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Fletcher jelasin apa itu DID lewat skype. At least, harusnya penjelasan tersebut bisa dibikin lebih menarik dan lebih terintegral lagi. Dialog-dialog pun kadang banyak enggak masuk, masih terdengar terlalu memaparkan. Performa dua cewek teman Casey yang kaku dan rada over-the-top terlihat berada di luar level tiga tokoh mayor. Ini adalah jenis film yang berani meminta kita untuk bersabar, untuk mau discover things on our own, dan aku very pleased begitu mengetahui ini sebenarnya tentang apa. Dan ya, aku harap Shyamalan benar-benar bikin kelanjutan film ini; Dunn lawan The Horde. Lawan Mr. Glass. Mauuuuu! The Palace of Wisdom give 7. out of 10 gold stars for SPLIT. Jadinya kamu cuma dapet pertandingan satu-lawan-satu yang biasa. Padahal kalo tiga pertandingan cewek malem itu dijadiin satu, Wuih pasti seru.

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So if anything, Euron’s banishment happened shortly before the story started. Though for the TV show, they can changed that to a 10 years gap. When did the Greyjoy Rebellion happened in the show. Would be interesting to see him interact with Theon. It served as a catalyst for Sansa to get out of there. I am very curious what is going to go down in Oldtown and how Sam fits into all of that. His delayed entrance, and the suspicion that he would probably have been excluded completely if they had finished in 7 seasons, implies that he may certainly be a big character with a big role to play (like Oberyn, or Ygritte, or the High Sparrow) but that he’s not going to be one of the main characters in the overall story arc. He may challenge or ally with or even kill one of the main characters, but I doubt he’s going to become one of the main characters (antagonist or protagonist). Introducing the main character when you’re two thirds of the way through the story is possible, sure it is, there are no rules; but it would also be a big risk in a mainstream TV show with millions of viewers who have formed connections to Jon, Tyrion, Jamie, Dany, Bran, Arya and Sansa. I’m not sure the show runners (or GRRM) are quite that experimental. We’ll see, I guess, but if Euron is the One True King at the end of the story, or Azor Ahai, or some such thing, then I will eat my dwarf’s cock. Dany picks up a flake from her hair; after all, she’s never seen snow before. And he’ll provide a good fight in her arc, too.

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It would be a great honor and challenge to walk in stride with them, building on their previous sonic footprints. Helping to find, interpret and explore sound in its various forms on any given project is what excites me most. It might seem a bit esoteric to visual thinkers, but there is a difference between listening and hearing. People who listen absorb and process the sound coming at them, while people who hear know the sound artistically they want to hear. When you are mixing sounds, it is even more important to be able to hear. Good sound designers exercise their ability to hear and then, only after that, focus on those bits worth listening to. Success comes by resolving difficult filmmaking challenges and by putting first client needs and their artistic desires. Practice expands hearing as well as refines one’s ability to listen. There are film advancements that beg the question: how do they do that. In every genre, there are examples of these black swans; outliers that beg to be seen again and again. Seeing for the first time “Alien” or “Across the Universe”, as well as “Avatar” or “Gravity” in 3D, these and others reinforce why, as filmmakers, we need to watch, listen to, and support one another; support our colleagues. I would have to admit though, seeing certain films over and over can be comforting, even joyful. How did you get into working in the film industry.

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BLACKMARKET: grants unlimited magic items in multiplayer mode. RIDETHESTORM: transports you to meet Azguz the second time. THELIVINGGEM: transports you to beginning of Wight battle. CALL ME CONAN: sets hero stats to S:9, H:4, L:5, M:50. HIHO HIHO: sets production time of all units in all cities to one. JUST FOR GRANT: turns all units and production into tanks. RUN SPOT RUN: sets movement for all units to ninety nine. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE: 1000 experience for selected hero. SHOW ME THE POWER: grants one thousand units of power. CHEAT KEYS NUM PAD: enables number pad hot key cheats in game. Origin -k: a command line parameter that makes you invulnerable and allows you to destroy any targeted ship by simultaneously depressing CTRL-DEL. GOODTARGET: changes cockpit targeting mode to turret targeting mode. CTRL-ALT-ENTER: enables cheat mode once in game for v1.

