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Games can do more than support ? mic or textual narratives, they can create their own types of stories derived from the affordances of the medium itself. This model proposes that meaning can be made in virtual worlds in much the same way as it is constructed in the real world. Games are constructed and played in a manner that parallels that of socially constructed space as described by LeFebvre (see Table 1). The MIT Press (2008) 3. Biswas, S. Videogames and the art of spatial storytelling (2016). In: Eskelinen, M. and Raine, K. (eds. Cybertext Yearbook 2000, (Jyvaskyla: University of Jyvaskyla (2001) 5. Murray, J. . MIT Press: Hamlet on the Holodeck: the future of narrative in cyberspace. The MIT Press, Cambridge (2001) 6. Aarseth, E. Allegories of space.

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Doctor, during your departure your specimen behaved strangely. I went down to check on how it was doing the day after you left. It looked the same in terms of health, but lost and confused. Your disappearance must have caused an extreme shock to the specimen; as if its God was removed from its entirety. Because when I approached it, its Red Void (embedded as you know in its artificial soul) became apparent, and it approached the glass. Now, I was fascinated but also threatened, seeing how the void could be so ambitious and persistent. Was it trying to reach its God or was it attacking its observer. Was it trying to hurt itself, escape, or cry for help. Thick and heavy streaks of red covered the inside of the glass. Makes it even more creepy, especially the background breathing noise. I feel as if I'm slowly being pulled into the Warp. I was playing Duskers at about 11 pm then the voice started to kick in. Duskers is a very audio based game with enemies having a tells based around the noises they make and the creaking of the space ship your exploring signaling events. I thought the voice was from the game and the monsters were making some noise somewhere. Not sure how to feel. Steph V. .

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ot likely, but who really knows. Chicago Critic Gerald i think robyn arryn is gonna come through big time atleast once EdJacobson77. Yara getting her tongue cut out by a sadistic psychopath would mirror her brother Theon's torture and mutilation at the hands of another sadistic psychopath. Yara losing her tongue would be similar to Theon losing his penis, since that is what each used to pleasure women, respectively. I think you are correct about Davos and Gendry arriving separately. They could easily load the dragonglass on the ships. Wouldn't make much sense to send them separately and far more dangerous. I do think there will be a gathering of the book nerds and that will be fun to watch. This was mentioned so many times im season 7 and I can't begin to imagine why they would waste that much dialogue on it. There are 19 castles along the wall, only 3(now 2) are manned. Tormund and Beric have plenty of choices in where to come down but I agree, they'll go Castle Black Talking Thrones. Sure there are 19 castles but how many have a safe way to get down. Most of them have been out of commission for far too long. Gendry probably went to Winterfell to work in the forges. I agree with you, minus the parts you pointed out, the rest seems completely possible; God I hope so. I agree that the Night King probably doesn't go to Castle Black but I do think he'll send some of his army to take out the last of the Crows. Not because it's needed but because of the grudge between the dead and the Crows.

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, political guru Karl Rove, House Speaker Paul Ryan, GOP Sens. Arthur Sulzberger, the publisher of The New York Times, was there, too, a Times spokeswoman confirmed. . Karl’s come a long way down since his glory days with George W. I’m told he’s about to launch his own Daily Racing Form. That’s wrong. What America needs is a President who’ll drive everybody crazy. The ham-fisted swaggering hair stylist’s nightmare who pushes open the swinging doors to The Secret Club bar and strides in, bat-shit angry, to lecture snooty tight-ass titans on how to make America great again. And by the way, we’re going to dump Common Core, and vaccines cause autism. . Next to him, Hillary and Obama and Mitt and Marco are 100% pharmaceutical-grade Thorazine on a slow Sunday afternoon. From your car, by your fireplace in Trump Tower, in a Burger King, in the men’s room at the Pierre Hotel, in a homeless encampment in San Diego, on a lonely snowy street in Cleveland at 3 in the morning. Ramp it up. He went down. Talk to the man. Listen to his story. Tell him how you’re going to help him put himself back together.

