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18, 2015 — a discussion among virtually the entire inner circle of the then-unofficial Clinton campaign. The Podesta email is among the thousands made public in recent days by WikiLeaks. The former secretary of state’s campaign has been plagued by allegations that the Clinton Foundation is little more than a front for channeling “pay-to-play” contributions from special interests, including especially foreign governments, seeking to buy access and influence through the former chief executive, his wife and their closest political associates. Among Podesta’s recipients were Nick Merrill, Clinton’s personal spokesman, Robby Mook, who would not long after be named campaign manager, Huma Abedin, Clinton’s closest personal aide, and Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff at the Department of State. All 13 of Podesta’s correspondents are now in leadership positions in the Clinton campaign. One of them, Jennifer Palmieri, had only recently announced her intention to leave President Barack Obama’s White House staff to join the Clinton effort. Podesta’s description of foreign donations to presidential libraries as “currying favor” provides an apt summary of the entire email thread, which was prompted by the Clinton Foundation’s decision to resume accepting contributions from overseas governments and a then-forthcoming news report by the Wall Street Journal’s James Grimaldi. The Clinton Foundation had accepted millions of dollars from such donors since its 1997 founding, but the practice was limited in 2009 when Clinton became Obama’s secretary of state. The decision to again accept the foreign funds sparked a remarkably blunt conversation about the issue. (RELATED: Leaked Memo: Hillary Wants Clinton Foundation To Keep Accepting Foreign Donations) Podesta was pointing out that former President Jimmy Carter had conducted an endowment drive that resulted in contributions from foreign governments. “Not sure who was currying favor with him,” Podesta said. Carter Center has received funds from Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Netherlands, etc. Unclear if they publicly designate anywhere whether it goes to endowment v. Samuelson’s memo offered a detailed look at foreign donations to every presidential library, beginning with former President Ronald Reagan. Podesta’s “currying favor” description may not be applicable, though, because the 40th president was a vocal supporter of the Republic of China, Taiwan, for decades before entering the White House. As The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group reported July 27, it is all but impossible to know exactly how much the Clinton Foundation has received from Australian government sources. The foundation does not provide the date of the contributions, TheDCNF previously reported. Follow Mark on Twitter Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. Experts from King’s College London and Cardiff University found that access to media devices at night, even without use, put children at 79 per cent increased risk of getting insufficient sleep, 46 per cent increased risk of poor quality sleep, and 127 per cent increased risk of daytime drowsiness.

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The other members of the high level committee would include, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) Secretary, Financial Services Secretary, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Secretary, Chairperson Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC). Besides, the CEO of the Unique Identification Authority of India and Deputy Governor of RBI would be part of this panel. Joint Secretary (Investment) in Economic Affairs Department would be the convener of the panel which may also invite participants from the private sector. The statement further said the panel would take stock of the developments in the Fintech sector globally, and in India, and arrive at a common shared understanding of the current state of play and to promote ease of doing business in the sector. It would also analyse critically the regulatory regime spread over different entities that has impacted the growth of Fintech in India and also consider international cooperation opportunities in the space with countries like Singapore, UK, China, etc. The panel will consider how Fintech can be leveraged in critical sectors of the economy, especially financing of MSMEs, affordable housing, delivery of e-services to vulnerable sections, provision of land record management and other government services, access and adoption of digital payments, and to study the developments in these areas. It will work with government agencies like UIDAI to explore creation and use of unique enterprise identification number, it added. The plans, which are expected to be published this week, are aimed at encouraging international fintech companies to launch operations in European countries in mitigation of any negative effect that Brexit could have on the EU's financial services market. Lawmakers essentially want to coax fintech organisations to expand in other European cities than London, currently Europe's financial services hub. Under the proposals, reported today by Reuters, the EU could develop a licensing system to support new crowdfunding platforms - making it easier for large companies and established investors to plough cash into startups. The proposals will also encourage regulators to work with investors and companies to support the growth of the industry, rather than curbing lucrative opportunities. Collaborative topics include cyber security threats and funding issues. The news comes as the EU considers a clampdown on cryptocurrencies. Last week, EU financial services boss Valdis Dombrovskis confirmed that the bloc could implement new regulations to keep Bitcoin and other digital currencies in check. Making a choice, then, it would seem to come down to looks and price, but getting the right kettle involves a few more choices than that. Our buying guide below takes you through everything that you need to know. Kettles come in two main types: jug style and traditional. The choice is largely down to preference and which type looks best in your kitchen. With each type of kettle, ergonomics has a vital role to play.

