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With the Giants on their heels, the Falcons would keep coming at them. With Jamie Dukes, a guard in at fullback, he would charge forward, and clip LT's dive over the pile attempt and flip him, allowing Settle to burrow into the line for a TD. Davis' extra point would make the score 10-3 with 2:49 to go in the 2nd quarter. Davis' kickoff would go to Guggemos down to the 1 and he was only able to return it back to the 14 yard line as he was drilled by Ken Gordon on a helmet to helmet shot (no flags back then). Simms started off with a pass and would swing what looked to be a near lateral pass to OJ, who rumbled up to the 20 yard line for a 6 yard gain, stopped by Williams. On 2nd and 4, Simms had some time to throw initally, but as he scrambled up the field, he was trapped by Gann for a sack at the 17 yard line and the clock was stopped at 1:58 officially for the two minute warning. On 3rd and 6, Simms was in the shotgun and he threw a seam pass towards Mowatt deep over the middle that was just behind him and fell incomplete, however a defensive hold on Butler, who was covering Lionel Manuel, gave the Giants a first down. Now at the 23, Simms again had time to throw, and would side arm a bullet to Baker at the 38, and he would snatch it and turn up the field, taking the ball to the 47 yard line, stopped by Dimry from behind, but not after ripping off a 23 yard gain. The Giants would go no huddle, Simms in the shotgun would handoff inside to Adams up the middle, and was taken down by Rick Bryan at the 47 yard line, forcing the Giants to call their first time out with 1:22 to go. Meanwhile, over on the sidelines, LT was being led into the locker room with cramps. On 2nd and 3, Simms would throw to Adams in the flat, who was stopped for no gain by Williams. However, Williams got a 5 yard incidental facemask penalty, and that yardage was tacked on to the end of the run and gave the Giants a first down at the 43. Just when as a Giants fan you feel like they were going to get some points and hold off an upset bid by Atlanta, they made a mistake In the shotgun, and with late pressure coming in on Simms, Manuel and Mowatt end up running into each other, so someone blew the pass pattern. That left Butler all alone for an easy INT at the 25, and he was able to run it back to the 47, stopped by Riesenberg. Looking to keep up their momentum, Miller was in the shotgun, however he was under heavy pressure in his face from George Martin and Johnie Cooks coming from his blind side. Miller would float a ball over the head of Settle for an incompletion. On 2nd and 10, a draw to Settle, again up the middle, was good for 6 yards to the Giants' 46 yard line, stopped by Cooks and Atlanta would call a time out. On 3rd and 4, Miller would roll out to his right, and with a moving pocket, hit Floyd Dixon at the 41, and he would get the ball out to the 39, taken down from behind by Martin, however the yardage was good for another first, and the Falcons would call their 2nd time out with:45 to go in the half.

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Are you aware the US is using white phosphorous and depleted uranium in Iraq which is against international law. Remember the US used Agent Orange, a lethal chemical defoliant in Vietnam. But I digress, not satisfied with invading Afghanistan, Bush used 9-11 as the excuse to invade Iraq; yet another sovereign nation that posed no threat to us. The rationale they used was Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction which to this day have never been produced. Even if he did have WMDs he got them from the US and other Western nations who helped him in his war against Iran. Bush s arrogance turned people off and he couldn't run again so the ruling elites promoted an unknown to carry their banner; Barack Obama. His PR people and campaign managers were slick, cunning and resourceful. They used social media to dazzle and befuddle a war weary nation into believing Obama was a peacenik. He told us he was going to get out of Iraq but he said he was going to take the war into Afghanistan and Pakistan. Not only did he do that, he s sent unmanned military drones into Yemen, Somalia and Mali. Yet no one on the Left or in the corporate media questioned this at all. He s stepped up the wars in places there were no wars before: in Libya, Somalia, Pakistan all in the name of the bogus war on terror and going after al-qaeda. As such he has been responsible for the deaths on hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Now for several years Obama has been openly arming and supporting al-qaeda to do his dirty work (remember al-qaeda was originally created by the US CIA, British MI6 Saudi Secret Police, Israeli Mossad and Pakistani ISI to fight the Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980 s). The US is currently using them in Syria to try to topple the regime of Basher al-assad. This is the same al-qaeda that is beheading innocent people, taking folks hostage and using chemical weapons on civilians, which Obama and the West are blaming on Assad. Obama had the nerve to go on television and plead his case for military action in Syria. Just like in 2001 and 2003 the corporate media went along lock stock and barrel.

