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). I hardly count those three seconds at all since they contained barely enough information for three stills. I know what you mean about time. (Is this fourth post going to be ambiguous enough to avoid the sensors? . I really enjoy the book: the characters, the style, the atmosphere. I must admit I was shocked when the poor dog was killed. Yeah they’ve toned down a lot in the show, which I think is cool. He is funny and seems more approachable that Weiss. The Writers Guild awards 2016 are tonight and game of thrones is up for two writing awards. Game of Thrones keeps some fine company with it, I didn’t even know about some of these until Watchers on the wall made the award articles, So Cheers, and Wish Thrones Luck tonight at the awards. It works on page, but I don’t know if it works that well on screen. I’m not a huge fan of the show, but I watch it and can see why it would be nominated. I hear so many good things, but tried it twice and never made it past episode five. I guess it might be interesting in an academic way to see if the show can keep the ironborn silliness from being even more boring that Bran’s walk in the woods. I too think he’ll be awesome, but I doubt we’ll see him that much. He will only be really teased this season (3 or 4 episodes) before coming to the fore next season. I thought it was one of the most dullest places they’ve filmed in. I really hope we see clips of multiple storylines.

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he scene itself is understated awesome - a lone rider, his royal armor discarded, covering his maimed hand behind a glove as the snow starts to fall on King's Landing. He sets off on a cross-country journey on his own to fight an army of the undead. He'll also be the one to deliver the news that Cersei betrayed them, but he didn't. He might, though. aime finally calling Cersei out on her Stupid Evildecision-making process:Jaime: When the fighting in the North is over, someone wins. THEY MARCH SOUTH AND KILL US ALL! 'Theon decides to go rescue Yara just like she did for him. When the Greyjoy men won't listen to him and their ringleader attacks him, he's a complete Determinatorand keeps coming back after every hit. Finally, Theon gets the upper hand as his castration lets him No-Sella Groin Attack, after which he headbutts the guy and gives his own No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. peaking of said failed Groin Attack, Theon managed to take a traumatizing and horrific torture and turn it on its own head to win the fight and gain support. That the annulment of Rhaegar's marriage means Jon is actually the trueborn son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. As such, Jon is unknowingly the heir to the Iron Throne. hile his refusal to abide by Cersei's terms are criticized by both his allies and likely many fans, Jon makes a profound rebuttal, which doubles as a poignant affirmation of the Honor Before Reasontrope. Talk about my father if you want, tell me that's the attitude that got him killed. Then there are no more answers, only better and better lies. The White Walkers have finally made their way into Westeros proper. inter has now truly come in Westeros. he build-up to the scene. We have Tormund and Beric reminiscing upon the success of the Parley, while doing some small talk.

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What a tragedy that delusions about grammar should trammel and mislead even fine novelists like Joanna Trollope! 3. Restrictive which Some time in the 19th century, or perhaps even earlier, grammarians began to wonder if there should not be more regularity about the distribution of words introducing relative clauses. It makes little sense to regulate a natural language in this sort of way: it is like suggesting that perhaps rivers with an even number of letters in their names should always and only flow east, and rivers with an odd number of letters in their names should always and only flow west. But it appealed to some, and at the end of the 19th century Henry and Frank Fowler, building on a few suggestions in earlier works, made an explicit case for reforming English relative clauses (Fowler and Fowler 1906). Unfortunately, some English teachers took the Fowler recommendation to be an established rule, and taught it as such. The myth that which was never correct in restrictive relatives slowly gained currency, particularly in America, and by the late 20th century copy editors all over the USA were busily changing relative which to that whenever there was no comma before it. They continue to waste time in this way, causing bafflement when they occasionally have to deal with British authors (for in Britain the Fowlerian rule never really made much headway). 3. Genitive antecedents Louis Menand is a professor of English literature at Harvard who firmly believes that it is a “solecism” (a grammatical error) for a personal pronoun to have a noun phrase in the genitive case as its antecedent. In correspondence with Arnold Zwicky (see Zwicky’s Language Log post at and earlier posts linked there) Menand staunchly maintained that this is so, even despite the fact that plenty of 34 GEOFFREY K. PULLUM counter-examples could be found in his own book The Metaphysical Club. This is a ghost rule that John Dryden invented out of thin air. It has never been a true generalization in the whole history of English that prepositions could not be left behind in the verb phrase in this way. Linguists refer to the phenomenon as preposition stranding. And there cannot be any doubt about whether Standard English has preposition stranding. Take the language used by Lady Bracknell, surely Oscar Wilde’s great epitome of intimidatingly pedantic upper-class standard Britishness. I presume you know what that unfortunate movement led to. Interestingly, the first strands the preposition of an adjunct rather than a complement (often this is characteristic of more informal style, as in Which days of the week can you visit on?

