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Not only does this respect the legacy of survivors, but it respects the autonomy of users. Although such visits seemed unimaginable and dangerous to scholars of dark tourism studies, VR is making such experiences possible through actual telepresence and through its rhetorical invocation. For a darkest tourism experience, the line between virtuality and reality is problematically blurred. This could be a survivor or oppressor that the user embodies. The site becomes less about what others are suffering, and more about the user’s reflection on their own experience. The result is an almost instantaneous commodi? ation and consumption of the death, suffering, and pain of others. Their reaction was seen as blase by some, and the perceived lack of respect for survivors and those who were lost offended others. Not only was death commodi? d by Facebook, it was used to promote and elevate a hardware platform (the Oculus Rift) as a tool for empathy. The immediate corporate commodi? ation of pain trespassed many ethical boundaries. Indeed, perhaps it was the temporal immediacy of the moment that made the exploitation even more heinous.

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It makes me sad already, in a season that will probably rip our hearts out. Makes me think of Emilia saying she had gotten into her car and driven around for hours after reading the script. I imagine it would take some processing to consider parting ways with GoT and playing Daenerys, and then have it all also end in some way that feels messed up emotionally, if that’s how things went down. Luckily, she doesn’t have more demented Targs to deal with. Her fate might be the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. God I hope she doesn’t harm Jon in any way or others for that matter. Dany has been my second favourite character in the show after Jon and I would really hate to see her go or finish her storyline as anything less than a hero saving the world. I’m with you, Clob. I’m tired of the speculating and am more than ready for season 8 to start. I either need to start my GoT rewatch and delve into that or maybe I need to get away from GoT altogether until 2019 just to keep things fresh for the next year or however long it’s going to be. After that I was supposed to wait until the series ended then binge all the remaining episodes. So no matter what happens, I hope the end of her arc is executed well (even if it is tragic). You can’t give a complex character like Dany an ending that doesn’t reflect her entire journey and struggle balancing her altruism with her overarching quest for leadership.

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He also stressed upon the District Prabharis to ensure that the booth level voter lists are made available at every booth so that these are minutely checked for additions and alterations, if needed. He also asked the Prabharis to educate the people on the importance of demonetization. Accompanied by PDD officials, Sharma inaugurated the transformers in the presence of a large number of people hailing from the areas. He said transformer bearing capacity of 250 KVA has been installed in the area in order to overcome such problems. e said that the problems of fluctuation will not be a problem anymore and no unscheduled cuts will take place in the area. BJP felicitates Football Tournament Management Committee The State unit of BJP felicitated all the members of the Management Committee of the recently concluded Pt. The function was attended by a large number of party activists from Jammu and adjoining areas. at Sharma, while congratulating State Sports Club for organizing such a big tournament successfully, said that it has happened for the first time that a sport event has been started in the name of a leader from Jammu. He said that this highest cash award tournament will be an annual event now and it was among one of the party’s six main festivals to be organized every year. He said that Pt. Premnath Dogra himself was a very good player of football, hence the BJP has dedicated the Good Cup tournament to Pt. Premnath Dogra. shok Koul, while speaking on the occasion, said that every activist of BJP as well as every citizen of the State has very high regards for Pt.