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And as an ethnographer-in-training, I had to make a decision on how to handle this information. Not only this once, but from this point forward if I was going to go out into the world and work as a researcher. I realized this was as good a time as any to ask myself: What kind of values am I going to live by as a researcher. I made a very conscious decision that no matter what, I would not share the confidential information of my participant. Now, would I make this same decision the exact same way in a project today. Many factors play into the decisions we make as researchers and often, we have to rely on some sort of gut feeling. There’s a number of profound shifts in how the caregivers describe their role and in the kind of experience they seek to deliver for the patient (and their family). The whole article (linked above, but subscribers only) describes those shifts and the cultural and organizational efforts to get there. She didn’t allow herself to move her limbs, and behaved as if confused. Staff members then spooned food into one another’s mouths and brushed one another’s teeth, in order to be on the receiving end of activities that they performed for their charges every day. “You can find how threatening it is to have something touch your mouth when you have not brought it to your own lips,” she said. Some of our front-line staff, who really wanted to know how bad that felt, did not change them for a couple of hours. Previous may residents had been dressed in diapers, as they tend to be in a majority of nursing homes. Not long afterward, aides decided to stop the practice with most residents, instead taking them to the bathroom fifteen or twenty minutes after mealtimes. This made residents happier while making the staff’s jobs easier, because they no longer had to change people who were agitated. I really like how this story highlights not so much the ergonomic or functional task aspects that are revealed but how this drives to revisiting the fundamental ideas of how the institution conceives of the patient experience it provides. I also like the full-on simplicity of the approach, the people who do this stuff to others now try it themselves and talk about it. Check out the questions, answers and winners here.

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Ministry of Peace by Una McCormack The Liberator crew are on the planet Speranza to assist its new interim government. With the first of the second series of Blake's 7 full-cast productions out, we're pleased to be able to reveal the cover and trailer for the next. Blake's 7: Fortuitas is the December release of the hugely popular and critically acclaimed range which sees Big Finish teaming up with B7 Media to bring to life BBC's thrilling and iconic series Blake's 7 with the show's original stars. Today a brand new trailer and the cover have been posted on the story's page. The search for Dayna takes the Liberator to Solace, a former galactic tourist trap fallen on hard times. The future is now. Blake's 7 - The Full Cast Audios: Fortuitas is now available for pre-order on CD or Download. This November has been a busy one for Blake's 7 fans - check out our releases Blake's 7 - Criminal Intent, Blake's 7 - Scimitar and Blake's 7 - The Liberator Chronicles Volume 10 for trailers, previews, Subscriptions, or to order. And here's a article from the Big Finish Vortex Magazine. STANDARD BY 2 Cavan Scott teleports onto the Liberator, and tells Kenny Smith about the new season of Blake’s 7 adventures. After the critical success of the first season of Blake’s 7 plays, it hasn’t take long for a second series of adventures onboard the Liberator to arrive. The first run of episodes slotted neatly into series B, during the search for Star One, and there’s a search involved in the new series, which begins this month. Succeeding David Richardson as producer on the series is Cavan Scott, who says: “We’ve pushed it into series C. There’s a theory among fans that the third season takes place over a really long period of time, possibly a few years, as it starts with the Federation in tatters, and by the end it’s been rebuilt and is strong again. We’ve also continued our ongoing story of Del Grant joining the team, which we’ve been planning for a while. It’s all moving forward. “This time, we’ve got Steven Pacey joining us. I started watching Blake’s 7 during series C, so Tarrant and Dayna, and the crew that survived the Galactic War were Blake’s 7 for me.

