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My frustration overall right now with Cersei is that even in the books, GRRM made it illustrated to a point that the Lannister Army was down to its Reserve forces when Jaime and Ilyn Payne went on their Riverland's journey together. They made double mention how the Tyrells had essentially an unscathed and the largest standing Army at this point in the series that it could be problematic later on. The Randyll Tarly plot we're getting a brewing could solve that issue if he and part of the Reach rebel. That could bulk the Kings Landing Army up a bit, but even then. If Tyrion and the Unsullied take Casterly Rock, Cersei aside from show plot armor doesn't have much left. Did they switch actors for Randall Tarly for the new season or did he just make that small of an impression that I forgot what he looked like. Like they never really go into enough detail with any armies actual logistics or strategies for them to not be able to just handwave it away for narrative purposes. For instance there are no scouts in this universe otherwise ramsey bolton wouldve known about littlefingers army Also is Euron dead now because the sandsnakes always use poison. Or is this going to be the one time they didnt, or does like salt water wash away poison or some nonsense. I would love if Baelish was killed by a White Walker. Just like, no talking your way out of that one, no great game and schemes, just BAM mother nature bitch. Don't forget that you have to sail past Dragonstone in order to get to King's Landing. I hope Theon never recovers and just becomes a tragic character that does nothing redeemable. Depends on how far you can see off the coast and if someone was watching the Gullet at the time with an appropriate strength spyglass, and given that the landing at Dragonstone was after Euron was shown coming to King's Landing there's really no reason to think that they were around there at the same time. Crap visibility. Now, how does Euron find his niece in this weather. I love Dany's plan.


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It applied for funding to expand its LRT and was promised a certain amount of money. Then it was told to withdraw its application and apply under the P3. It was then only given a portion of those dollars, which means the LRT that is badly needed in Edmonton is delayed for probably a decade. There will be an opportunity to use the gas tax fund in the way each municipality wishes. The P3 Canada fund will have a threshold, but the red tape associated with it has also been looked at and any hiccups have been fixed. Some concerns have been expressed regarding some form of guarantee that there will be no downsizing whatsoever of the PPCLI or the Shilo base. Therefore, perhaps the member has a better understanding on how to reduce the armed forces. We are investing in defence, in our sovereignty and in our freedom. The Parliamentary Budget Officer estimates that the overall impact of budget 2012, fiscal update 2012, and budget 2013 would be a loss of 67,000 jobs by 2017 and a 0. % reduction in GDP. It has also reported that we have had four consecutive years without significant change in the after-tax incomes of Canadians. Really, it demonstrates that Canadians are holding fast or having troubles getting ahead. The Minister of Finance came to Scarborough a few weeks ago to announce a big pile of money. When other mayors asked how they could access the program, the answer was that the criteria was not there, the Conservatives do not know yet. How in fact can they decide what programs do qualify when they have not even made the criteria yet. We are the only G7 country that has a GDP-debt ratio that can be dealt with. We are the only country in the world, maybe with Australia, that has weathered the economic storm and come out of the great post-war depression stronger than when we went in.


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There are a lot of risks in how we play, we know that. They also trail Barcelona by five points in their Champions League group after three games. Guardiola has made some big decisions since joining City in July, sending goalkeeper Joe Hart out on loan and dropping striker Sergio Aguero for key games. City face Manchester United in the fourth round of the League Cup on Wednesday before travelling to face West Bromwich Albion in the league three days later. (Reporting by Shravanth Vijayakumar in Bengaluru; Editing by Peter Rutherford; ). Footage from security cameras inside the Rockledge home shows people in the house asleep on sofas, as the suspected burglars creep around them. The surveillance footage, which has been released by police in a bid to catch the men, captured one suspect walking around the house, walking near to an area where children are sleeping. Scroll down for video Another suspect is seen also seen on the video waiting waiting at the doorway with a handgun, accepting the stolen property. According to Fox News, Brevard County Sheriff's Office said the burglars managed to steal a stainless steel. 8 special revolver from a vehicle at the property, as well as multiple credit cards and a cell phone. The second suspect, who was seen waiting at the doorway is described as a white man, wearing a light-colored beanie cap, dark-colored jacket and light-colored trousers. Police said a white SUV, possibly an early 2000 model, was seen in the area around the time of incident, which happened at about 1. 0am on Monday at a home on Matthew Drive. Anyone with information is asked to contact Agent Maria Fernez at 321-633-7162, or CRIMELINE at 800- 423- TIPS (8477). Alex Bartsch studied reggae record sleeves photographed in the capital city between 1967 and 1987. He then reshot more than 40 in their original locations, holding them so they blend in with their surroundings. The re-imagined sleeves include John Holt's 2000 Volts of Holt taken in Holland Park, 40 years after its release.


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Help from red priests or medics is very possible though. She tries to do the exact same thing that Euron is doing with giving ships to Danny, but doesnt actually have any shipbuilding people to make 1000. I'm confused the whole plan seemed so weird to me, what am i missing. She is gonna seduce Dany and they live happily ever after Also: Boobs Yea And some Arya discussion: Since the water of the rive seems pretty cold, doesn't that like reduce the bloodflow by a lot. She already has the ships, she stole the entire Greyjoy fleet. Tyrion was slashed to the head and survived, The hound stumbled down from a top of the cliff and survived. The knife stab perhaps did not hit any vital organs or that deep, who knows, someone might help her before she bled out. The world of GoT has shown that treating infection is common knowledge, otherwise a lot of other characters would have died. It is just a question of if Arya can find treatment or medicine to treat herself. Despite this being a grounded medieval fantasy, there are a lot of fields that are more advanced than historical medieval times. My limited knowledge of boat combat in the era tells me that fire continues to be very bad. He is the only one who has any information on the history of Iron Born and the internal struggles. The truth is that the show doesn't do these things anymore, it's all pretty straight forward these days. They're going to cut down every tree and make sails apparently but my understanding was that they're basically a barren collection of fishing islands with bad soil, worse weather and no natural resources beyond what the sea provides. That's why they always get bitchslapped down by the mainland. They would already have the number of ships their population and economy can support and it's absolutely not going to be 1000. No way in hell they can just make and crew 1000 more, even if each ship was operated just by a skeleton crew of 10 men.


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Ingram’s. The Expository Times (Jan. Mar. . The “National Contributions to Biblical. Science” are Dr. W. D. Niven’s “The Contribution of Great Britain to Church. History” (far too big a field to ask any one man to cover), and Dr. Foakes. Jackson’s “America’s Contribution to Church History”. Mackintosh), and Ingersoll’s (Rev. E. P. Dickie). Among other articles worth.