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How many times in those months did I stop on the Charles Bridge, look down at the white swans gliding on the icy Vltava River and the statues staring down on me and think “Let me stay! Probably the season saved me from at least some of the worst of the tourist industry, and I almost came to blows with an Englishman who suggested I help him with his new business “Praguepissup. om”, but the writing was on the wall. My footsteps were the first in the fresh snow outside the famous clock. But I fear what I’ll find when I return this November after so long. Don’t worry, the beauty and special feeling of the place is still there. It just may be that you have to wake up a bit earlier or avoid certain streets downtown. That you are going in November will mean that you’ll avoid the high tourist season. But, when we were locals we used to avoid the main downtown areas during the height of the tourist season as it felt too busy. I’d recommend spending some time in the neighborhoods to get a balanced feel for the place. I love it! The city center is all of the sudden (after busy months of September and November) abandoned from crowds of foreigners. There are so many tourist things and attractions all year around that locals (like me.

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Blank ZIFF-DAVIS PUBLISHING COMPANY President: Richard P. Friese President, Consumer Magazine Division: Albert S. Trains Executive Vice President, Marketing and Circulation: Paul Chook Senior Vice Presidents: Philip T. Muhlfeld, Philip Sine Vice Presidents: Baird Davis, George Morrissey Treasurer: Selwyn Taubman Secretary Bertram A. A unique solution to a serious turntable problem: Technics turntables with the P -Mount system. Unforturately, standard turntable design has left too much to chance in terms of cartridge mounting and performance. By providing complete compatibility between tonearm and cartridge to achieve the optimum tonearm resonant frequency: the level at which annoying bass frequency interfere -ice is minimized. For the accuracy and fidelity conventional turntables can deny you. You'll get outstancing performance without struggling to install the cartrdge. There's no longer a headsrell There's no more fumbling to calibrate overhang or stylus position. Tracking and anti -skating adjustments have been virtually eliminated. Technics The science of sound C RCLE NO I ON READER SERVICE CAR) Just plug any P-Moun: cartricge into a Technics straight, low mess, high pe-forrrance tonearm, and tighten one locking screw With Technics, your records are now virtually immune t the g-oove wear, poor channel separation and distortion caused by improper cartridge-to-tonearm mounting. I have no desire for a tuner or an open -reel tape deck, but I still enjoy learning about them and still read your test reports.


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The best I've done is 68 mm but before I started recording there was a case of 175 mm over 2 days (1968) which put half of Surrey under water. We get a different kind of lumpiness, of course, solid cold lumpiness. However, I have to write my comp exams for grad school this week, so I may fall behind a bit. I'll make sure to come back after they are all submitted to check on it and that I've answered the questions. Black clouds approached, squally winds sprang up and blew all the windws shut, yet there was only the slightest wetting from rain. What I find with the storm bit of your comment is that my wife and I, or one of us, race out to bring in the washing - quite unnecessarily. Still, one cannot ignore the lumps - as mentioned to Rosie - so the odds are 'bring it in', regardless. And yeah - I nonned sequitured on the windows shutting thing - I meant the house windows blew shut. Last night on Radio 4 that blithering twat Schaffernaker offered no help, not that he ever does. Turns out that only the raindrops were cold because the temperature was back up around 30C when the rain stopped. I'm working at home in front of a big fan. (No, not the windy miller, he's in his air-conditioned office). I have not ventured out into the furnace the last two days, but thunderstorms are promised for this evening.


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The correct atmosphere of the gig was intensified by a video. Essential material for those interested in project's history. Details and phenomena of the world loose interdimensional links and here comes the dissociative meeting of a mirror and it's reflections. The disk contains author's early works, not previously released because of thematical correspondence, one can comprehend them as some accumulated sonic-time experience, as a guide in dissociative states, or as a poetic reflection of this theme. All these tracks sound aomewhere right in the middle of the mentione projects, and apeear to be a synthesis of two mythologies of sound. Sunny atmosphere of ultramundane experiences, vigorous wave high-tech ritual. Tape loops, Soviet era vocoders, reverbs and synths, field recordings and accidental sounds found on old tapes. This disk presents a fragment of a pu-erh session in Zanza-room on the night of December 13th, 2014 with minimal editing, in one track. The sonic flow is formed mainly of analogue modulations with hybrid processing and flavoured with strings, winds and voice. On a winter night with a teapot of pu-erh we remembered everything about mosses and lichens, night swamp fogs and former trips, and made the wishes for the future, twisting potentiometers to the beat of thoughts. String drones and bell chimes turn into atomized analogue crackles and rustles, sometimes pink noise and timbral waves blend in multi-layered cocoon of moss. Recommended to listen on wideband audio systems as well as in earphones, and if there's a chance to use both at the same time - surely use both simultaneously. Winter air blends with the aroma of tea ceremonies and spicy smoke.


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An elusory history of the project proceeds with a special Wrotycz Records release. In Meditarium has that easily recognisable sound, but makes a few steps deeper into dark atmospere of decadent joys of an alienated human being. Some ritualistic influnces are to be heard (say Archon Satani in the 'Virgin Birth' period), the rudimetary melodies fulfill the whole setting. The lyrics deal with consensual aspects of love and completion on the one hand, pain and serenity on the other. What elsewhere is often nothing but a common neofolk stereotype, a romantically idealised understanding of the homeland and its cultural and social origins, is transformed into a groundbreaking declaration of love, dedicated to one's own roots. You'll find the legendary radio recording of Mort Aux Vaches, Concerts in Madrid, France, Prague and in Moscow. The record is featured by Tomas Pettersson (Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio), Kathleen Binder, Peter Andersson (raison d'etre) and Peter Andersson (Deutsch Nepal). This was about the voices of dead people where echoes of spirits leave us some footprint after death. Humankind has believed during a long time that it is possible to communicate with dead people. Over the years, seances, mediums and psychics have been possible instruments to make contact with the afterlife. So, EVP is an espiritual footprint and a communication link to the soundtrack in this documentary. This one relies on some of the most important projects of the Dark Ambient Industrial music: In Slaughter Natives, which is a pioneer in the symphonic industrial field and part of the legendary label Cold Meat Industry. This music project is formed by Jouni Havukainen who carries out an outstanding and deep work full of aspects where in some parts we can listen the voices of dead people.


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