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Last year was a little rough on the girl who was mostly seen only as a soft-focus shape dressed in pink. She was nonetheless on hand for some key moments, like delivering the news of Myrcella’s return from Dorne (awkward) and making sure Cersei dressed to impress on the day of the sept explosion. Qyburn and the Mountain may be Cersei’s most obviously loyal henchmen, but Bernadette has been serving at the queen’s pleasure longer. Most importantly, though, many of us didn’t notice Bernadette at all until she got a sassy new makeover. Never underestimate the ability of a new haircut to make a lasting impression. I do think she's failed to really do much this series in comparison to that amazing Season 6 finale but her scenes are always so thrilling for me. He wants to rescue Yara. - The Ironborn loyalists changed their plans and are now serving him, as a stand-in for Queen Yara. - Yara can produce heirs. Yara is his heir. There's also the captain's daughter from way back who probably had his bastard child, just need to find her. - You can have love with a cock - I can see him becoming a Lord Commander candidate in the future - He ran away to rescue Yara. Yara was the one their father chose as his heir, his entire reason for living is so that his sister can succeed, he's close to serving his purpose. I meant more that he's been portrayed to be spineless and lacking in courage as a result of his traumas hence not fit for a love interest angle in the show, rather than equating his castration with that, obviously not the case as we've seen with Grey Worm and Missandei, so poor wording on my part. The role of Lord Commander more or less requires the exact opposite character traits of Theon's current state and his past history as an arrogant, reckless son of House Greyjoy would fly in the face of all the valour and honour that that position requires; Jon Snow forgiving him for some of his past mistakes doesn't change that. Beyond him rescuing Yara and getting to redeem himself from that time she tried to rescue him and he endangered her, I don't see what future he might have in the narrative. The Littlefinger twist felt rushed, which made it fall a bit flat for me.

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Hit us up in the comments and let us know what you’ve watched, and if it’s any good. I love everything about the process of making movies, but I'm a busy dad, so watching them is a different story. I try and see everything I can, when my son isn't watching something by Pixar. Favourite Movies: Se7en, Ghostbusters, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, The Goonies, Shaun Of The Dead Related Posts. So this is what ? Receives today in the mail. ? loves collecting vintage mask. Of course I had him sign my Phantom of the Mall DVD. Here is my Ash tattoo from one of my favorite movies. Helping me out with the first part of my day stocking medical supplies for patients and doctors. I love the homage to the amazing VHS art of the 80s Horror. It just baffles me how they created all this art with minimal technology. They have worked hard in creating a unique Horror Fan Experience. Saturday night wearing pink for my sister's baby shower. While sadly I missed out on this last Slashback installation. Time for vid games and primetime horror releases with pizzi and snax.

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Which is why we’re all here debating all kinds of stuff. Lots of Stannis fans concentrated in a single spot, I assume can cause such a reaction. I don’t know if it will be as big as BOB but the Dany vs Jaime field of fire battle is thought to be episode 4. The biggest battle though should be episode 6 beyond the wall. At the same time Dany via the unsullied will take Casterley Rock and kill lots of Lannisters. Episode 4 will be Dany ambushing the Lannisters and burning people alive which will start Varys and Tyrion to doubt her as the right person to back. So of the Mad King’s check boxes 1) Use wildfire in KL, 2) Execute aparent and child in the cruelest was possible, and 3) be killed by Jaime Lannister, only the third has not happened with Cersei. Now, I was watching Jaime all the time because NCW is such an expert on subtle fascial expressions. It was also notable that the editing cut to Jaime’s face time and again. What I got out of it was that Jaime was, indeed, ticking Mad King boxes in his mind. Almost every cruelty and misdeed Cersei laid at the Targs’ door, she has done herself. Jaime almost gave some side-eye to this Mad Queen sister of his. But it’s not wholehearted, he has doubts and even scruples. (OK, Jaime goggles, lol! . Jaime is right, armies need food, but in the books, during his Riverlands sojourn. The show is better for it.


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The second playthrough, as mentioned, follows the same events as the ? st but switches the player’s perspective to 9S, who also happens to be one of the most vocal proponents of the oppositional frame, with lines like “they’re just imitating human speech, they don’t have any feelings”. The player visits the same places, encounters the same characters, and mostly engages in the same combat scenarios. This time, however, the content of the dialogue and the ? hting mechanics are radically recontextualized, with the player’s understanding of what is happening completely different now than during the ? st playthrough. The moment of epiphany is ludonarrative because the player’s altered understanding of narrative relationship between androids and machines also affects their understanding of their ludic interactions with the machines. During the second playthrough, the player once again has to kill many machine lifeforms who, as it turned out in the ? st playthrough, might not have any urge to ? ht at all. The game thereby heavily leans into the player’s presumed ludoliteracy of action RPGs, which leads them to expect that the primary The Link Out 215 mode of interaction with their opponents is through combat. There are many types of games, players and experiences, which inhibits any assertion that the game system necessarily constructs aporia for the purpose of leading the player to epiphany, or that the player actually experiences epiphany even when the game system is constructed with this dynamic in mind. Likewise, both global and local epiphanies might be experienced outside of the game through, for example, extensive paratextual engagement on the part of the player in the form of theorycrafting or lore analysis. Similarly, further study that engages in comparisons between reader, audience and player will deepen our phenomenological understanding of the embodied experience of epiphany. Our three analytical case studies appear to use some of the affordances most commonly connected to digital games as a medium to set up the aporia-epiphany dialectic; for instance, NieR:Automata does this by sending conflicting messages through various ludic and narrative elements before allowing the player to understand and reconcile those inconsistencies, thereby resolving the aporetic state into epiphany. Ultimately, an improved understanding of epiphany in digital games contributes to the maturation of digital games as a medium, since it allows both designers and scholars to better understand the medium-speci? ways in which games can evoke certain feelings and emotions within their players.

