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He has lectured on dinosaurs at museums, universities and other institutions in the USA and Europe, and often appears on TV and radio talk shows, and in videos, discussing dinosaurs, monster movies and other topics. Pauline Spaghetti. But he needs someone to run interference with Batman and Robin while he lays out his plan. Is it as well executed as earlier Catwoman stories. These questions and more will be answered in this podcast review. Michael Falkner has the answers, plus his thoughts on the passing of actor Leonard Nimoy on a new Weekly Podioplex. Direct download: Podioplex030315. p3 Category: The Weekly Podioplex. He can currently be seen on Haven and The Vampire Diaries. Since he was born and raised around Montreal which predominantly speaks French, he is bilingual speaking both French and English. Although he was born in Canada and therefore a Canadian citizen, he is also a citizen of the United Kingdom, and recently became a naturalized citizen of the United States. In January 2014, Ferguson became the newest “Maytag Repairman”. Now in its third season, this “satellite” production has featured dozens of actors across four continents making it a production truly on a global scale. Drew contributed. John created his own anthology series, THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP, for WCRS Radio Stage. In the premiere episode, the curator of a shop of odds and ends, tells the story of a man who purchased a special pair of rose colored glasses - and you know what happens if you view the world through rose colored glasses for too long. Universally known as the cooly logical Mr. Spock from STAR TREK, Nimoy made his mark on our culture in countless ways beyond his most memorable role. Join Scott and Arnold for an all-too-brief but heartfelt tribute to the man that lived long and prospered, and in doing so changed all of our lives for the better.

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While Dalits do not hold a position within the state that could guarantee the application of the law that is supposed to protect them, 33 their struggle is to ensure the state functions according to its official conception as a neutral and benevolent government that guarantees security and rights equally to all citizens. However, in addition to this public claim posed in the language of rights and justice, I would like to show how the popular idea of communal outrage was also constructed at another, more passionate and bodily level by the protestors. This discourse focused on religious insult and on the assault of the community’s metaphoric body through the women’s rape. While the first post mortem deliberately omitted the rape test so as to avoid a major conflagration during the Buddhist gathering in Nagpur, the second one was conducted in a superficial manner one week later after the exhumation of the bodies 34. It concluded that there was a lack of proof because of the putrefaction of the female victims’ vaginas. By denying the rape, the administration tried to neutralise what could have provided strong emotional incentive for communal riots. These images had a particularly strong effect on the minds of Buddhists. The photo negative effect can be interpreted as another attempt (like the scarf that was placed on her genitalia when the picture was taken) by the report authors, to protect her modesty, despite the necessity to expose publicly her nudity in order to publicise the outrage. It is meant to humiliate the community of the victims and understood as such, thus calling for a collective reaction to defend the community’s honour. Depicted as mother and sister, the woman’s body stands as an abstraction for the community’s vulnerability. This abstraction is however not devoid of intimate and affective connotations in reference to concrete, affectionate and intimate family ties. As, for example, with the Hindu nationalist narratives of Bharat Mata, the goddess of the Indian nation, a community’s honour is figured as depending on the manly protection of the physical integrity of the female body (Assayag 2001). 35. This reaction of solidarity towards the victims took on a language of self -defence, therefore upsetting the usual chauvinistic vision of feminine vulnerability protected by the male. This striking redefinition of the sexual division of communal labour has a long history in the Ambedkarite movement (Rege 2006). It will be dealt with more at length in my forthcoming article on the post-Khairlanji Buddhist protests, where an imaginary of insurgency and upheaval was activated through images of women’s public expression of anger. The front cover of a whole issue devoted to Khairlanji at the occasion of the 50 th anniversary of the Buddhist conversion in Nagpur (6 December 2006, an event that was banned by the government due to the tension) shows how Ambedkar was literally brought into the picture of the Khairlanji issue (Figure 5). It must be noted that the law was not a pure invention, but reflected long existing popular practises of violent popular reactions to ritualised provocations (Gaboriau 1985, Bayly 1986). This explains how religious outrage became part of a popular repertoire of communal incentives for collective action.

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I see Ramsey is making more friends to solidify the north lol. Oh, Ramsey is making friends and influencing folks alright. I mentioned this elsewhere offline, but I'm glad they got this part over with. We all knew this was coming and it would have been too much of a distraction had they prolonged this reveal any longer. I wonder how coming back from the dead will affect him. Now I'm not squeamish and I've never been one to shy away from GOT's gratuitous violence. I'm especially curious to see what other Lyanna centric visions they plan on showing apart from The Tower of Joy, which we all know is coming. Did everyone else catch sigh of relief the guard lets out after Cersei and her armored body guard decide to stand down? Lol. What about that testy conversation that Jamie and the High Sparrow had at the Sept. It was a bit more ambiguous in the books, but in the show it seems like they're steering the Sparrow story line to a place where he has much higher ambitions. Can he be making a play for the throne? I hope not. The story is in the final stretch and it's too late to insert yet ANOTHER contender for the throne. Not sure how I feel about Tyrion being stranded in Mareen yet. He is the show's most charismatic presence, and him being the one to free the dragons hints at him playing a huge role in the final outcome. The show is going to have to convince me that THIS is the best use of this character's time. I was hoping we would see Lord Bolton more and was hoping a Stark would have gotten revenge on him. I think Bran will find out who Jon's parents really are.


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Euron gets on the ship and says Lets sail for Westeros. -Dany comes with escort to white harbour, there are the Unsullied with Drogon and Rhaegal. She asks Missandei if they have used well the time together. Dany orders all to Winterfell to travel from there to the wall with the King in the North. -Jon arrives in Dreadfort with Ghost, Lords of the North, the Knights of the Vale and Jorah Mormunt. Jon tells him the army of the dead does not make any exceptions to the troops. But the children come to safe walls and will only fight from a distance with a bow and arrow. Ice Dragon roars and quickly a white fog arises on the horizon. He flies over the castle and flies past the ravens heading south. Jorah asks Jon anxiously how he could have known Daenerys is rushing to help with her dragons. An unknown rider manages to flee from the battle and rides south. -In Winterfell in the Great Hall, Tyrion and Sansa talk about Cercei. Bran tells the maester to bring Bran to the weirwood, Bran says to Sansa he did not see anything at his last vision and something is wrong. Varys asks Arya how they have seen through Littlefingers games. Arya looks out the window to the Godswood and answers that the Starks have learned from their mistakes in the past. Sansa, Arya, the Hound, Tyrion, Podrick and Brienne of Tarth hears it in the big hall too, everyone looks out the window. Sam also sees with Gilly out of windows in another room. On the horizon the ice dragon flies towards Winterfell. He flies over the weirwood tree and the night king sees Bran.