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Freedom of information advocates argue that both proposals could have significant negative consequences. Thompson said he will continue to be a contributor editor to The Atlantic. According to the campaign, real love comes in many forms and is not only defined by the intimacy between two young people. It also spans over decades and lasts even after one has lost their love. Along with BigBasket Team, integrated marketing agency Team Pumpkin conceptualized and scripted the 2-minute video film that shows us that real love is never easy; life happens and throws many obstacles our way, but it’s never too early or too late to take the plunge. Setting out to give a real message of love this Valentines Day, BigBasket’s Lindberg touches on a vast spectrum of emotions and issues such as distance, loss, grief, joy, hope and happiness. Speaking about the film, Team Pumpkin Founder, Swati Nathani, had this to say about the project, “When we were scripting the video, we knew we had a winner. Through a single thread of a poem, we were knitting many different love stories in simple shots - stories which every individual could relate to”. The film also highlights some unconventional stories like that of a same sex couple and the dilemma of a widow who finally decides to change her relationship status on social media. The Voiceover in the video has been given by veteran actor Vijay Raaz, which has added to the flavor of the film. The video is now available to be viewed on multiple platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram and its already garnering hugely positive reactions. L'appuntamento, scrive BuzzFeed, sarebbe fissato il 25 marzo. L'applicazione include testate prestigiose come Cosmopolitan, Elle, Forbes, Fortune, Newsweek, The New Yorker, Time e Vogue. Tuttavia, non mancano le controindicazioni: New York Times e Washington Post hanno puntato, con successo, sui propri abbonamenti digitali. Sia perche funziona, sia per spostare il fuoco dagli iPhone (che vanno male e non danno segni di ripresa). I. Tra ottobre e dicembre i servizi hanno generato 10,87 miliardi di dollari e hanno dimostrato di continuare ad accelerare: sono cresciuti del 19% anno su anno (piu del 17% di luglio-settembre) e dell'8,9% rispetto al trimestre precedente (oltre il 5% di luglio-settembre). Da una parte i militanti della liberta assoluta su Internet alleati a colossi come Google hanno organizzato campagne per bocciare il provvedimento. Dall'altra le lobby di autori, artisti e editori hanno fatto pressioni su governi e deputati per rendere il testo il piu rigido possibile.

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Actually white walkers can make the dead their soldiers so why would they waste them on shapes. I think someone else is making those shapes and white walkers are cleaning them up. Teflon Tv 4 ? ? They didn't have to show it they said it in the show by Mance. Well, I saw your video and did some math. ansa whore the circle symbol early in the season probably referring to her Independence. Sounds good but I think its more Geno Porreca 4 ? ? Good video. Just subscribed. The symbol on the Night King's neck, i have been trying to figure it out, but if you look at the Master fom when Greyworm killed the two, the one from Yunki has two symbols around his neck that are similar. Wanted to get your opinion on that Teflon Tv 4. If I'm not mistaken dany says in the show she dreamed that if she walked into a great fire with her dragon eggs she would hatch the dragons that's not word for word what she said but its close I think but she said it when she was saying that her dreams come true Teflon Tv 4. It only misses the symbol for the invisibility cloak and we have The Deathly Hallows of HP. ? Teflon Tv 4 ? ? Lol nordy259 4.

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Despite its non-central location, the Doubletree was once the Pacific Northwest hotspot with line-ups around the block. The reason? THE OVERTON BERRY TRIO, who ably filled the lounge with sounds of jazz, soul, and pop over clanking drinks and decadent dinners. While local music lovers, dedicated crate-diggers, and diehard funk heads will have heard of the classy pianist (often compared to his better-known peer, Ramsey Lewis), it's finally time to let the world in on our little secret. At the dawn of the 1970s, Berry and company recorded two long player albums: The Overton Berry Trio At Seattle's Doubletree Inn (1970) and T. . . . (1972). Both take the listener to a time long forgotten, a place where music engaged, invited dialogue, and struck chords deep in one's soul. In celebration of this still relevant sonic legacy, Light In The Attic Records will re-release the original Doubletree Inn and T. . . . (The Overton Berry Ensemble) albums in a lovingly packaged double vinyl-only reissue. Edition of 1,000 copies with remastered audio, hand-numbered jackets, new notes and unseen photos. Includes a download with three previously unreleased live tracks. 25. 0 PAPERHEAD - same LP (trouble in mind - Upon your first listen to this record you may thing that you’ve stumbled onto some lost nugget from 1968.