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The prophecy says she will be killed by the younger brother in the books and people think this means either Jaime and Tyrion as they are all younger than Cersei. I'm pretty sure that Littlefinger is on her radar, but it's unclear how that will play out. She fancies herself a player - Tywin with ovaries - but her plans often backfire on her. Granted, she's got Korey and the gang wrapped around her finger for taking out the Faith Militant, but I remember how she was the idiot who empowered them to serve her purposes. Margery was the player as she weaved her way up King's Landing. So do you think Euron waves at Daenerys every time he sales by Dragonstone and Daenerys waves back thinking he a friendly fisherman. Jon has a better claim than Daenarys because he's the legitimate heir to Rhaegar, who was the legitimate heir to the Mad King. ANY of Rhaegar's legitimate children would have a better claim than Daenarys (if they were still alive). In fact, the only reason Jon has a claim is because both of Elia Martell's children (his half-siblings) are both dead. Remember when Daenerys Targaryen and company was on those ships near the end of the last season. nd Varys was magically there. If Jon wasn't a trueborn heir, the title would go to Dany. The only reason she's had victories in the war is because of Euron (who I think is the true villain aside from the white walkers) and aside from blowing up the sept of Baelor none of her schemes have paid off. Cars Accessories The Best Tire Inflators Updated March 18, 2019 Slime discontinued the Rechargeable Tire Inflator (40033), our cordless pick, so we’ve removed it from this guide. We’ve added its replacement, the All-Purpose (40028) model, to the What to look forward to section. Show less Your guide Rik Paul After more than 50 hours of research and about 25 hours testing 20 portable air compressors, we recommend the Viair 78P as the best tire inflator for most drivers. It’s the quietest and among the quickest of the models we tested, it has an accurate and legible pressure gauge, it’s easy to use, and it has a sturdy, metal body that belies its affordable price.


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Shia Islam (sometimes spelled Shi'a), is the second largest denomination of Islam, after Sunni Islam. As in PTEROdactyl. 55D: Fontana di Trevi city: ROMA. 56D: Tied, as a game: EVEN. 57D: Lascivious: LEWD. 58D: Darling: DEAR 59D: Mist: HAZE. 60D: Fruity summer drinks: ADES. 65D: Educ. support group: PTA. Congratulations to Dan Feyer for winning the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. We try our best to make this blog an informative, educating and entertaining place. Collins David Poole Joon Pahk James Sajdak Ed Sessa Bruce Venzke Marti DuGuay-Carpenter Victor Fleming Harvey Estes Robert H. Cromer Mel Rosen Paul Stynsberg Rich Norris (III) Alex Boisvert Jeff Chen Will Nediger Mangesh Sakharam Ghogre Brad Wilber Scott Atkinson Peter Gordon Stella Daily Brendan Emmett Quigley Jack McInturff Joe Krozel Patrick Berry Rich Norris (II) Donna S. Levin Daniel A. Finan Michael Wiesenberg Don Gagliardo (II) Don Gagliardo Bob Klahn Samuel A. Donaldson Gail Grabowski Merl Reagle Jerome Gunderson Nancy Salomon Gareth Bain Fred Jackson III Barry Silk (II) Mike Peluso John Lampkin Doug Peterson Rex Parker Dan Naddor Dan Feyer Pancho Harrison Rich Norris (Editor) Verna Suit Alan P. He actually bugged houses and checked friends cars for blood stains.

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Given how they demonstrated that BwoB uses hanging as execution, Brienne could get strung up by them, leaving us thinking she is a goner. There bound to be a twist or a cliff-hanger ending for all storylines this season. And Britain cannot afford any hit to their economy in that event, including the cash cow that is Game of Thrones. It’s okay to theorize but my advice is don’t think that those theories will happen. 90% of theories for GoT were bashed and rejected by the show. I say just don’t let the HYPE and expectations consume you. It’s possibly only a matter of time before it happens in the show too. Maybe a combination of hearing about whatever fuckery she does in KL and seeing how much Walder Frey is just the absolute worst will push him over the edge. They will look up to someone who was doing good things against Walkers. I don’t think it has so much to do with his surname but rather his actions in the war. At the end of the day maybe Daeny wil llive and ask him to rule with her but if not people will look up to someone with potential and there is Jon. He hated them but through their blood he justified his claim. Besides the point is Jon lived his whole life as a bastard and ironic is that he most likely is legitimate and he doesn’t even know about it. One passage in the books say that bastards are not allowed to hurt princes or something like that. It was when Jon wanted to sparring with Joffrey and Joffrey turned out to be bastard. Such an eerie story, cant decide if I want it to happen or not. Kind of been looking for him to get his take on Ep9.