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efore all of them get killed. Judy Ann gives a restrained performance, embodying a woman who struggles with her fears but gives an outward appearance of being strong for the sake of others. It is easy to emphatize with Jolina as she seeks the acceptance of her half-sister. Iza stands out for her portrayal of a self-assured woman who uses her beauty as a means to an end. Rhian didn't have to deviate much from her own personality as a young, carefree girl, and so her portrayal of the role came naturally for her. The horror sequences are testament to director Toppel Lee's originality and creativity. Granted, there are traces of influences from popular horror films but combined with the fertile imagination of Direk Toppel, his mastery of the horror genre still shines through. Magda, the contortionist ghost in Ouija, is bound to leave lasting memories of dread and fear on the viewers. Contents Painted skin 1993 hk movie cantonese Painted skin 1993 part 1 of 13 Story Cast References It is based, very loosely, on a famous story in Pu Songling's classic short story collection, Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. Painted skin 1993 part 1 of 13 Story A scholar (Adam Cheng) encounters a beautiful maiden (Joey Wong) in an alley on his way home and leads her to his house, where he tries to marry her as a concubine. Terrified, the scholar enlists the help of two Taoist priests, who give him a magic whisk to keep the ghost at bay. The two Taoist priests battle the King to release the ghost, but realize their magical prowess is not sufficient. Instead, they use the ghost to track down a highly skilled Taoist Master (Sammo Hung) in the countryside. Meanwhile, the Yin-Yang King has possessed the scholar and is wreaking havoc in the mortal plane. The priests finally discover and convince the Taoist Master, who decides to destroy the evil spirit-king so as to guide the ghost back to Hades. To communicate the feeling in images, director Haixiao Lu enlisted Ruixi Gao to take the helm as cinematographer. What it lacked in big budget financing, Ruixi made up for in creativity, tenacity, and good old fashioned hard work; it’s a situation she often prefers as it requires her to prove her ability to deliver an exemplary product regardless of the monetary factor.

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She cooked them at an opportune moment the next day (maybe while everybody’s sleeping off the hangovers) or chucked their “meat” in with the rest of the meat being cooked into pies. I don’t want to have to be complicatedly rationalizing all of Arya’s off-screen feats every time she goes into Faceless Men mode from hereon in. But they could start by showing us that disposing of Walder’s body and assuming his identity, if that’s what happens, didn’t just happen by magic. If all the Frey men are killed, the women will continue the Frey line. You either kill all of the Freys and Arya becomes a much darker character, or leave it behind and Arya remains a good type of character. It just seems like a way for Arya to be seen as a good asskicking character without actually following through or having any real consequences. They did not physically stabbed the Starks but some of them could have been more then happy with the plans, and they still enabled the Freys men by doing their female duties. Perhaps one or two of those girls dreamt of becoming a Queen, and being taken away from The Twins. Those women might have been more then happy to see Robb and his new wife dead. Genna Lannister for example completely overrules her Frey husband. If she wants to extinguish the Frey line, then character should live with the consequences of that actions. My guess is that part of the reason for this killing spree is so that Arya can waste a bit of time. Arya managed to be their server so without orders nobody else should interrupt them in the hall. Of course the other two were already taken out so Arya would have privacy. Walder was a 90 year old boney man, not a Robert-esque hulk for Arya to move. I think a strong, in shape young woman could drag him to a safe room off the hall. As soon as she takes on Walder’s persona everything she says is obeyed.

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In June 2006, Kosar was presented with the Distinguished Achievement in Screenwriting Award by the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. She was portrayed by actress Marilyn Burns in the original film series and Jessica Biel in the 2003 remake, in which she was renamed Erin Hardesty. Introduced in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), after a series of grave robberies, Hardesty, her paraplegic brother Franklin, and their friends travel across Texas to investigate upon hearing reports that her grandfather's grave may have been vandalized. She subsequently appears in the sequel Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994) as a patient on a gurney. The film follows a mysterious murderer killing female students at a college campus in Boston, who uses their body parts to make a human jigsaw puzzle. Written by Canet and Philippe Lefebvre and starring Francois Cluzet, the film won four categories at the 2007 Cesar Awards in France: Best Director, Best Actor, Best Editing and Best Music Written for a Film. He wears masks made of human skin and engages in murder and cannibalism, alongside his insane family. Leatherface appeared in the original film in 1974 and also in its six subsequent continuations and the remake. Wisconsin killer Ed Gein, who wore a mask made of human skin, was reportedly the inspiration for elements in the original film. He is considered the main antagonist of the franchise because of his presence in all films, although he takes orders from his older family members. This 1900s Victorian house was featured prominently in the 1974 film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as the home of Leatherface and his cannibalistic family, before it was moved to this location from Williamson County in 1998. The then-dilapidated farm house originally sat on Quick Hill Road during the July-August 1973 filming of the movie, then sat vacant and deteriorating. It is the seventh installment in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise and was presented in 3D. The film serves as a direct sequel to the 1974 film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The film stars Alexandra Daddario, Dan Yeager, Trey Songz, Tania Raymonde, Scott Eastwood, Thom Barry, Paul Rae and Bill Moseley, with Gunnar Hansen and Marilyn Burns, who had appeared in the original 1974 film. The story centers on Heather, who discovers that she was adopted after learning of an inheritance from a long-lost grandmother. She subsequently takes a road trip with her friends to collect the inheritance, unaware that it includes her cousin, Leatherface, as well.