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Growing up this was one of my all time favorite movies. I used to watch it over and over again just to see what would happen. As if anything would change each time I watched it. I think it would have been cool to see maybe some adventures that the characters could have had exploring the world of Nimh after the second movie. They would just go off and explore the rest of the world. Mix in maybe some more back story into the main characters of the first film that did not survive. Same thing as Secret of the Nimh, this was another childhood favorite of mine. To this day I still love this movie and hated to see it remade. The movie portrays all the diferent types of people that are in the world all the way down to your average good person that may or may not have everything they want but make the best out of everything. Proving that hard work and dedication as well as some morals really do pay off. If I was writing the comic, I would love to see where Charlie takes the chocolate factory after he takes over. To see if he would open it up more or keep it just as secret as always. I remember this game growing up because it was on the first video game system that we had, the Atari. I just remember sitting there for hours playing this game and not getting bored but somewhat frustrated with it, trying my hardest to beat it. The comic for me would be simple; just show the adventures Panama Joe would have while trapped in the temple. The whole goal would be to escape the temple and free himself and his people. Growing up I was like most kids, loved sports and playing outside. They are the reason I still love the Reds to this date. They had so many characters on that squad that just made you want to watch.

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But they are enthralled to tech and see it as a friend. o the point at times you get the landians lining up for extinction by ai bot. Im thinking ill start another family and maybe adopt some white south african orphans to raise on the farm. I want to get more into my metal and wood working and mad science stuff if tech is going to help us we better have as good tech as darpa. I have a couple of moldbergs stars have no idea what the fuck they are intended to be. It’s hanging by threads now and it will probably take two or three more heave-ho’s to cut it completely, and I don’t think I can do it without you. Its better there in front of his little acolytes but i really think hes getting woke. I think a lot of nrx is adjusting to the situation on the ground between moldbugs writing and the current year. Land may also be realizing chinas not going to be the multicultural nirvana he hoped that the philosophy is whats good for the Han. Hes probably thought about where to re exit and realize mikey was right there’s no exit except in moldbugs imagination. A lt of what drives my WN is simply we cant win our lives alone. Maybe they are not all up to the same thing maybe there’s two groups of elites temporarily cooperating with intent to strike when moment is right, maybe they really have merged forever. Come on these are smart peol the clintons soros gates bezos they know a nigger is not self sustaining they know an amerindian peon doesnt actually produce enough to have an american house suv all the gadgets and social welfare doled out to them. The only question is are the capitalists just going along for the lulz and making the best of the situation which was probably the case when this change began or have they taken the reins and are really the drivers. e nice to be the worlds greatest hacker and root around and find out. I suppose then theres the jew theory of everything that its payback for what our cousins the huns did and the jews are just full of hubris that they will be able to rule over 20 billion niggers and whites while keeping the slants in check. Hey rhome do you actually think a half ape can be made productive enough to earn his keep in a western nation. For a long time I held the delusion that the internet is an eden but here too one has to play by the rules of the herd to get along. I shoulda bought one of those moldbug stars when I had the chance, I got the email and thought about it but didn’t.


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To the extent that it does exist, its territorial rights are in dispute. 6. To the extent that it does exist, it does not comprise a single landmass, but several. In fact i almost asked a couple of days ago if Kim was sure. They are, without doubt, the Animal, Vegetable and Mineral parts of this. I think I can bring myself to forgive Kim. ust about. The answer, when it comes, will best be shown by its Wiki entry. I suspect Kim means the South Pacific more generally. CLUE: the landmasses that comprise the animal, vegetable and mineral parts of this are various Pacific Ocean islands and certain parts of Antarctica. I wouldn't mind, but I just went a couple of rounds ago and I don't want to hog the spotlight. I shall choose carefully and post a little later this evening. But, now, having looked up the quite wonderful DoM on the internets, I have changed my mind: I think it was an excellent AVMA subject despite its obscurity. My only quibble (well, other than the proper noun thing) is that I think the Bible hint was kind of misleading, in that it suggested a true religious link as opposed to a made-up-in-order-to-defraud-people religious link. I'm still not sure how I would describe it: my rules of thumb are letting me down here. Frankly, I just can't see the point of this type of subject. It's a complete waste of one's time trying to get closer to an answer that is in effect not there as far as one's own general knowledge is concerned. I feel as if I and others have been made the butt of a rather stupid nerdy practical joke. Dunno about the 'type stuff' - perhaps you can be more precise?

