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After Littlefinger leads Arya to Sansa’s letter- Arya: Girl, did you tell Littlefinger to hide this letter you wrote to Robb when you were being held hostage by the Lannisters and dad was a prisoner and it clearly sounds like that bitch Cersei. Arya: Bc he totally wanted me to find it and I think he’s trying to use it to turn us against each other, which is dumb bc you were a child and it was a scary situation. Also the tv version of my character spent the better part of season 2 as Tywin Lannisters servant. Sansa: Woah crazy, but also what a stupid plan, Littlfinger is better than this. We should ask Bran about this bc he hasn’t really participated in anything for awhile. Later on with Bran - Sansa: Bran we need your help. Bran: Confirms everything the girls thought and tells them about how the dude basically started all the shit. Sansa: Ok sis have fun! -high fives all around- Bran: goes back to staring at the wall or something. Daenerys after Yara is taken captive - Dany: I’m going to get Yara bc we’re allies and thats what allies do. Also while I’m there I think I’ll burn all of Euron Greyjoys ships and kill him bc Idk him yet but I already hate him. Jon at Eastwatch with the squad - Jon: Before we actually go on this super dangerous wight hunt I’m gonna write Sansa and see what she thinks about this whole trip. Sansa’s response to letter talking about wight hunt- Sansa: Dude, Cersei will never help anyone don’t even try.

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It’s like for that to happen—now, certainly there are negative shocks that could happen. But absent negative shocks, we’ve had so much capital formation that the output from that capital would have to not come in for us to see growth, to go back to the 1. (percent) that Goldman said, for example. It’s, like, impossible that it be 1. (percent), given that much capital spending. We all learned in economics GDP is basically labor force times productivity growth. And therefore, to get to your 3. (percent), given that the labor force is growing slowly and isn’t going to grow that much faster, you’ve got to have much—you know, we’ve had very weak productivity numbers. You’re going to have very substantial productivity numbers. So that presumably is part of your forecast, or your thesis. And I can actually flip it another way, because one of these things that I did when I first got to the CEA was look at the models that government agencies use to forecast GDP over the next ten years, because I had to write down a ten-year forecast that I was going to sign my name to. And one of the things that the government agencies have been doing forever and ever is they have this thing where they call it a potential GDP model, where they say, OK, I get this much labor force growth, this much capital stock growth, and this much productivity. And it turns out that the potential GDP model has almost no forecasting value whatsoever.

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But if Jon and Beric are like the wights and their hearts aren't beating it shouldn't be possible to kill them. Like the bodies of the wights that attacked Jeor Mormont had to be completely distroyed by fire, even the severed hand kept moving. But Beric died several times, we saw the Hound kill him in a sword fight. Am I the only one that can see Bron in the background sinking with Jamie. Maybe swimming? Did u notice te stuff at the bottom of the water. Game of Theories made a video covering the theory that the white walkers will actually walk around the wall, as winter will be so cold the sea will freeze. In the recent trailer for episode 5 of season 7, you hear that the Night King and his army are marching towards eastwatch by the sea, which in my opinion, heavily supports this idea. If it's possible, then the wall has been nearly purposeless for the last 8k years To play devils advocatex magic is super strong rigjt nowx evidenced by drogon size and other stuff. So Lannister soldiers invade Highgaarden and kill their army. Then they loot all of Highgaarden's wealth and their harvest, leaving the people there with basically nothing for the coming winter. Your attitude to that is 'meh, shit happens and this is war after all' (I'm just paraphrasing). But when Daenarys with her dragon and the Dothraki horde ambush the same Lannister soldiers, your reaction is basically 'OMG why is Daenarys doing this.

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(U. . Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Joseph M. Micro Four Thirds has the same sensor size as the Four Thirds System but replaces the complex optical path needed for the optical viewfinder with an electronic viewfinder displaying a live view; this allows for smaller and lighter lenses and bodies. The GH1 was announced at the 2009 Photo Marketing Association Annual Convention and Trade Show. he GH1 is the first consumer-priced interchangeable lens camera to offer autofocus capability while shooting video. The electronic viewfinder (EVF) uses a sophisticated projection system to achieve a clearer, smoother display than that of compact camera EVFs. As it lacks a separate autofocus (AF) sensor, the GH1 uses contrast-detect autofocus using the readout from the main sensor. The camera is available in three colors — black (suffix K), red (R) and gold. Please help improve this media file by adding it to one or more categories, so it may be associated with related media files (how? , and so that it can be more easily found. BA also knows how to prevent photogs from making money from his image. I was allowed media access but there was no point to it.

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Totally tongue-in-cheek, this hysterically funny and sexy offering is a must for queer horror fans. Along with the muffins, our guests are greeted by the hostesses Helen and her peculiar daughter, Luella. These girls are ready for a weekend of wife-swapping, but our hostesses have other plans: Homo-hating Helen enjoys killing queers for sport. When her daughter's lesbian tendencies surface, the guests had better hide the cutlery. And if that wasn't enough, her son simply likes to eat people -- straight or gay. His therapist points out that his obsession with Hugh Jackman is a surefire sign that he may be gay. Miles is taken aback by her observation, but eager to discover his true self. Miles goes to West Hollywood and bravely enters the TRUNKS bar. Despite some apparent decomposition, Todd is taken with Miles and introduces him to his sassy friend, Greg. The three of them strut through the bar, get a booth and start bonding. They are cut short by the bartender who points out 'the mob' who is ready to attack Miles. After a raucous car ride to Todd's house, they check out his impressive digs and get ready to jacuzzi. When Miles appears in a yellow speedo, the boys stare at him with jaws agape.

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