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The exclusion of gummi missions also allows for very little downtime in the run. There is also the opportunity for different donation incentives such as No Heart or Armor of the Master. ItB's carefully-designed randomness makes runs challenging, strategic, surprising, suspenseful and fun without being reset-heavy. Resets are more likely in Hard Mode, but the category only takes 20 minutes; the extra 20 minutes could be used for a safety reset or, if one isn't needed, for a bonus mini-category run. I’m a longtime GDQ fan and record holder in this ItB category. Status: Decline No Death Skip%, 2-Island, Hard Mode 00:45:00. The game takes place in 4 mini worlds that are dark versions of the first worlds in Birth By Sleep. It showcases some of the most unique combinations of tech in a kingdom hearts game from a combat perspective. Vod Was made for RPGLB but everything stll applies. Status: Decline Blue Spheres Plus - Max Speed All Perfects 00:25:00. Status: Decline All Emeralds (Best Ending) Glitchless 01:40:00. What makes this speedrun interesting is a trick collecting the glasses that can be used to reach the end of the game early. This game is of the same style as Wii Punch-Out, so the same mechanics and speed techniques apply. This could potentially work as a bonus game due to the short length of it. Now the game has been completely remade with HD graphics, instead of double jumping our way over every barrier and instantly completing levels. It's the perfect blend of tight platforming, ridiculous skips and glitches, and difficult boss battles packaged in one. The Hero Story speedrun has tons of insane tricks and glitches to save countless seconds across the run.

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They clearly also know the fate of some minor characters (Shireen, Hodor and probably Stannis) but not others such as the Hound. In 707, Jon explicitely stated that Dany’s belief in her infertility was based on an unreliable source of information. So, it was very clearly implied that he wanted children and marriage, not just a casual romance. And she has no reason to oppose Jon’s marriage to Dany. As Littlefinger have said, the alliance makes sense and indeed it does in every possible way. She is that type of an independent woman with a ton of insecurities. She may come up with a crazy idea that Jon is a liar who tries to steal her throne after finding out that he is a legitimate heir but it won’t be for long. I just don’t want pregnancy to be a decisive factor in this process: it may happen, but it would be cliche. The most classic scheme would be an intermediate battle (most probably at Winterfell), then an unexpected counterattack of the bad guys (“The Empire strikes back”), and then the final stand (at King’s Landing most probably). I’ll follow up later, though I should tell you I’m not a huge fan of the Greyjoy storylines, and I’m perplexed by Theon’s purported “redemption arc. More on that later. If it’s a mistake it should be Qyburn’s mistake, not Cersei’s, but, as he seems to be rtaher competent, I would rule that out, too. I just took it as a common sense answer to what Dany said. I think killing the Night King will be enough (that’s what Beric said), not that that is going to be easy. Someone needs to get close enough to yank it out without dying first. So no, not easy at all, and likely a suicide mission. In the books, Euron reportedly has a suit of Valyrian steel armor that might prove useful in this task, but I don’t think it has been mentioned on the show.


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Each charm easily attaches to the braclet's lobster clasps. The bill divider and credit card pockets makes separating cash and cards easy. B118254. There are glass pane panels in the top of each door and three fixed shelves. The counter height table allows for comfortable seating for 4 people. Letters range from kids that enjoy or hate camp to random requests from home. Selected and edited by Diane Falanga, who was inspired by her own children's letters. Fragrance is blended to mimic the flavors and aromas found in a glass of pinot grigio. When this 11oz soy candle burns, your home will be filled with the aromas of sandal wood, wet stone and light citrus. Fragrance is blended to mimic the flavors and aromas found in a glass of pinot noir. When this 11oz soy candle burns, your home will be filled with the aromas of fig, cranberry, leather and earth. Fragrance is blended to mimic the flavors and aromas found in a glass of Riesling. When this 11oz soy candle burns, your home will be filled with the aromas of bright citrus, tropical fruit and Asian pear. Fragrance is blended to mimic the flavors and aromas found in a glass of sauvignon blanc. When this 11oz soy candle burns, your home will be filled with the aromas of freshly mowed grass, basil, mint and grapefruit. Fragrance is blended to mimic the flavors and aromas found in a glass of chardonnay. When this 11oz soy candle burns, your home will be filled with the aromas of vanilla, butter, oak and light floral notes.

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