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I believe the only other time we’ve seen this on GOT was the very first episode where the white walkers made filets out of those poor, horny Night’s Watchmen. The big reveal in this episode wasn’t much of a reveal at all as I’ve gotten the sense that most expected The Hound to return at some point given that we didn’t actually see his death on screen (and that the only thematically ripe conclusion for him is fighting his brother, The Mountain). Since McShane’s casting had been announced, countless folks (or maybe just me? speculated as to who he could be playing. It turns out he played arguably the most down-to-earth character on the show; a warrior turned preacher who surmises that all the different gods folks carry out vile acts in the name of are probably just the same dudes. The moral compasses shown by the folks on Deadwood make the lords and ladies of Westeros look like choir boys. He’s always had a relatively noble heart and, like Arya, he’s always had a shit list. The Mountain may sit at the top but the Brotherhood without Banners are certainly climbing. After they slaughtered an innocent group of commoners (and hung Ian McShane! , the Hound rips the ax from the log as if it were Excalibur and gives the classic “I’m on a mission” walk. GOT has always done a nice job of finding cool ways to show the Hound’s size. This week we saw him carrying a large tree branch that required five normal-sized people to lift. It’s fantasy and that’s what fantasy does. I get it. But so much is happening at any given moment on GOT that it doesn’t need to be that way. The incompetence of the Frey men was certainly something. They give the Blackfish an ultimatum, he calls their bluff, and then they don’t kill Edmure Tully.

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Helena Bonham Carter received a Golden Globe nomination for portraying Marina Oswald in Fatal Reception: Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald, which detailed her life as a Russian native and transplanted American citizen. Frank Whaley portrayed Oswald, and Steve Bello wrote the script. When a reconstitution of an old chestnut is done with the care that was invested in Dornhelm’s Anne Frank: The Whole Story, the reasons for the new visit to the standard become more than clear. The story of World War II’s most famous diarist was told in George Stevens’s much celebrated 1959 feature and in TV dramatizations directed by Alex Segal in 1967 and Boris Sagal in 1980—all under the title of Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett’s original play, The Diary of Anne Frank. Hannah TaylorGordon starred in the title role, with Ben Kingsley as her father, Otto Frank, the only member of the family to eventually survive the extermination camp at BergenBelsen. Nominated for 12 Emmy Awards, Anne Frank won three, including for outstanding miniseries and art direction (Jan Viasak, Marie Raskova). Receiving nominations were Dornhelm, Ellis, Taylor-Gordon, Kingsley, Brenda Blethyn, and cinematographer Elemer Regalyi. The show, Kingsley, and Taylor-Gordon received Golden Globe nominations. Ellis won a Writers Guild of America Award, and Kingsley won a Screen Actors Guild Award. Dornhelm’s large cast included Lili Taylor, Jan Niklas, and Jessica Manley. Sins of the Father, a powerful recreation of southern racism during and after the heated 1960s events of the civil rights movement, detailed the crisis of conscience faced by Tom Cherry. He is the son of Ku Klux Klan agitator Bobby Frank Cherry, who participated with the notorious “Dynamite Bob” Chambliss in the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, an explosion that killed four little girls attending Sunday school classes. Tom Cherry, played by Tom Sizemore, eventually testified against his father. Bobby Frank, who is portrayed by Richard Jenkins, died in prison in 2004 in Montgomery. John Pielmeier’s script, based on a Texas Monthly article by Pamela Colloff, was nominated for a WGA Award. Ving Rhames, Colm Feore, and Kim Roberts co-starred.

