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We discuss the separation of state and money, how bitcoin is the worlds first trust protocol, how mining works, looking at bitcoin from a global perspective, what happens to bitcoin once we have quantum computing, and much more. PyQuante is an open-source suite of programs for developing quantum chemistry methods. I must have watched Jedi dozens of times, then mom or dad found me the other two Star Wars films and I devoured those (let's just keep pretending there are only three, mmmkay? . It was my gateway drug, and from there I moved onto Star Trek (mostly The Next Generation) and such glorious 80s programming as Quantum Leap. I was hooked. I had toy lightsabers, blasters, tiny Star Wars playsets and figurines, even a Star Trek phaser (oh, to have that again! . I was a nerd. Nerdiness in college and early adulthood was mostly confined to big movie releases and classic literature (LOTR binge reading sessions, anyone? , until the advent of Netflix. It was then I discovered Firefly, Farscape, Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Horrible. the list goes on. But the greatest of these is Stargate. I'd seen the movie years ago and loved it, but somehow never knew there was a TV show until maybe four fateful years ago. And I fell in love. It's everything a sci-fi show should be - action, gadgets, aliens, humor, and some fantastic interpersonal dynamics. It's humans being humans, both evil and heroic, in the face of impossible odds, and living. SG-1, the first incarnation, has 10 seasons; it resulted in a spin off, Stargate Atlantis, which is almost equally as good.

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When the stress is low, more bonds contribute their lifetime to the total time-to-failure of the nanotube, resulting in a flattening of the solid curve, so that the stress versus logarithm of time-to-failure curve is approximately linear. Nonetheless, the data do fall within the range of predications of the current kinetic model. It is realized 352 Polymer nanocomposites that frequency effect, SWNT size effect, and multiple SWNT fractures, may also exercise influence, to various extent, on the lifetime of a SWNT, which could be topics for further studies. 13. Conclusions In this chapter we have addressed several issues concerning strength, interface, and long-term behavior of carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotube reinforced polymeric composites, from mechanics point of view. Although tensile strength of CNTs was experimentally determined and simulated at the molecular level in previous studies, a fundamental understanding of the atomic mechanisms leading to the observed wide statistical distribution is still lacking. In particular, what kind of defects exist in the CNTs from a specific synthetic process, how they are distributed along a CNT, how they interact under applied load, and more importantly, how they can be controlled in synthesis are problems to be addressed in the future. Intricate experiments and modeling at both molecular and microscopic level have been performed to elucidate CNT-polymer interactions at the interface. 13. 5 Time-to-failure of zigzag (18, 0) SWNTs versus applied stress. Only the results of the first six cracking modes are shown. Single-walled carbonnanotubes in epoxy composites 353 The majority of the results seem to suggest that CNT-polymer interfacial strength is much higher than that of conventional micro-fiber reinforced polymeric composites. Despite our very limited current under- standing, there is still a lot of room for clarifying the physics at the CNT- polymer interface. A better understanding on the strength (and weakness) of CNTs and CNT-polymer interface issues enable us to design and create nanocomposites with predictable properties and performance. Single-walled carbonnanotubes in epoxy composites 357 64. CNTs are a type of higher order fullerene and have a seamless cylindrical structure formed by the rolling of a graphene sheet. The transmission electron microscope (TEM) image of a CNT and its atomic structure models are shown in Fig. 14. .

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Examples of disorders that can cause scales include: Eczema Fungal infections such as ringworm, tinea versicolor. Test 1, using pre-1968 materials, was run to correlate the procedures and to compare the results with previous tests by other organizations. Test 2 included newer, improved fire-resistant materials. Test 3 was essentially a duplicate of test 2, but a smokeless fuel was used. Results indicate that the pre-1968 materials ignited easily, allowed the fire to spread, produced large amounts of smoke and toxic combustion products, and resulted in a flash fire and major fire damage. The newer fire-resistant materials did not allow the fire to spread. Furthermore, they produced less, lower concentrations of toxic combustion products, and lower temperatures. Eight different seat cushion configurations were subjected to full scale burn tests. Each cushion configuration was tested twice for a total of 16 tests. Two different fire sources were used: Jet A-fuel for eight tests, and a radiant energy source with propane flame for eight tests. Data were recorded for smoke density, cushion temperatures, radiant heat flux, animal response to combustion products, rate of weight loss of test specimens, cabin temperature, and type and content of gas within the cabin. When compared to existing seat cushions, the test specimens incorporating a fire barrier and those fabricated from advanced materials, using improved construction methods, exhibited significantly greater fire resistance. Flammability comparison tests were conducted upon one fire blocking configuration and one polyimide configuration. In the present study, the authors proposed and empirically tested a model of tacit knowledge and an accompanying measurement scale of academic tacit knowledge. They present 6 hypotheses that support the proposed tacit knowledge model regarding the role of cognitive (self-motivation, self-organization); technical (individual task, institutional task); and social (task-related, general) skills. The authors tested these hypotheses with 542 responses to the Academic Tacit Knowledge Scale, which included the respondents' grade point average-the performance variable. The test was performed at the National Renewable Energy. urface of the blade. The blade underwent fatigue excitation at 1.

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