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5 A rare exception is the bachelor program in “Game Writing” at the University of Skovde6 in Sweden. Some universities teach interactive narrative design in their evening programs as nondegree courses, which indicates interest from working professionals. Examples include a course on “Game Writing” at UCLA7 and the “Game Writing Academy” at the University of British Columbia. This state of affairs mark education as an area in need of additional attention by scholars in the ? ld. Developing curricula, training methods and researching pedagogical aspects of IDN should therefore be a priority in the coming years. In addition, student demand for the topic is crucial in creating and maintaining academic programs and in providing job opportunities for scholars in the ? ld. 4 Criteria for Academic Disciplines The discussion about the disciplinary status of a ? ld of research and the creation of new academic disciplines are both regular occurrences in academia. Rochester Institute of Technology, Game Design and Development BS degree. NYU, Game Design BFA. 42 H. Koenitz A more recent example is in the discussion around gender studies and related ? lds, which maps well to the present discussion in regards to the question of interdisciplinarity. She develops a number of requirements for a discipline: (1) (2) (3) (4) a shared narrative of identity and community a common vocabulary and set of concepts a set of questions that guide inquiry a set of methods or strategies of interpretation, which construct what counts as evidence. An important aspect of Buker’s paper is her insight that a ? ld can be both a “discipline and an interdisciplinary mode of inquiry” and that such a dual approach can be sustained as a practice that takes both perspectives into account. Furthermore, Buke counters arguments against a discipline of Women’s Studies (essentially, that there is no need for a new discipline, as the topic is already covered in other areas) with a comparison to Political Sciences: “Political Science overlaps with history and philosophy as well as anthropology, sociology, psychology, and others.

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White cover shows some moisture stains, and spots. Pages also have a honey hue doe to the fact that this is a 4 by 7 inch paperback. Dust Jacket. ISBN: 0553104772. Paperback: soft cover edition in good plus. Jacket. ISBN: 0553104772. White cover shows minor aging. Thoroughly Tested Recipes, Imaginative, Delectible Meals Created Especially for. Reprint, Soft Cover. C: Cookbook, Recipes, Kitchen. Minnesota you can visit the Betty Crocker Kitchens or near the Ozarks to see. Flour Pictorial Cookbook; Noted Forerunner of the Boston Cooking School Cookbook. Kitchen. ISBN: 0307095681. Paperback: soft cover edition in good condition. Lovely illustrated cover and nostalgic advertizing thru. Has No Dust Jacket. For the most part interior is clean, but a few pages have.


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As such, Stephen Chow shines, suffusing every shot and every bit of visual minutiae with the unbridled excitement of both those who make action flicks and those who adoringly watch them. Though he’d later go on to perfect his madcap brand of big-budget, beat-em-up fantasy, Shaolin Soccer is nearly perfect as an example of a martial arts film that seems to exist on its own space-time continuum. —Dom Sinacola. Although nearly all the action sequences are wonderfully exhaustive and memorable, the final fight, as one should expect, is a breathless show-stopper. —K. Alexander Smith. To accomplish all that, writer-director Tamara Jenkins uses as her entryway a familiar scenario: a 40-something couple struggling to have a baby. Led by terrific, tricky performances from Paul Giamatti and Kathryn Hahn, Private Life keeps shifting and surprising, never offering anything dramatically monumental but speaking precisely about the bonds between people—how they can be threatened but also renewed. But in recent years, they’ve struggled to conceive, a process that no amount of fertility treatments has been able to remedy. Private Life devotes a significant amount of its early running time to showing how couples such as Richard and Rachel undergo IVF, which has its comic moments but is largely depressingly clinical. (Adding to the despair are the long lines of other expectant couples Richard and Rachel see in the waiting rooms sitting alongside them. But Jenkins ( Slums of Beverly Hills, The Savages ) uses the couple’s struggles to discuss far more intriguing subject matter. It’s not simply the inability to have a child that eats at these two people. Their failure to conceive hints that they’re not young anymore and, with that, exacerbates the feelings of regret they have about the career decisions they made. Did they focus on their art at the expense of parenthood. Now that the shine is off their early creative success, is their barrenness another indication of their growing irrelevance. Perhaps most pressingly, are they obsessing about having a child because, deep down, they know their marriage has troubles. The inability to conceive bothers Richard, but for Rachel, it’s a deeper wound—one that goes far beyond being deprived of motherhood. Hahn and Jenkins make the woman’s pain palpable, layered and also a bit ineffable, illustrating how people reach middle age not entirely sure how they got there or where they’re headed next.

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Wkwk. Tapi akan coba Gue jawab yee. 1. Lo bakal jadi cewe mandiri. Tapi lo bakal jadi cewe yang strong dan independen. Karena Gue orangnya banyak maunya dan banyak kerjaan nya, jadi kadang ga bisa nemenin. Tapi hati dan fikiran Gue cuman buat kamu kok ? 2. Soalnya Gue pasti ga akan biarin lo diem ga jelas, cewe Gue mesti punya goal dan tujuan. Dan menurut Gue, cewe yang punya hobi (kecuali belanja dan kesalon ye) itu keren. 3. Lo bakal ga bisa diet. Karena Gue suka makan, dan lo bakal Gue ajak makan terus. Soalnya yang makannya banyak Gue, bukan lo. 4. Penampilan lo bakal meningkat. Walaupun Gue ga ngerti fashion, Gue ga bakal biarin pacar Gue keliatan kaya gembel ruko:( 5. Karena tertawa itu sehat, pasti lo bakal jadi korban ceng-cengan Gue. Tapi kita bakal saling mengerti satu sama lain ketika kita udah nyengcengin orang bareng.