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— Featured Image: “Lookingfor the Iron Throne” by Dumaker BRYNDEN RIVERS: THE THREE-EYED RAVEN So far in this series we’ve looked at historical events that are either clouded in mystery or that occurred so far in the past they are like reading mythology. From 172 AC until 184 AC, Westeros was ruled by Aegon the IV,better known as Aegon the Unworthy. Aegon the Unworthy was imbued with a cruel devotion to his own pleasures, no matter who may have been hurt by his endeavors. He was the sort of man who ate himself into an early grave. A giant part of his life was sleeping with any woman he wanted, and he didn’t care who knew, having as many as nine official mistresses in his life. The women, before being discarded for the next one, would be part of his court in King’s Landing. These weren’t secret affairs, but rather public ones, with the women becoming public figures. Brynden Rivers was the fifth, from Aegon’s sixth mistress, Lady Melissa Blackwood. This group of Aegon’s children would come to be known as the Great Bastards, sons and daughters born out of wedlock to the king, but to highborn mothers (Aegon sired many more bastards than these, but to lowborn women). The first, and arguably greatest of them, was Daemon Waters, son of Daena Targaryen. So while still a bastard, he was of all Targaryen blood, and was so physically impressive it was said he resembled Aegon the Conqueror himself, the Warrior reborn. When his father finally acknowledged him at age 12, after Daemon impressed at a tourney melee, Aegon bestowed Daemon with the Valyrian steel sword of the Targaryen kings, Blackfyre. This ended up being a really, really big deal when his father legitimized him before he died. Aegon’s heir was Daeron II (a.

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The residence of the Independent Executor is 2112 Baltusrol Drive, Austin, Travis County, Texas 78747. DATED May 3, 2011. WALKER ARENSON, Attorney for William I. Patton 512. 27. 422 NOTICE TO CREDITORS On May 5, 2011, Donald F. Carnes qualified as Independent Executor without bond of the Estate of John E. C-1-PB-11-000565, pending in the Probate Court No. 1 of Travis County, Texas. The address of the Independent Executor is 400 W. 15th, Suite 808, Austin, Texas, 78701, and all persons having claims against this estate are required to present them to such address in the manner and time required by law. Donald F. Carnes, Independent Executor of the Estate of John E. Sunder NOTICE TO CREDITORS Original Letters of Independent Administration for the Estate of Maria Teresa Rabago, Deceased, were issued on May 3, 2011, under Cause No.

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Tipican Blizanac voli da zakasni, ne zato sto zaboravlja na vreme vec zato sto mu uz put uvek nesto o d v u c e paznju. Govori tako brzo a osmeh mu je toliko ubedljiv, da posle izvesnog vremena popustate. Buduci da je j a k o umoran, resava da ceo plan o d g o d i za sutra uvece. Naravno vi mu oprastate i pristajete da izadjete sa njim sutradan. Sami sebe treba da krivite sto ste podlegli neodoljivosti Blizanaca. Ljudi rodjeni u junu imaju veliku potrebu da prikriju svoje prave motive. Blizanac odlicno zna kako da nas oslobodi nekih nasih tvrdoglavih uverenja. Ali ako iskrsne neki problem, on instiktivno zna gde su vam slabe tacke. Postoji nesto cudno u vezi sa Blizancem i pisanjem. Znak Sunca vlada pisanjem, tako da svaki muskarac ili zena Merkura mogu da sastave pametne i inteligentne fraze. Mnogi od njih pisu govore, knjige, sastavljaju reklame, rade dokumentarne filmove i drame. Retko cete naci da Blizanac napise knjigu o s v o m licnom zivotu. U stanju je da nedeljama odugovlaci neki pismeni odgovor. Veliki broj pisaca u znaku Blizanaca koristi pseudonim - cak i prosecni Blizanac bi nasao razlog da to prihvati mozda cak i potpunu promenu ili u krajnjem slucaju, nadimak.

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That absolute dread I felt during “Baelor” was replicated here a hundredfold. There were certain narrative choices this season that drove me up the wall in hindsight, but for now at least I didn’t find significant enough flaws in this one to temper my enjoyment in any way, shape, and form. The writing, the direction, the music, everything fit together seamlessly and even with a couple of leaps in logic (timing), I found this to be a tremendously gripping installment and if it possible, they should clone Miguel Sapochnik and have him direct every episode. I don’t see anything there except brotherly love and protection, a big brother who maybe doesn’t fully understand how she’s now her own woman, and a little competitiveness and natural sibling jealousy on behalf of Sansa. If that were somehow necessary to develop the story within the confines of TV limitations, I’d swallow it. But it was merely for a photo-op that most viewers would barely register, which seems a silly thing to waste such a jarring (for some kinds of fans) element on. The fact that these two siblings didn’t get along as children. They’ve all been through so much, but they’ve all been traumatized and changed in different ways. You can’t expect things to be all roses between siblings. Especially when they find out one isn’t a sibling but a cousin. I think she’ll eventually be at least partially swayed by LF and will get caught up in some outside-House-Stark intrigue. All speculation but putting in spoiler tags anyways. Up early to watch and now there’s a thousand comments here to read. Big ups to the show runners for taking their time with them (as opposed to having proper fallout much earlier as in the books).