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17 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes American Made (2017) Freeze frame You're probably wondering how you ended up watching another formulaic recapitulation of Goodfellas. Tom Cruise was just your every day commercial jet airline pilot family man with a terrible southern accent. Believe me, I'll be the first to congratulate a whole hearted, slamming critique on the American dream. This is just a fantastical, rose-tinted, congratulatory joy ride about a man who was a piece of shit and deserved the comeuppance he got. He got rich off of other people's suffering, and no amount of smarmy, chicken-fried Tom Cruise charisma changes that. The man who gave us classics like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Let the Right One In has completely and utterly wizzed it right down his proverbial pant leg. While watching, I wondered if he even had final cut in this as it definitely looks like his lighting style with some absolutely beautiful shots of the Norwegian wilderness, but the editing feels like a Resident Evil film. I suppose the constant smash cuts implying the backstory and plot are necessary since if they didn't violently pull you to the next plot point it would take a three hour cut to meticulously show every detail of who did what. In that respect, I am thankful that I have deductive skills enough that I didn't have to sit through a bad movie made for the dumb masses for that long. I only had to sit through a bad movie for as long as this was. That being said, the plot is hopelessly convoluted. This might fit the novel upon which it's based (the seventh in a series of books concerning an alcoholic Hardy Boys meets inept Will Graham character Harry Hole), but for a Zodiac-esque procedural film it is a total bore. I haven't laughed out loud at such a stupid ending since Collateral Beauty, but what makes this in some ways worse than that abysmal holiday nightmare is that I can't look back on The Snowman with total incredulity. Despite several WTF moments of plot contrivance, there's not much here to ridicule - just regret. What's that? You've never heard of her much less even care why there's a movie about her. The performances from Hawkins and Ethan Hawke are interesting, although I had a hard time imagining Hawke's real life fishmongering counterpart being such an abusive sperg to an arthritic little lady who just likes to paint flowers and other rustic miscellany.

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e-stage evaluation (1: lowest, 5: highest). The plots to be evaluated were named A, B, C, D, and E. A and B were created by the scenario writer, with the remainder being automatically generated by the proposed method. At the end of the questionnaire, we asked the evaluators to select two plots they believed to the generated plots. 458 Y. Kawano et al. Table 1. Questionnaire items Number Question item Q1 Do you think the story is consistent. The robot in the city resumes running away. 7. “A” thinks about the reason why the robot in the city is running away. “A” notices that “D” is the cause of the robot in the city running away. 8. “A” thinks to stop “D” by turning o? its power. “A” and “E” look for devices to turn o. However, “A” can not defeat “D”.

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You are all One, in unison, as the collective brain of humanity which projects the simulation into existence by your Conscious agreement to do so and observation. It's been a pleasure making you feel the way you deserve to feel. Thank you. This is a little nook of my empire of enchant! ll my dearest friends live here. You'll find here Dame Blue Shoes, Wizard Red Nose, Dorothy, The White Lion, Mr BFG, Charlie, Matilda, Grumpy the Bear, Felicity, Darrell in the Malory Towers, The Naughtiest Girl, Rumi, Razi, Iqbal and and and. The mad heart who inside somewhere strongly trusts that Blyton's Wishing Chair, the Witch's Magic Broom, Enid's Faraway Tree, Aladdin's Carpet and countless things like these do exist and can always always appear. Do you hear me? This is the magic, the chant you need around you. This is the pixie dust every bonker soul calls for. Look in the mirror. The person you see there, he's strong. He can do wonders. It is YOU. You can make wonders happen. I tell you. Nothing literally nothing in this kingdom of puffs is impossible.

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The time from injury to internal fixation was 2-31 days, and all fractures healed within 12 months after internal fixation. The ANFH was diagnosed at 15-40 months (mean, 22 months) after internal fixation. The ANFH duration was 3-11 months (mean, 8 months). According to Association Research Circulation Osseous (ARCO) staging system, 2 hips were classified as stage IIa, 3 hips as stage IIb, 3 hips as stage IIc, 3 hips as stage IIIa, 7 hips as stage IIIb, and 4 hips as stage IIIc. All patients were followed up 2. to 6. years (mean, 4. years). The fracture healing time was 8-12 months, and no femoral neck fracture recurred. The artery has many parietal and visceral branches and hence the variations are frequently noted. The larger branches, namely, the inferior gluteal artery, the superior gluteal artery, and the internal pudendal artery, show sufficient regularity in their patterns of origin to allow typing. The variability of the IIA and its branching pattern were studied by dissecting sixty-eight male pelvic halves (34 right and 34 left ) and forty-eight female pelvic halves (24 right and 24 left sides). In significant number of specimens, IIA terminated without dividing into 2 trunks as against the usual description. There was also considerable interchange of branches between the 2 terminal divisions. The patterns of branching noted were grouped as per Adachi's classification. The incidence was noted to be as follows: type Ia in 60. %, type Ib in 2.

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“I can have an affair with my director, writer and co-star at the same time, ” he said. “That saves a lot of wear and tear at my age. Joseph T. Bologna was born on Dec. 30,1934, in Brooklyn, the son of Peter and Antonett Bologna. Joe Bologna was the son, grandson and nephew of bootblacks. The family’s claim to fame was his uncle Pat Bologna, the author of “At the Feet of the Mighty, ” about giving investment advice to Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. that helped him avoid the financial devastation of the 1929 crash. Kennedy remembered it with a slightly different point of view. “When the shoeshine boys have tips, ” he said, “the stock market is too popular for its own good. Joe graduated from Brown University with a degree in art history. When he was cast in a student stage production of “Stalag 17” there, he was surprised to discover that he had dramatic abilities. “I found out that I could do things that other people couldn’ t do, ” he told the actor Robert Wuhl in a 2016 podcast. But he did not immediately consider an acting career. He later found an entry-level job at a New York advertising agency and worked his way up to directing television commercials. He had also considered a career as an architect, he said, but believed his freehand sketching wasn’ t good enough.