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1 In a study by Wong et al. In the same study, the Izod impact strength showed slightly decreased when 0. wt. of fluorinated SWNT was added to the epoxy. 3 Haggenmueller et al. In the subsequent section, we will discuss in more 336 Polymer nanocomposites detail one of the critical issues concerning composite behavior: CNT-polymer interfacial characteristics. 13. Carbon nanotube polymer interface Previous studies on CNT-polymer composite systems suggested that chemical bonding between CNT and the polymer matrix may or may not exist, and adhesion between CNT and certain polymer systems are strong, although there are also contrasting views. Lourie and Wagner first showed CNT fragmentation in epoxy matrix, implying that force was transmitted to the CNT from the surrounding matrix. 4,55 From fragmentation experiments, these authors estimated that the CNT-matrix stress transfer ability is at least one order of magnitude larger than that measured in conventional micro fiber-based composites. Compared to CNT-polymer interface, they attribute the lower interfacial strength of conventional micro fiber-polymer interface to larger defects that facilitate interfacial crack propagation. 4 Furthermore, Qian et al. Using an expanded form of Kelly- Tyson approach, Wagner showed that high interfacial shear strength between CNT and polymers is possible. 6 Cooper et al. showed that interfacial shear strength between MWNT and epoxy ranged from 35 to 376MPa, from pullout experiments using atomic force microscope (AFM). 7 More recently, Barber et al. Based on evidence of micro Raman spectroscopy, Schadler et al. We then describe how molecular mechanics simulations can be used to estimate CNT-polymer interfacial shear stress, for a range of polymers. Although the extrusion process is believed to align CNTs somewhat in the flow direction, from FESEM images shown in Fig.

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However, they were rejected by the Congress and other political parties. Jinnah's personal life and especially his marriage suffered during this period due to his political work. Although they worked to save their marriage by travelling together to Europe when he was appointed to the Sandhurst committee, the couple separated in 1927. At the Round Table Conferences in London, Jinnah criticised Gandhi, but was disillusioned by the breakdown of talks. Frustrated with the disunity of the Muslim League, he decided to quit politics and practise law in England. Jinnah would receive personal care and support through his later life from his sister Fatima, who lived and travelled with him and also became a close advisor. In 1934 Jinnah returned and began to re-organise the party, being closely assisted by Liaquat Ali Khan, who would act as his right-hand man. In the 1937 elections, the League emerged as a competent party, capturing a significant number of seats under the Muslim electorate, but lost in the Muslim-majority Punjab, Sindh and the Northwest Frontier Province. Jinnah offered an alliance with the Congress - both bodies would face the British together, but the Congress had to share power, accept separate electorates and the League as the representative of India's Muslims. The latter two terms were unacceptable to the Congress, which had its own national Muslim leaders and membership and adhered to secularism. Even as Jinnah held talks with Congress president Rajendra Prasad, Congress leaders suspected that Jinnah would use his position as a lever for exaggerated demands and obstruct government, and demanded that the League merge with the Congress. Following the failure to work with the Congress, Jinnah, who had embraced separate electorates and the exclusive right of the League to represent Muslims, was converted to the idea that Muslims needed a separate state to protect their rights. Jinnah came to believe that Muslims and Hindus were distinct nations, with unbridgeable differences—a view later known as the Two Nation Theory. Jinnah declared that a united India would lead to the marginalization of Muslims, and eventually civil war between Hindus and Muslims. This change of view may have occurred through his correspondence with Iqbal, who was close to Jinnah. In the session in Lahore in 1940, the Pakistan resolution was adopted as the main goal of the party. The resolution was rejected outright by the Congress, and criticised by many Muslim leaders like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Syed Ab'ul Ala Maududi and the Jamaat-e-Islami. Jinnah founded Dawn in 1941—a major newspaper that helped him propagate the League's point of views. Gandhi held talks fourteen times with Jinnah in Mumbai in 1944, about a united front—while talks failed, Gandhi's overtures to Jinnah increased the latter's standing with Muslims.


