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He obviously had a vision for the sequel (which caused major rifts between him and the studio), and it's now hard for the series to continue after homeless Michael and all the other weird stuff he did with that movie. However I always think he's a bright spot in anything he's in, and an underrated scream king in general. Men of the genre sadly don't get as much attention, but he's been in quite a few horror movies. It's got the bitchy villainous main cast character that you want killed but lives til the end, a would-be final girl that isn't, some DECENT atmosphere and good scares and kills here and there. I get bored when I try to watch the other 2 of the Big 3. Still, we all got those actors we sort of enjoy for whatever reason in our movies. I know I tend to finger myself a bit over this one, but it's for good reason. No one else seems to talk about it and it's a bit more obscure compared to others so someone has to champion it and that can be me. I think what gets me is how the director wasn't consciously trying to make a slasher film to piggyback on the success of the others. I believe the director when he says that he had never seen the films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Hills Have Eyes before making it. He basically just had a vision (a stalk-and-slash version of Deliverance ) and went with it.

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