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It's more than Sansa feels burned, and she's playing her cards close to the chest. It's all very rushed, of course, but I'm liking Sansa's transformation. It has been a long time coming. Also. Summer died? I'm VERY surprised by that. In the books, at least, the wolves seem very critical to the Stark characters. Also, per the creators, Bran went into the trance again because the Three Eyed Raven was trying to upload all his knowledge into Bran. That's why Bran was trapped in the vision and forced to warg Hodor from there. Its pretty clear to me this episode ranks up there with Dany getting her Dragons, in terms of how world changing it is. And Brand affecting the past, as someone pointed out, is already in the books. This was a quick, emotionally satisfying graduation for Bran. He leaves his training with lots of challenges, but he's also now clearly one of the three main players in the anti-White Walker fight to come. That was not my main complaint, though I concede that I may have been giving that impression since I keep on mentioning Bran and Arya. The show has done a great job with many characters, most notably Jon and Tyrion, but many of the other characters have taken on a different feel in the show - Jaime, Sansa, Asha, Littlefinger, Euron, and Doran being the most obvious examples. This feels somewhat similar to the issue that many of us had with how Sanderson handled Mat. The early seasons, when the show more closely mirrored the books seemed to have far less of this sort of inconsistent feel between the source material and the show.

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The Bohemians will be joined by the 10 piece gospel choir from Last Choir Standing for a magical second set including songs such as Somebody to Love and Bohemian Rhapsody, backed by spectacular pyrotechnics. Tickets: 15. 0, 17, riends 13. 5, riends C Pre show catering B Boxes available H Private hire L Local society produc on 19 November October BRAND NEW SHOW Peppa Pig s Treasure Hunt Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th November Weds at 1pm and 4pm, Thursday at 10am and 1pm eaturing super cute puppets Ahoy there me hear es. Peppa Pig and her friends are going on a treasure hunt and need your help. Peppa, George and Danny Dog are up to fun and games on a day out on Grandad Dog's boat. Help them, with Pedro Pony, Polly Parrot and Zoe Zebra to follow the clues and find their treasure as they all enjoy a day of adventure. C Tickets: 12. 0, 14. 0, child 2 off, family of four 50 (top price only) John Cooper Clarke riday 25th November at 8pm Botown Saturday 26th November at 7. 0pm The Bard of Salford began his career suppor ng seminal punk bands Joy Division, Sex Pistols and Siouxsie and the Banshees with his bi ng, sa rical and funny performance poetry. Experience the thrill of one of the leading voices of 70s punk culture live. Tickets: 15 C Take a musical trip from Memphis to Mumbai with this ultra funky, chart topping new soul funk band that melts genres, cultures and sounds. Expect to hear their debut single Roop Tera and Jhalak from their 2011 debut album, alongside music from James Brown, Sly Stone, Ray Charles and B. . King as well as AR Rahman, RD Burman, Kishore Kumar and more. Worthing Philharmonic Orchestra Winter Romances Sunday 27th November at 3pm B C Poom Prommachart returns to play Rachmaninov s third piano concerto, one of the greatest challenges to a pianist.

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Connect With Us MU Poll: Results expected on Mueller probe. What we're seeing in the image is gas and dust circling around the hole, far enough away to be safe. Scott Walker, handing a victory to Democratic Gov. Tony Evers. Please try again soon, or contact Customer Service at 1-844-900-7103 Sign up. Farwell Ave. with oysters on the half shell, crab legs, ceviche of the day and more. See more Insider benefits Milwaukee has clinched; now the race is on to see who the Bucks face. Tony Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul to secure one of their campaign goals. His parents have learned how generous the community is. Education PolitiFact Sports Packers Brewers Bucks Badgers Golden Eagles Panthers More. Preps Plus Outdoors Business Land and Space Shop Talk Health Care Careers Top Workplaces Communities Northwest Now North Shore Now South Now Southwest Now West Now Waukesha County Now Lake Country Now Watchdog Data On Demand Daniel Bice Entertainment Dining Music Arts TV and Movies Books Events More. In fact, whenever you hit 3 or more of these characters on the screen during your gameplay you will trigger the free spins round. You are playing Amazing Stars for FUN, check out the casinos below to play for real money. Gaby: Yes. Thank you for having me. Mournful Over the Lack of Reviews On this rare occasion that I actually agree with 5star reviews, Im wondering if others are just weary of waiting for a good game and dont see one when its arrived.