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My daughters call me maybe once a month, and I have no problem with that. I know they are busy with work, families, life in general. I get a text or two from my male friend John, but otherwise, it is relatively silent. So here it is actually Thursday and I am writing a quickie I Like post. D I like having a stash. big stash. Every year one of the local quilt shops does a stuff your stocking event which I mentioned in this blog post. (I guess I should share what I acquired during that event soon! The devious little elves at the shop set out all this cute holiday projects right by the check out and every year is a super cute table runner and pattern. I picked up this years which had these cute chickadees. This is the fabric.

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We never had a problem with towels or finding seats and shade, although we did spring for a Cabana on one of the busiest days, so we wouldn't have to worry. We rented a car and did Pearl Harbor, Waimee Falls, and the North Shore. It was easy to navigate around, and nice to get out of the resort. They were great with the kids, and pick up at the hotel was a breeze. We didn't do any character dining, we live in California and do Disneyland often. We didn't do any of the kids club activities, we were too busy. The property is beautiful, and the island decor is amazing. We were given a key card for a locker room and told we would receive a text when our room was ready (check in is supposed to be 3pm) our room was not ready until 4:30pm. While we waited, there were no chairs available- at the pool or the beach. The infinity pool was closed for the first day we were there due chlorination issues. The snorkel lagoon was small and of course cost extra, as well as any other activity (snorkel gear, paddle board, kayaks, etc).


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Just kind of. seethes silently in his spot next to Hizashi with a burning red face, flustered and a bit frustrated about how Hizashi is so willing to joke about being together but would never want to actually be together. Just sits and pouts and tries his damnedest not to read into what Hizashi says Whenever Hizashi drags Aizawa to public outings like parties or bar-hopping or lunch with friends, Aizawa trails after Hizashi like a lost puppy. Hizashi is kind of Aizawa’s security blanket (not that Aizawa will ever admit to such a thing) If Aizawa is invited to some sort of social event and he hears Hizashi isn’t going to be there, his interest in the event dwindles down from 20% to negative eleventeen percent Aizawa is a maaaaaaajor introvert. But every day, Aizawa finds himself less and less tired after hangout sessions with Hizashi, regardless of how long they spend together. But in truth? Aizawa finds Hizashi’s presence in his home after a long, hard day of heroing quite comforting and relaxing Aizawa often falls asleep on Hizashi’s shoulder and forces him to carry his sleepy carcass to his bed. But uhhhhh Hizashi doesn’t mind shhhhhh He’s not a big fan of music, but Aizawa loves it whenever Hizashi has him test-listen to an album, or just any song Hizashi seems to be in love with at the moment. Aizawa is actually pretty impressed at the fact that Hizashi always seems to find at least one song with every batch that Aizawa actually enjoys He loves the feeling of Hizashi’s headphones around his head. The soft pressure and the lack of noise is like a warm, gentle caress to his ears. If he’s home early, he’ll fall asleep to his friend’s voice playing through their old radio as white noise.


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For me, she could have used the word “Ch? or “older sister” to refer to herself because she is older than me. But no, when talking to me, she always says “Day” meaning “Me Here” and she always calls me by my name, “Nghien. And when she talks to my husband she addresses him as “Ong Tu”, or “Mr. Tu” and uses the word “Em” or “Younger Sister” to refer to herself. Of the victims of the destruction of the Vegetable Garden Area, she and her family are among those who suffered the most. She lost ten rental apartments and a beautiful house she just finished building. After August 1, the landlord that she was became a homeless person. At nightfall, they looked for a friend’s house to have a place to sleep. But just a few days after the destruction of the LHVGA, she threw herself back to her work. She went to the Office of the Justice and Peace organization to continue supporting the wounded veterans of the armed forces of the former Republic of Vietnam.


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17 and Dec. 27, concentrates on the experiences of British soldiers as revealed in footage from the archives of the Imperial War Museum. Jackson and his team have digitally restored the footage, adjusted its frame rate, colorized it and converted it to 3-D. Instead, veterans of the war “narrate” — that is, the filmmakers culled their commentary from hundreds of hours of BBC interviews recorded in the 1960s and ’70s. The result is a transformation that is nothing less than visually astonishing. Pictures “The clarity was such that these soldiers on the film came alive,” Jackson said in a phone interview describing the restoration process. “Their humanity just jumped out at you. This footage has been around for 100 years and these men had been buried behind a fog of damage, a mask of grain and jerkiness and sped-up film. Once restored, it’s the human aspect that you gain the most. The film came about through a partnership between the Imperial War Museum and 14-18 Now, a cultural program that commissioned artists to create work for the centennial of World War I (1914-1918). They approached Jackson about contributing a film to the project.


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It is not just these individuals that we must consider, but also the collateral damage that their campaigning has: those who see their efforts will more often than not draw inspiration from them, casting an influence over their vote when the day arrives. Here are the people running for Non Portfolio and Mature Students Officer that responded. Here are the people running for Undergraduate Officer, and Postgraduate Officer that responded. Here are the people running for Activities and Opportunities Officer, and the Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer that responded. Here are the people running for Campaigns and Democracy Officer that responded. Saudi Arabia has been involved in a conflict with Houthi rebels in Yemen for over a year resulting in bombings of a number of Medicines Sans Frontier hospitals, the deaths of thousands of civilians and the use of internationally outlawed cluster bombs. This embargo has come late in the day but it is still a positive action. But the world isn’t interested in the injustice of another American killer being granted his rights to privacy, despite the lives he ruined. If you follow the work of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, then it becomes clear that the security of most electronic communications has been compromised for a long time. Nowadays, Birmingham has a lively and burgeoning scene of acts that are fusing traditional reggae and dub music with the energy and raw anger of punk and hip-hop. Building on the reggae vibes of Brummie legends such as Drongos for Europe, Steel Pulse and UB40, Lobster and their peers have built a sound and a scene that brings together the many traditions of these musical legacies.