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A nice touch added in watchOS 5 is that if you forget to start (or stop) a workout, the watch will automatically detect activity and ask if you want to start (or stop) tracking. In our testing, this detection has worked well for more-active exercise such as running or playing basketball, and even brisk walking, but not as well for activities such as Pilates or lifting. Both the visual display and the streak-tracking feature are effective motivational tools. If you’re considering the Apple Watch as a running companion, all recent Apple Watch models have built-in GPS circuitry that lets them track your route and distance. However, we’ve found that the accuracy of this feature varies depending on whether you also have your iPhone nearby, as the iPhone’s better GPS circuitry enhances the watch’s tracking. For example, when running a 5-kilometer (3. 07-mile) race with an Apple Watch and iPhone, we saw only a 0. 7-mile difference between the track’s certified distance and the watch’s recorded distance—certainly within the margin of error for a community race. But in our testing of the Series 3, we found that GPS tracking was much less reliable when we used the watch on its own. We’re currently testing the Series 4’s GPS tracking. For example, you can track a run with Strava and see live stats, along with GPS status and accuracy. Your activity logged to Strava (or Runkeeper, or Runtastic, or other compatible apps) counts toward your activity goals for the day. One complaint Wirecutter staffers have had about using the Apple Watch for running (and for other high-intensity activities) is that its touchscreen can be difficult to use with sweaty hands during and just after workouts. This is one reason serious runners tend to use a dedicated running watch with more physical buttons.

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His abilities seem to be restricted to hand to hand combat. I know that. I kind of went off on a tangent because Jon is doing such a crap job that a bit of Bran help wouldn't go astray. No doubt he will start to display uberness at some convenient time ie when stuff gets really desperate. Surely it's not something you can keep under your bunk at Maester school. Its why I didn't bother to hide the vague theories posted under the spoiler tag. Until then, I would suggest we agree to disagree. Cheers. An issue that GRRM completely avoided with his version of that scene. That's nonsense, Drogon was a well established character with well established abilities. Drogon sensing that Dany was in danger and flying in to save her, despite no evidence of him even being around at the time is a deus ex machina. No problems. I was replying to you but not replying to you if you get my drift. The character can suddenly read someone's mind etc.

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Lanthimos is a chillingly brilliant Greek auteur; his name alone is enough to make “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” a must-see. What You Need To Know: Written and directed by Eli Craig (“ Zombieland,” “ Tucker and Dale vs Evil” ). Meant to be a parody of “The Omen,” this Netflix movie, which kind of flew under the radar until it was announced just recently, also co-stars Tyler Labine, Bridget Everett, Donald Faison, and Kyle Bornheimer. While trying to spice up her marriage in a remote lake house, a woman must suddenly fight to survive when she is left handcuffed to a bed. What You Need To Know: OK, we straight up missed this one at Sundance earlier this year despite including it in our The 30 Most Exciting Films In The Sundance 2017 Lineup feature (hey, shit happens sometimes). The directorial dramatic feature film debut from documentarian Maggie Betts, “Novitiate” earned strong praise from Park City, and no doubt, much of it attributed to its young and upcoming cast of Margaret Qualley, Liana Liberato, Dianna Agron, and Morgan Saylor. But the tranquil surface masks a disturbing reality, as husband and father Gardner Lodge (Damon) must navigate the town’s dark underbelly of betrayal, deceit, and violence. This is a tale of very flawed people making very bad choices. What You Need to Know: Director George Clooney is coming off of a real dud in “ The Monuments Men. Some might even go so far as to call that movie a bit of a catastrophe (I would go that far). The real reason to get excited for “Suburbicon” is that the film was written by the Coen Brothers. While films written by the Coens but directed by someone else have a checkered history (“ Gambit,” anyone? their involvement in a project commands the attention of cinephiles everywhere. It (Stephen King) Justice League Last Flag Flying Missouri Molly's Game Mother Mudbound Paul Thomas Anderson Phantom Thread Pitch Perfect 3 Roman Israel Star Wars: The Last Jedi Stronger Suburbicon The Florida Project The Killing Of A Sacred Deer The Meyerowitz Stories (New And Selected) The Papers The Shape Of Water The Unknown Girl Thor: Ragnarok Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Wonder Wheel Wonderstruck Woodshock.


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But Duterte, signalling his shift is for pragmatic reasons, has also repeatedly ridiculed the US for what he sees as its weakening economic and military influence around the world. He has also stirred controversy after cursing US President Barack Obama ahead of a bilateral meeting, which was later cancelled. Business entourage Duterte is bringing an entourage of hundreds of businessmen with him to Beijing on Tuesday, and Philippine media have said deals worth billions of dollars are expected to be announced during the trip. Relations between the Philippines and China worsened under Duterte's predecessor Benigno Aquino, who tried to challenge Beijing's expansionism in the South China Sea. To counter China, Aquino allowed a much greater US military presence in the Philippines. Duterte has said he does not want to use the verdict to pressure China. The turn-key condo has formal living and dining rooms, a family room, two bedrooms and 2. bathrooms in nearly 2,300 square feet of open-plan space. Countertops and breakfast bars surround an oversized chef’s kitchen complete with custom cabinetry, a center island and a wine chiller. Appointments include hardwood floors, modern fixtures and recessed lighting. A walk-in closet and an upgraded bathroom with a soaking tub highlight the master suite. The updated unit at the Empire West building has two bedrooms, 2. bathrooms and an oversized kitchen in nearly 2,300 square feet of space. Two walk-out balconies take in views of the cityscape.