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018 5 meses atras Okay, so I keep hearing people talk about how they experience paranormal things when they were very very depressed. I was so depressed. My sleep pyrolysis was taken the best of Me. I was seeing shadows, send people walk on the corner of my eye. Kevin V 5 meses atras When you see this you have 5 sec to subscribe to this channel jorge ortiz 5 meses atras I love these stories, but does that chick narrating have to be so damn loud when shouting. Its irritating and does nothing for the story experience. Deborah chesser 5 meses atras Who hasn’t wanted to float around the rooftops on a summer night Candice Perry 6 meses atras I don't believe in demons because these demons are make believe Joyce Ann Feliciano 6 meses atras I know this is an old video but to the team of Let's Read, I want to thank you for making my everyday 3 hours commute to work not boring. You guys rock. Rob Silver 6 meses atras Indigo kid. an that story was cringey, bad choice. Don’t include that kind of crap that belongs in a let’s read new age channel Margie Gayle 6 meses atras oh my god i was half asleep just now at like 2:53:53 and i hear my nickname in a deep voice wow im dead now KING ELLIS 6 meses atras I want the first 2 songs CaptainDigBick95 6 meses atras Paralys BlackRussia2016 6 meses atras Who was that at the story at 3:54:20. LOUISVILLE SLUGGER 6 meses atras You have the most amazing voice. Katrina Bright 6 meses atras I have astral projected several times. Sarah Hluni 6 meses atras This story are 66, i got 66 new noti from youtube, i got 66 new message from messanger group, I got 66 new noti from fb, i got 66 new massage from wechat. Awesome! Listened to most of it in one sitting, all of it in the same day:) Kota Allen 9 meses atras That on where they were working on the grant sounded like a horrible creepypasta. They tried to make themselves sound like such a badass. I never dabbled with one but I always wondered that.

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NL NL DW Mira. Rog. DW Uni. Focus Fox WB Focus Fox Fox Fox Lions MGM Lions WB DW Rog. UA Par. MGM FoxS SGem WB Lions DW IDP SPC CLD NL Par. Enter the Fist Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Far From Heaven The Lion King (IMAX) Half Past Dead Solaris Life, or Something Like It Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever The Emperor's Club Stealing Harvard The Good Girl Monsoon Wedding Y Tu Mama Tambien Hey Arnold. Disney-M GE Fox Disney Sony NWav TWX Sony TWX TWX-NL Disney-M Disney-M MGM GE LGF FoxS SGem DW USA TWX-NL SGem GE FoxS TWX-NL Disney-M USA MGM 8X Disney-M Fox Fox LGF First Art. TWX TWX-NL LGF VIAB TWX MGM VIAB TWX-NL Hel. Art. Disney Disney-M TWX FL VIAB Disney-M IMAX Fox VIAB Sony MGM Fox VIAB Sony Sony Disney LGF FoxS GE FL Sony Sony TSG Art. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Quantum of Solace Kung Fu Panda Hancock The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Wall-E The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Iron Man Sex and the City Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis Slumdog Millionaire Wanted The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Twilight Bolt Gake no ue no Ponyo (Ponyo on a Cliff) 10,000 B. . High School Musical 3: Senior Year Australia The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who. A member of BMO Financial Group 250 April 2012 Perspectives on the Filmed Entertainment Industry 2012 BMO Capital Markets Top Films in 2005 by Distributor (Continued) Rank Title Universal 5 King Kong 19 The 40-Year-Old Virgin 33 The Interpreter 41 Jarhead 42 Cinderella Man 46 White Noise 52 Kicking and Screaming 61 The Skeleton Key 62 Munich 87 The Wedding Date 95 Doom 99 Serenity 106 Two for the Money 107 Prime 111 George A. In the Mix Alone in the Dark High Tension Rize Grizzly Man State Property 2 Happy Endings Undiscovered House of D Three.