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The use of the word beacon puts the government’s perception of Superman in the same category as Harley Quinn and Deadshot, not as a cause and effect. Not to mention it just feels like a cheap way of reminding us that the two films are connected. Guardians of the Galaxy didn’t name drop a single Avenger but we still knew the films took place in the same universe. Mostly for Margot Robbie but it’s also got me wondering about the final feature, which is good. Marvel have already proven to be experts at the ensemble film. This will be DC and Warner Bros first big test and how they do here will largely inform what we can expect from a Justice League film. People are corrupted by demons, who give them power through magic. Only those who suffered the temptation without falling can see the real truth and fight them. The Old Gods might be fighting against R'hllor or it might be the other way around. The only medieval period in which the story is set is the Medieval Warm Period. The time it's set seems to be more like Ancient History( In Europe, the end of antiquity is often equated with the fall of Rome in 476. . Often times during natural disasters, people would look at the sky for answers. Or for saviours. Be it Ice Age To go north, you must journey south, to reach the west you must go east. To go forward you must go (or look) back and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow. The First Men arrived in Westeros from Essos by crossing the Arm of Dorne.

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I really don't think the Volanqar will come true for her in the show. Though Euron is a fun idea for the Volanqar, what he has in brawn he lacks in witts. Also yeah he could strangle her no problem there is one tiny thing between her and him, an 8ft juggernaut whos greatest joy is brutally killing. If anyone has a chance of besting the mountain now it would have to be someone swift and nimble like Oberyn was, or they will fan service and do cleganebowl. Arya is a good candidate, she's smart and fast enough to do the job, but the mountain really only needs one good hit and it's lights out for her. I can see her using little fingers face to get close to Cersei, im pretty sure news of his death didn't make it to kings landning yet. There was a good theory where Arya steals qyburns identity and has Nimeria maul Cersei and finishes her off by slitting her throat while the hound holds off Gregor. All really fun theories and all have decent amounts of back up to happen. Isn't the night king the little brother of the king of the north. I just though of this now the prince that wasn't promised. The fact he isn't king and his brother is points to him being younger. I can't say it couldn't be Vitor Iturriaga ? ? Nice video. If you were talking about Euron strictly from the show your theory would work, however in the books Euron is actually the eldest of the Greyjoy siblings of his generation, i. . he's older than Balerion Greyjoy (Theon and Yara's father).


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Jacksonville has a shrinking fanbase and will never even be Floridaa? team. The Jags committed to be the home team for a game in London through 2016. The momentum is building for the NFL to schedule three regular-season games in London next season. They also used a formula to calculate levels of income inequality in each state, and then divided the states into five groups, from the most equal to the least. Rainfall and increased humidity will aid their work, but the chance of flash flooding and debris remains. Accusations of opacity, lack of accountability, and extrajudicial killings are not criticisms reserved solely for US counterterrorism policies. The Indonesian government faces similar grievances, domestically and internationally, in its own counterterrorism campaign. Indeed, parts of the PMI poll suggested the economy is not out of the woods. It has become one of the biggest shopping days and largest revenue generators of the year for the retail sector. In other words, Labor Day has become the day that allows retailers to transfer the fruits of others' labor into their own pockets. The pensions hadn’t been properly funded by the state for Decades. Madigan, Cullerton and Quin have been in Illinois State Government for a long time. They are part of the reason that Illinois is in this mess. The Politians have not fully funded the pentions stealing that money to use for other entitlement pet projects. Browna? seventh-inning go-ahead RBI double gave Harvey (9-4) a chance at the win, but also came as he pinch0hit for Harvey.