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Roth brought his men on line facing toward the sniper's hole, and with fixed bayonets the Marines began walking forward. There was no visible movement in the torn clumps of dry grass and plowed earth. Riojas had to stop firing as the Marines moved in, and the sniper heard the squad. Bullets flew by the Marines heads and Sam Roth's helmet spun off with a loud clang. The steel helmet had saved a second Marine's life within an hour, and he was not even aware he had lost it. The Marines rose as one and their rounds kicked up dust and clumps of earth in front of them, but they missed the sniper. As the Marines rose for the second time, the sniper popped up like a target in a shooting gallery. A round knocked him backwards against the side of his hole, and Roth charged, with his squad behind him. He dived into the hole and drove forward with his bayonet. Roth froze, and then saw the release pin was still in place. He jerked his bayonet free, and the sniper slumped forward over his gun. Nui Vu was quiet. In the distance, birds began to sing. They would search the enemy dead for documents and collect their weapons. His knees shook as he placed his hand against the big rock to steady himself. His eyes were sunken into dark holes in his once-boyish face; his skin was covered in layers of dust, grime, and dried blood.

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Watch the above video, and watch Twin Sister play in the back of their van over at The Tripwire. more less. Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss pounded out jams that made the liquid in our beverages shake like in that one scene in Jurassic Park. Post-bass brainache aside, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. They hadn't even recorded all the vocals yet, but Chromeo cronies Dave and P let us come through the Brooklyn studio where they were working on their forthcoming album, Business Casual. Watch the video to see where it all happened, plus get an exclusive first listen at a sample of the magic that is their new work, which we heard some of and is going to be ON OUR iPOD DOCKS ON THE DECK OF A BOAT ALL SUMMER LONG. more less. Since consistently making some of the MOST MEMORABLE BEATS IN HIP-HOP, the venerable, legendary DJ Premier has been doing a lot, including making MORE MEMORABLE BEATS, launching his own label, and being generally awesome. He came through to discuss everything, and we nerded out on our mutual love of the Smiths (he saw them on the Queen is Dead tour! . Well, FADER TV understands and brings you the third installment of DOUBLE VISION, the series that captures live performances not once, but twice, and at the same time. more less. It's been a minute since we went to a good house party. Maybe the absence of available houses in NYC (not counting your tiny apartment) has something, if not everything, to do with that. We can't help but romanticize the notion of a bunch of people getting together in an expansive-yet-disheveled home for the promise of live music, free beer and wrecking shit. And so, at some point during the madness of South by Southwest, we explored a town that appeared to be brimming with dirty shindigs and stumbled upon one of our favorite local bands headlining an emptied-out living room somewhere near the intersection of Nueces and West 21st.


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You nodded your head eagerly, wincing once you realised how stiff your neck was. “Be right back. Lynn smiled, making her way to the bathroom. Minutes later she came back, helping you out of bed and bringing you to the steam filled room. Lynn quickly undressed, and once the bath was almost scalding hot, you both climbed in. You sat in between Lynn’s legs, pushing back into Lynn’s body, you finally relaxed into the bubble filled water. “This is exactly what I needed” You said lowly, bringing Lynn’s hand to your lips to kiss it. Lynn leaned in and placed her hands on your shoulders, her thumbs pressing into the base of your neck. She rolled them around in a circular motion, massaging your neck and shoulders, leaving kisses on your wet skin every now and then. “Thank you” You whispered. The dude had been so into himself that he’d hardly needed you there. “First of all, we all love you and think you’re amazing. Secondly who knows you better than us? “Tony is gonna set me up with some creep I just know it. You tell her, watching the barista grab your scone from the case. “Okay, so he and Pepper get one dude.


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I just started getting really excited by the idea of Jaime trying to help Maragery (I’d guess because he couldn’t help his daughter, so he’s gong to try and do what he can to help his son) in what I’d guess is in direct opposition to Cersei, so wasn’t thinking of the obvious. Did I miss some really hilarious board fight? Drat. Either way, Jaime is certainly working against Cersei. I’m sure she’s somewhere internally raging while this is going on. She will certainly be devastated by Myrcella’s death, but what will she do. It doesn’t look like that there will be a war with Dorne. You know, the way others characters you would totally dismiss in ASOIAF aren’t introduced as PoVs until after the first book, characters like Sam, Davos, Jaime, Theon, Brienne, etc. Of course there are basic story structures that Martin is using that can be applied in the analysis here. But your refusal to see anything else except basic literary formulas is, I suspect, going to leave you perplexed and confused on at least one or two counts when this story is over. Actually, I shouldn’t have used quotation marks since I was paraphrasing, not directly quoting (the sentiment is the same, but still). I still think he would’ve been one of the best choices for the part, but I like what I’ve seen of Pilou so far. The whole learning-from-mentor-arc of the Stark children has just begun, neither Arya, nor Sansa have done something substantial to really impact the overarching story and there are still two seasons to go after the next one. Arya needs to come back to Westeros and Sansa will most probably have to deal with Littlefinger. Wait, Qyburn will call it medicinal and smuggle it in. There are some posts that I start and find just too (insert unkind adjective here) to read.


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Burung Elang Flores (Spizaetus floris) endemik Flores. Burung Bidadari Halmahera (Semioptera wallacii) Halmahera, Maluku Utara. Burung Cendrawasih Botak (Cicinnurus respublica); endemik pulau Waigeo, Raja Ampat, Papua. Burung Celepuk Siau (Otus siaoensis) pulau Siau, Sulawesi Utara. Kakatua putih (Cacatua alba) endemik Maluku Utara Kakatua putih (Cacatua alba) endemik Maluku Utara Burung Madu Sangihe (Aethopyga duyvenbodei) Sangihe, Sulawesi Utara. Burung Rangkong (Buceros rhinoceros) di Kalimantan. Burung Sempidan Kalimantan (Lophura bulweri) di Kalimantan. Burung Trulek Jawa (Vanellus macropterus) pulau Jawa. Burung Tokhtor Kalimantan (Carpococcyx radiceus) Kalimantan. Burung Tokhtor Sumatera (Carpococcyx viridis) di Sumatera. Harimau Sumatera (Panthera tigris sumatrae) di Sumatera. Jalak bali (Leucopsar rothschild) hewan endemik Bali. Kadal Coklat Kalimantan (Lanthanotus borneensis) di Kalimantan. Kambing Hutan Sumatera (Capricornis sumatraensis sumatraensis) di Sumatera. Kanguru Pohon Mantel Emas (Dendrolagus pulcherrimus) di Papua. Kasuari Gelambir Tunggal (Casuarius unappendiculatus) di Papua.


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Unfortunately, the film comes off as a wasted opportunity as the script plays like an amalgam of scenes you’ve seen done better in other movies. (Chuck Koplinski). Rated PG-13. 89 minutes. AMC, CAR, SAV. iffTrax: Anaconda (Tuesday). Fathom Events and RiffTrax. om bring indisputably the best digital snake movie of 1997, “Anaconda,” back to the big screen for a live riff. 120 minutes (approximate). SAV. The Rocky Horror Picture Show? (Starts Friday). (1975). This musical parody was saved from obscurity when it became a cult movie sensation after college audiences turned it into a bawdy interactive experience. Uneven in execution and saddled with a script that leaves many things unexplained, the film is salvaged by the solid work from the entire cast, which includes Naomi Watts and Chris O’Dowd. (Chuck Koplinski).