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Had a few issues though: When scanning barcodes, it would not register all of them, or cut off at seemingly random intervals. I'm not sure why. I had to limit to scanning in about 7 games at a time. Games that do not include a manual (ex: many switch games) do not register as cib. Also, many games and controllers etc are missing from the database, and it is quite a hassle to add them in. Some of the newer games don't come with manuals but if I don't check the manual section, it lists the game as loose even with the original case. I have a lot of games in the same condition but even in batch mode I have to check the condition of each game which takes forever. Other than that it's a great app that should do well if the creators keep up on it. For example: I'm trying to add Fantastic four rise of the silver surfer on Nintendo DS, every version of the game appears but this one. Other collection apps allow this, why not this one. Furthermore, If this is an option it's not easily found. Very difficult for it to identify the correct game so I didn’t use it. One thing that this app is missing is the ability to filter the games by region.

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Brienne tells them that when you've got an ice zombie apocalypse knocking at your door, you have to reassess your priorities and that whose ass is warming the throne doesn't matter. At some point, in this argument, they get word that Jon and Dany have arrived. When they go down to the courtyard to receive them, Brienne isn't sure what Sansa is going to say. That explains the look on her face and Sansa's sourness. No, there is nothing to say that the first scene is Team Dany's arrival - it is a fandom suggestion that it should mirror Robert's arrival in S1, but there is no logical reason for it to do so. For all we know, we could get a highly dramatic opening with the NK and his army marching south, following the closing scenes of S7. Or we could even open in KL, maybe with Euron's return. Actually, that one article from EW did say her arrival was the first scene. But I suspect it is the first scene after the opening credits. I agree that Dany arrives at Winterfell could be more a sequence of scenes that encompasses her full entrance including dragons and Dothraki at the gates, a scene of Sansa, Brienne, and Arya walking down to the courtyard discussing Jon's return, perhaps a brief exchange between Jon and Dany before the gates open, etc. But I have no problems with it mirroring Robert's arrival. Brienne's jetpack also makes me think we won't see Jaime on the road. Our first scene with him will be him arriving at Winterfell or just outside it.

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Space oddity: David Bowie (at right, with Candy Clark). A new print of The Man Who Fell to Earth tugs the offbeat director back into the spotlight. The Outsiders: New Hollywood Cinema in the Seventies. HOTTEST ASS to publish in our SEX ISSUE coming out. No time for coming down: left to right, AraabMuzik jams on MPCs. Christeene rechristens Truck, and Virgo Four return to their “Vision. . A Midsummer Night’s Dream Phoenix Theatere, 414 Mason, Sixth fir. Not Getting Any Younger Marsh San Francisco, Studio Theater, 1062. Gomez performs her comedy about “lies, vanity, and the good old days. . Michelle Carter’s world premiere about a spirit who appears via Ouija. Show Ho New Conservatory Theatre Center, 25 Van Ness, SF; (415) 861-.

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