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“The torture beforehand, the cause of death and the removal of the organs, plus the look of the victims make this look very much like the case of Kenneth Stanford, The Slasher of South Hill. €ť Everyone started spewing out theories and possibilities as you sat there quietly, trying to build up the courage to say what you needed to say. Like, how did you apologize for almost handing a guy off to his homicidal-universe-conquering-father who was almost certainly going to kill him afterwards. And sounds like Dany will be helluva annoying when Jon gets there. Targaryens were the innocent victims and Starks were villains lol Shots fired. Hopefully Jon doesn’t pull any punches and fires the big guns. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to correct it and set the record straight. As anyone else reading this can see, anon took the translated leak and ran with it using their own anti Dany and anti Jonerys interpretation of what was said. You said that Dany was “having Missandei list her million titles. €ť This is pretty standard procedure. Dany has more titles because she’s done more stuff. Facts are facts. There is absolutely nothing to indicate that she asks Jon to bend the knee “multiple times” as you claim in an attempt to make it seem like this meeting goes horribly. Davos says his words from the trailer about the skeleton in the iron throne. €ť. She didn’t demand that Tyrion bend the knee because Tyrion showed up offering his allegiance and help. However, she gets it, willingly, when Tyrion kneels to her in season 6. As for Yara and Theon, she gets verbal swearing of fealty from them in exchange for her own promise to help them take their home back from Euron. There is precedent for rulers in the series asking others to bend the knee when the others present as some sort of threat. How is she supposed to know that Jon Snow is honorable, different, and worthy.

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€ť McCaul is one of a few names being considered for Secretary of Homeland Security, along with Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions and Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke. Sessions is heavily tipped to join Trump’s cabinet in some capacity since he endorsed Trump early in the Republican primary, but he could choose to be Attorney General or Secretary of Defense, opening a post for McCaul. McCaul has made cybersecurity a priority in the past, sponsoring a bill in 2013 that would require the Department of Homeland Security to conduct cybersecurity activities and codify a response plan for cybersecurity incidents involving private companies. Most of the wealth is listed as investments in the name of McCaul’s wife, Linda, the daughter of Clear Channel Communications founder Lowry Mays. Perry reportedly encouraged McCaul to challenge incumbent Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in 2018, but that was before Trump won the White House. “I think Michael McCaul, congressman, who is the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, would be a great Homeland Security director,” said Texas Lt. Gov. and Trump supporter Dan Patrick to a Houston TV station. McCaul’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Hensarling is also a vocal opponent of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, which bankrolls American exports. “The bank leads to an unfair economy,” he said. “One-third of Ex-Im’s credit exposure benefits Boeing. €ť Trump also opposes the Export-Import Bank. Hensarling backed Trump beginning in May before a number of Texas Republicans, and he held a fundraiser with Wall Street representatives at a Utah ski resort six weeks after taking the financial service chairmanship. It's well documented what he's done, you know, and I'm not gonna stand for something I don't believe in. You know, when Ashton Kutcher comes out and says we've been Punk'd, then I'll stand again. NFL star protests Trump during anthem Contact WND wnd. om Tampa Bay’s Evans sits out anthem over election results article.

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The tale follows a white-bread, New England family headed up by a particularly denial-prone patriarch (Dale Midkiff). They move into a new home adjacent to both a well-traveled highway and a mystical cemetery that has the ability to raise animals from the dead. Pet Sematary, gleefully dark as ever, takes its time before killing the family's youngest son in a heavily foreshadowed semi-truck collision. Grief-stricken, the father buries his son in the town cemetery, hoping to take advantage of the cemetery’s handy life-giving loophole. Whether it’s an inadvertent masterpiece of schlock or a masterful exploration of loss is anyone’s guess. Regardless, Pet Sematary is certainly deserving of its cult status. — Aubrey Page. A two-part movie event broadcast on ABC, It brought yet another Stephen King horror to life. It is a particularly manipulative horror movie—especially if you watch it for the first time at a young age—that capitalizes on the well-worn fear of clowns and the terrors of childhood. As clowns become a source of real-life scares, one doesn't need to emphasize how horrifying those bozos can be. Most of all though, It is successful because it echoes another King tale, The Body, which was adapted into the film Stand By Me. The camaraderie and shared history of It ’s protagonists stir feelings of warm nostalgia in viewers—which makes it all the more horrifying every time Pennywhistle pops up. FYI: It will also change the way you look at storm drains forever. — Andrew Gruttadaro. Jodie Foster stars as FBI trainee Clarice Starling, who's tasked with picking the brain of the scariest psychopath on the prison block, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. She does so in order to track down another serial killer by the name of Buffalo Bill, who kidnaps, kills, and wears his female victims like clothing. But Dr. Lecter has more than a few tricks up his sleeves, while Buffalo Bill moonwalks with his penis tucked between his legs in this acclaimed thriller. — Kristen Yoonsoo Kim.

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I hired you to write about shit and variations on the ways said shit can be blown the fuck up. Has admitted to smoking crack more than a few times, if I remember right. His writing style does make a lot more sense when you picture him Hoovering lines between scenes. Also, a few of my friends are in a sketch comedy troop, and though I never pimp out the work of myself or my friends, I thought this was funny and really pertinent. You know exactly what you're in for the second you hear the music. They lined up every haunted house cliche' and knocked 'em down, by the book. It's weird watching A Few Good Men and The American President because they were made before it was realized that Sorkin dialogue is so much better when it's rattled off at supersonic speed. I've actually had Insidious sitting on my shelf for awhile now. Other than Capt Howdy saying it's pretty predictable I've heard that it's a decent horror flick. Then I will second what Cap Howdy said and proclaim that Insidious was extremely dumb and got worse and worse the longer it went. Anyone who thought Paranormal Activity was a good haunted house flick will think insidious is the scariest thing since The Haunting remake. Bad CG included. There are just so many things wrong with Insidious. The most annoying being I liked the concept they had and hated what they did with it. Edit - Also, the cheap practical effects were a big slap in the face to someone who has seen what awesome practical effects can do for a movie. They were what you would see at Wild Adventure's Haunted Houses. Which in person, in a poorly lit maze like atmosphere would be fine. The best scary movies don't need CG. (The Haunted was so very retarded. .

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