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There have been mixed results regarding the practice though. There has defiantly been some vital information extracted using these techniques, but defense officials have also found that certain detainees falsify information given under stress in order to simply bring an end to the torment. Thus, it is hard to tell sometimes what information is actually correct or just a result of prolonged stress and torment. As you can probably imagine, these techniques have come under immense levels of scrutiny due to their close association with torture. Many different American and international legal groups have condemned the use, claiming it violates international statutes prohibiting torture. Some justify the use if it produces results that helps save the lives of Americans, where others think the use all together is wrong, regardless of the results produced. The whole breakdown of this image, here goes: the text is line from the lyrics in a Slayer song drawn in graphite pencil. 'WAR' was carved into Leno LaBianca by the Manson Family during that infamous night when they killed Sharon Tate. The Abu Ghraib tortured fella and the resurrected Christ from Grunewald's Isenheim Altarpiece, all combined into this shadowy charcoal ghostly spectre on my old Yale mfa studio wall, like a conceptual palimpsest of war and historical violence. Friday - Creep Diets, Abu Ghraib, Maggot Bath, LSDoom, Colostomy Baguette. Saturday you've got Olmeg, Planet of the 8s, Grasshole and Saturn 3 at the Bendigo. It was in The New York Times and The Washington Post. As a lawyer and close advisor to Trump, Giuliani could have influence on the president’s and the Justice Department’s thinking on Assange. He was putting that information out,” he said. “Every newspaper and station grabbed it, and published it. . Giuliani also said there was no coordination between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks. “I was with Donald Trump day in and day out during the last four months of the campaign,” he said. “He was as surprised as I was about the WikiLeaks disclosures.


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One way is to think of a slogan and an image that one can use to cut short a chain of negative thoughts. It is important that the patient on the receiving end of this anecdote is able to make use of the information. For example, Bill had reached a point in his recovery when he was able to employ his technique successfully. The patient to whom you are relating this story must also be at that stage. Perhaps 1 or 2 months prior to Bill's appointment, his technique would have had no effect. Also, the intention of the communication is not that the patient should adopt Bill's particular method. Most people have not had his naval experience to draw on. However, the anecdote may encourage patients to search for their own symbolic imagery for dispensing with unwanted thoughts. The story may also serve as a prelude to a more direct therapeutic intervention to assist the patient with some form of thoughtstopping procedure. The first is why it should be that putting the messages in the form of an illustrative story should be any more effective than advice offered more directly. Second, there is the question of where the role of hypnosis lies in this method. We shall defer answering these questions until we have described an extension of this approach, namely communicating by metaphor. METAPHORICAL ANECDOTES AND STORIES This technique involves relating anecdotes and stories to the patient (or asking the patient to imagine various scenes) that are metaphorically related to his or her presenting problems and their possible solution. 13: METAPHOR AND STORY TECHNIQUE 145 The anecdote may be very brief or protracted. A ploy that some favour is to embed the anecdote in a longer story. For example, one could start by talking about a friend and then say that this friend had another friend, who told him a story about another person. etc. The effect may be to cause the listener to focus more closely on the story and thus have less chance to adopt an analytical attitude to it. Later on in this chapter, we give some metaphorical anecdotes that we have picked up in our own work.


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om. Still, nearly a quarter of Americans expect the presidential election to come up this Thanksgiving. And apparently, discussing religion is now fair game. 3 Thanksgiving Travel Tips to Save Turkey Day article. n. om See 9 fried turkey fails: Thanksgiving in Flames nola. om The one person not to talk about on Thanksgiving chicago. untimes. om Thanksgiving turkey tips for senior cooks charlotteobserver. om Police give drivers turkeys, not tickets, for Thanksgiving article. n. om 17 must-see movie turkeys for your Thanksgiving (dis)pleasure mlive. om. Last year, the world’s largest retailer pulled up the “Cyber Monday” deals to the Sunday evening after Thanksgiving for the first time. Cyber Monday, which falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving, is typically the busiest day of the year for online shopping. The phrase was coined in 2005 by the National Retail Federation’s online arm, Shop. rg, to encourage online buying when people returned to offices where they had high-speed Internet connections. Since then, the proliferation of smart phones has given shoppers constant Web access and now Cyber Monday is being used by retailers to pull in shoppers hungry for deals continually. The push to start Cyber Monday deals earlier follows what’s been happening with Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, which used to officially kick off the holiday shopping season in stores.


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