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If you have bought in entirely to all of NASA's stories, I would doubt that you know much about the organization and I would also doubt that you have seriously studied the claims and evidence many have found to be questionable or erroneous. As I said, there was a time I didn't know anything about them either, other than what mainstream media told me. I once was sure we had put a man on the moon in 1969 -- I was but a teenager at the time. It wasn't until nearly three decades later when I became computer savvy and had free access in the mid-90s through the University's account to the World Wide Web that I began to research the matter. Eventually, as I came to realize that a moon landing wasn't likely, and began to further investigate the various claims, over the decades since, I have become further convinced that a moon landing was not possible then, nor today. And that's why the U. . hasn't been back to the moon since the 1970s. I don't mind shooting sacred cows now and then -- in fact, admittedly, I quite enjoy it -- and there seem to be many sacred cows and idols associated with NASA, the moon, and so-called outer space. What I offer here is intended to share some truth with you or whoever cares to accept this as a challenge to go confirm or debunk it with some independent research. Google and YouTube are good places to start, or use your local library if you prefer the printed publication method. Here are a dozen points regarding the NASA organization, not just the moon landings -- another post may be done on that issue at a later date. Research them and their admitted brainwashing methods.

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She wanted to be a writer and filmmaker, she said, and was hoping to get into NYU’s film school for graduate studies. There was something familiar about her, almost bland, like an unremarkable extra who might appear repeatedly in so many movies, which meant she was safe and normal and predictable — exactly what I needed if I was to share my home with a stranger. On days I worked from home, I’d hear her throughout the day, in short bursts of action — the turning of the microwave at ten, the fridge opening and closing at eleven, the doorbell with her lunch order at noon. It didn’t bother me; I barely caught glimpses of her. If she’d lost her jobs, it didn’t show so far: She was always on time with rent, and she appeared to have enough money to buy groceries and order in meals. But I wondered, if she wasn’t going to work, how was she supporting herself. It was definitely not her boyfriend, whose voice was high-pitched; this one was deep, almost gruff. I was in my room, working, and I heard someone enter the bathroom, and then the toilet flush, and so I opened my door a crack for a glance. In the hallway, emerging from the bathroom, was a short, squat man, gray-haired with a bald temple. The man disappeared into Jenny’s room across the hall, and I felt a rush in my brain and gave an involuntary gasp. I felt a kind of indescribable rage, almost like a personal affront. She was wearing blue suede pumps and a very short, ivory-colored dress, somewhat crumpled, as if she’d just removed it from under a pile of laundry. She appeared to be going for a sultry, long-legged look, but she looked instead like a little girl wearing her mother’s discarded clothes.

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If you are an employee, your employer will withhold income tax payments from your pay based on the amount you earn and the information you give your employer on Form W-4. Withheld Taxes Other types of income from which taxes must be or may be withheld: Unemployment compensation Gambling winnings Pensions Social security benefits Interest and dividend payments The taxes withheld during the year from your income determine whether you owe money or whether you will receive a refund. Mandatory Withholding Taxes must generally be withheld from wages, from some gambling winnings and in certain cases from interest and dividend payments. For some types of required withholding the withholding rate is also set by law. Salaries and Wages Your employer withholds the tax you owe on your wages or other employee compensation. Federal income tax your employer is required to withhold from your pay is based on the amount you earn and the information you provide on Form W-4. You must complete a Form W-4 when starting a new job. Salaries and Wages The W-4 includes three types of information your employer will use to figure your withholding: Whether to withhold at the single or the lower married rate (the higher the rate, the more tax is withheld) How many withholding allowance you claim (each allowance reduces the amount withheld) Whether you want an additional amount withheld (so that you are paying more of your tax liability during the year) Form 1040, Page 2 Enter the withholding on line 62 of Form 1040. If you worked for more than one employer during the year, add the amounts in box 2 from all your W-2 forms and enter the total on line 62. If you are married filing jointly, add the box 2 amounts from all the W-2 forms for each spouse and enter the total on line 62 of Form 1040. Taxable employee compensation includes payment given in the form of bonuses, awards, strike benefits, and severance pay in addition to salary or wages. In general, the amount entered on line 7 is the amount from box 1 of Form W-2 that your employer provides to you. If more than one Form W-2 is received, add the amounts from box 1 of each Form W-2 and enter the total on line 7.