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didnt change my religion because of that). How many wars were fought during regans adminstration. Do you remember the tax rate during the Carter years. Media driven pontification is ok as long as you can substantiate them with valid reasoning. (Clinton years were good for us but some say that it laid the foundation for the dot com crisis, which lead to easy credit and so on) I have been here since 1997. An Obama win may just restore my faith (which was severely damaged after Bush relection) in the average intelligence of a voter. I do not want that to be funded through my tax money. These issues are more important to me than tax cuts or getting a green card sooner. God in the Hands of Giddy Sinners Cache Translate Page Many charismatics today claim that the Great Awakening was a forerunner to their own movement, marked by the same emotional outbursts and experiences that dominate their worship. Moreover, as we’ve already seen, they argue that the movement was quenched by an emphasis on theological precision. But such arguments betray a woeful misunderstanding of the Great Awakening—a revival rooted in strong preaching and sound theology. Far from challenging orthodox theology, it reestablished the Puritan heritage of Calvinist orthodoxy and put a halt (at least temporarily) to the serious erosion of doctrinal clarity that was the hallmark of the age. The emotional displays began in response to the clear preaching of God’s Word. When they applied their plainness of speech, graphic imagery, and logical precision to the truths of Scripture—all under the Holy Spirit’s sovereign power—the impact on audiences was dramatic. And before the sermon was done, there was a great moaning and crying out through the whole house—“What shall I do to be saved? ; “Oh, I am going to hell! ; “Oh, what shall I do for Christ?

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I had my own assumptions about what we’d learn, expecting stories about people folding laundry while they were on the call with a colleague (In fact, we met one woman who described being on a web-based teleconference from her laptop while she drove her child to after-school activities). But this couple had a particular approach: they went into the home office at 9 am and focused only on their work, until 5 pm (with a break for lunch). They deliberately maintained a firewall between their work environment (and the associated tasks) and the rest of their lives. Beyond managing his productivity, having this list meant he could tell if he had a good day. Anyone who is thinking about the interview (the mechanics, the preparation, the rapport, the search for the story, working against constraints) should listen at least to the first 50 minutes or so. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the series (but I’m also afraid that it can’t possibly live up to how great this interview is! . So I often write my questions in advance wherever possible. I rewrite and noodle around with the language even though I know for fact I won’t necessarily read it word for word. In fact my poor producers and editors always see me coming in with like a long script, and then I’ll say, “Let’s put a star next to the things that actually matter. Like, even though I have 15 questions. Because I want to make sure I at least get the things we absolutely know we want to ask, even if they don’t yield great answers. It’s not that I run out of things to ask, you know what I mean. It’s more that I have occasionally, where you just like flip over the paper, and you’re just having a good conversation, and one thing leads to another and things can go very easily. When in doubt, I often say something, like, very straightforward, and this is directly from the Sound Reporting handbook. What’s something you wish people would ask you that they never do? Like, people oftentimes have an answer for that.


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The road is in the woods and if i recall correct then when the kid was caught they put a bag on his head and drove him away. Its also in the woods and its like cabin to whom he got by diving in the lake. I think it was like psychologycal thriller or something. The main character ( male ) was driving some super-intelligent racing motorcycle which had like computer display board giving various information and feedback. I remember the driver had two guns and could perform various shooting acrobatics while driving the bike ( maybe like in Equilibrium for example ). The setting of the movie was like in Mad Max ( post-apocalyptic ), as I remember a lot of endless desert ambient. It could as well be movie from the 70s and a B-production even though I watched it in cinema. The season included films such as Tarkovsky's 'Solaris' and 'The Mirror', and Klimov's 'Come and See' (after a bit of deduction recently). The end scene is of the two lying dead and a large old woman running around naked, or part naked, in inconsolable grief. My memory is vague on this one so my apologies for the lack of detail. But her daughter was actually in the hospital and i think she was a horseback rider or something and her mom smothered her with a pillow. I remember seeing a movie, probably a B movie when I was 10, around 1979. I remember a handsome stranger in the desert being welcome by a beautiful woman who turns out to be a sorceress. Two kingdoms are fighting and one of the princesses is captured and killed by the enemy. Her ashes are sent back to her dad in the other kingdom. In the end, the handsome stranger leaves the sorceress who loses her beauty. I am not even sure now it's a movie or a serie or just a dream.


