt. Viserion is later resurrected by the Night King, and Season 7 ends with the Night King, riding Viserion, breaking through the Wall. Bran and Arya return to Winterfell mid-season, but neither is in time to see Jon, who's already left. Meera leaves Bran at Winterfell, claiming that the real Bran died at the cave, and goes home. Arya meets Nymeria on the way back to Winterfell, but realizes that she's become too wild. Littlefinger sees Arya as a threat and tries to convince her that Sansa wants to usurp Jon, by ensuring that she sees the letter Sansa wrote to Robb when she was a hostage in Season 1. Bran helps convince Sansa that Littlefinger is a poison. She also executes Randyll and Dickon Tarly via dragonfire when Randyll refuses her offer to bend the knee. He goes to King's Landing later in the season in a secret meeting arranged by Bronn to attempt to convince Jaime to negotiate a surrender, which doesn't go well.

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The ambitious eight-part score combines electronics with a 10-part choir and string instruments. After nearly a decade as an interface designer and creative coder in Chicago, Anthony co-founded ScenicStudio. v and has spent past few years directing a series of music videos and a feature-length documentary ( Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland ). The now San Francisco-based creative director is currently focused on bringing his analog, lo-fi cinema aesthetic to live performance visuals as well as helping artists and independent labels introduce dimensional narrative into releases. Read Anne Arenstein’s feature to learn more about how CCM doctoral student Laura Sabo and CCM alumnus Drew Klein are helping Cincinnati’s music scene move in exciting new directions. Come see us play a concert of Spanish works tonight at 8 pm in Patricia Corbett Theater. Performances are tonight through Sunday in Patricia Corbett Theater. Check out this program we found in the 100-year-old scrapbook of a Cincinnati Conservatory of Music student named Mary Marable. hen come to our concert this weekend. Don’t worry, CCM has plenty. Visit ccm.

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In the US, they earn 2. times the median. HackerOne bases its salary figures on data from PayScale. The firm's latest data, however, hints at an ethical awakening, or at least a desire not to come off as avaricious in surveys. Hackers on average cite improving skills (14. per cent), having fun (14 per cent), and being challenged (14 per cent) above making money (13. per cent) to explain their motivations. After that, it's career advancement (12. percent), protecting and defending (10. per cent), doing good (10 per cent), helping others (8. per cent) and showing off (3 per cent). But it would be a mistake to weigh altruism too heavily.

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HaasholdGaming 8 meses atras Hecarim rushing Glacial shroud and Iceborn into AP. Lol Cela Lare 8 meses atras Trick, the type of dude to yell Gate Nation at the fall of the Berlin Walls Shredder91 8 meses atras why is the outra 20 times louder than the entire vid, relax MedAminuS 8 meses atras Bro your intro is always so good. Segui i forum che ti interessano: dai motori all'intrattenimento allo spettacolo suddivisi gia per categorie di interesse. It was performed by a talented cast of the Boxroom Theatre Company including such thespians as: Rosie Angeni, Tyrone Atkins, Asif Channa, Enid Gayle, Kim White, Mike Stewart and Rob Widdicombe. One hears of horror stories of indulgent plays which go on for what seems like days but this theatre production rattled by with energy, humour and pathos in equal measure. I would have loved each monologue to somehow be linked in a narrative sense; however, thematically it was very powerful as a series of outsiders contend with matters relating to: death, obsession, performance, existential crisis, age, abuse, homelessness and rather peculiarly boxes. Overall, the writer conjures up some memorable dialogue and characters as the piece delivers moments of humanity which stay with you long after the stage lights have dimmed. The working class lad from the deepest darkest London would emerge from the crumbling council houses of Finsbury Park and wreak havoc on the “Establishment” and sacred cows of Western Capitalism; firing a rocket into the cultural vacuum of the late 70s music industry. This book charts — in his own and other individuals’ words — Lydon’s progress from sick young child to enfant terrible as he became the face and guts of the movement that would become known as PUNK. No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs is structured in linear fashion via a set of interview transcripts as Lydon and the likes of Paul Cook, Steve Jones, Billy Idol, Chrissie Hynde, Richard Branson and many more give their perspectives of the lies and times of the era. What struck me was the fragmented set of events and shattered points-of-view which spat and crackled at the time; making one realise that punk rock was not a movement of harmony. Instead it was a splintered faction of ideas, styles, influences that exploded from the depressing financial and social climate of the United Kingdom.