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Although the majority of he was on the field, he's no compared to an average offensive player, though his defense is stellar. Many baseball fans still consider Aaron, a beloved estimate Atlanta, where he retired from sport after 23 seasons, want to know run world beater. Now, though, there's a chance that another Atlanta player could legitimately reclaim the title. Provided he hits 30-35 homers per season, Heyward could challenge Bonds' record if he stays healthy and incorporates a long vocational. Gonzalez was solid for the Pirates and could have a lot better results in Atlanta. For however long as Gonzalez will be the Closer, I love him like a late round pick. Was in Japan last year, pitching for Hiroshima Toyo Carp. The Astros were 14th in the league in runs scored, with 643, or third. 6 runs a game. That's next to last as division. These people also among the bottom feeders in OBP, coming in at 13th in the league having a. 19 mark, also second to last in the division. The Astros' ERA wasn't anything to take off about another option. They were 13th planet league for the reason that category, becoming at many. 4, which was third involving division. Mike Schmidt is arguably the best third-baseman in major league chronicle. There is Brooks Robinson of the Baltimore Orioles to think about, but remember that Schmidt was a three-time (that is three-time) Most Valuable Player likewise won 10 Gold Mittens.

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Well, after about 3 long months, here it is: An 8 minute long medley. Christ. I really hope you guys enjoy this one bc it was a shit ton of work. Mitch was AWESOME to work with and just an overall super cool guy. He really helped make this medley the best it could possibly be. I love the Banjo opening theme a lot and I've been thinking of covering this song for a little while now but didn't want to make it a normal Saturday video since it's a bit short for that. I thought it would be a cool and fun idea to share the parts between different instruments like they do in the game so that's where the piano and melodica come from. I hope you will like my version of this awesome opening theme! Corrected tuning compared to last recording of this arrangement. Microphone: Logitech USB (will get a better one soon). In the 90's, some people had Tamagotchis, Nirvana and Push Pops. Anyone who's conquered this game knows how long it is. I beat it 3 times at the age of 7 and I loved every minute of it. I tried to go back to the approach I took with Goldeneye by doing a better job blending the songs together. I feel like a good medley is one that sounds like a full song as opposed to a playlist so I'm sorry this one ended up being so long. Still, I hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as I did making it. Thank you so much for the continued support, expect a howto video pretty soon!

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Secret camera porn, or “ molka,” is becoming increasingly common. Between 2010 and 2014, the number of people arrested for molka crimes jumped from 1,110 to 6,600, reports Agence France-Presse (AFP). To combat this problem, Seoul has hired female patrol squads to scour restrooms and changing rooms for hidden recording devices. Armed with handheld equipment for the detection of hidden electronic devices, these squads are on the front lines in the battle against secret camera porn. They scan door knobs, toilet seats, toilet paper holders, and air ducts — any place where a small camera could be hidden. “It’s my job to make sure there’s no camera to film women while they relieve themselves,” 49-year-old Park Kwang-mi, a member of one of the squads, told reporters. “This is necessary to help women feel safe. “It’s weird that there are people who want to see something like that,” she added. Molka crimes are not limited to filming women in bathrooms and changing rooms. They also include “up-skirt” photos or videos, which have been popular in South Korea and Japan for many years. Highlighting the severity of the molka problem, the third-most popular Google search in South Korea last year was “waterpark molka. South Korean authorities are working to curb the molka problem. When camera phones first came out, South Korea required all cell phones manufactured domestically to generate a camera shutter sound to prevent stealthy photographers from taking inappropriate photos of unsuspecting victims. While this was initially perceived as an overreaction, it is now seen as a necessity to fight South Korea’s molka problem. Police also offer monetary rewards for information about molka crimes. The molka problem is reportedly societal and technological. Advanced technology makes it easier for men to film women without their knowledge, and the strong patriarchal culture in South Korea often makes men feel the behavior is acceptable.