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Lawyers don’t ask questions they don’t know the answers to, lawyers actually prep their witnesses on their testimony (which TV often thinks of as “coaching”) etc. I am willing to accept scenes like this as the politics version of that phenomenon. They could have easily switched the order of the scenes and had in that 1 on 1 scene Sansa express admiration for Cersei and her ruthless efficiency and so advocate for giving the Karstark lands to loyal followers. Then Jon could point out that while Cersei is efficient, that’s going to come bite her in the ass at some point and if you murder everyone for any slight you will soon end up with no allies. You do the premeeting to prevent this from happening, and if Sansa’s supposed to have “learned the game” she should know better. How about you, Eustass? “Oi, I also hate war and love all living creatures. O how I wish I was back home taking care of orphans and fashioning fair trade earrings, as I am wont to do! We’ve come a long way from everyone ravaging the Riverlands just because they could. I expect you to earn those castles by holding them, against the dead themselves if need be, and by following every order I give you. If not, your house will never be heard from again, not even in legends. Look at the North: according to it, you need two Walls with a giant lake between them. The tension between them is quite contrived, I think, especially last season where Sansa kept the probability of the Vale knights hidden for God knows what reason. If for some reason you have to disagree in front of everyone at least be don’t so antagonistic about it. Absolutely she was undermining him, I thought as much before Jon said it. The writers seem to want us to think she’s politically astute, but that was politically stupid as hell (as well as the other things you mentioned, like not actually trying to persuade people). Looking forward to your thoughts on last night’s episode.

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Ugy vagyok vele, hogy barmit is csinalnak, az eredendoen jo es kesz. Pedig Vince Neil soha nem tudott enekelni, Nikki Sixx csak azert lett basszusgitaros, mert nem hathuros gitart lopott annak idejen, a notaik egyszeruseget meg a faek es a sarga bogre kozott lehet elhelyezni. O novo media-metragem do Whindersson Nunes e cancelamentos da Netflix sao demais destaques da coluna bastidores Fortnite, Netflix and Uber accounts being sold for just ? on the dark web Cache Translate Page Cyber crime researchers say high-profile data breaches have contributed to a thriving online black market Who was Ted Bundy. Netflix releases Conversations with a Killer 30 years on from mass murderer's execution Cache Translate Page Joe Berlinger's four-part documentary series built on recordings of prison interviews with journalist Stephen Michaud Turk Telekom Y? Olmus 2019 TTNET Internet Kesintisi Yap? or Cache Translate Page 3 gundur TTNET internet kesik. Ayr? a acaba faturalardan internetin kesik oldugu g Netflix has an all-star cast for 'Green Eggs and Ham' animated series Cache Translate Page. The company has secured the rights to the classic Dr. Seuss tale and is turning it into a star-studded animated series that will be packed with familiar voices. The definition of television entertainment is changing, and it now means different things to different people. For the more than 90 million Americans who subscribe to traditional cable packages, TV may still be thought of as channels with assigned numbers, which you enter into overly complex remotes and which air programs at scheduled times with regular commercial breaks. But to many others, TV now means on-demand web-video services such as Netflix, watching when you want and not necessarily doing so in front of a large screen in the living room. For some, TV commercials are now unthinkable interruptions that they’ll pay to avoid, while others will tolerate ads if it means free streaming. And as for some of the younger viewers whom traditional media companies most fear, TV isn’t even a thing — they’d rather watch videos on apps like Instagram and YouTube, or play “Fortnite. .

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Medieval rulers were supposed to be military commanders and fight on the front line and women are simply not fit to wield arms. If you want a women to lead an army in battle, you have to equip her with dragons or supernatural fighting skills or whatever. But there are no dragons or supernatural skills in the real world, so at the end of the day it’s men who wield arms and so they command. I don’t know if the effect of those rules though are not sexist. Practical reasons can lead to rules that have sexist impact. Jorah was returning with Tyrion to win favor back with Daenerys. The only reason why he was in the fighting pit was because he and Tyrion got caught by the slavers. His contracting greyscale was an unfortunate event that just happened to occur along the way. She had a Valaryan Steel sword she called Dark Sister. . After Dany makes grand appearance into WF atop Drogon. In a fantasy world you can have a stong female character. And I am not a fan of all these “strong female characters” who manifestate their strenght by means of badass killing. Sometimes it’s necessary, but no-one should enjoy being good it. That’s why I like Jon and see him as morally superior to all those “strong female characters”. He excepts his gender role and tries to fulfill his masculine duties as good as he can. And so does Sam, despite of his shortcommigs: he accepts to do what mens do instead of whining that there is no justice in the world and that he can’t just sit and read books.

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As the dominant strain in a cultural synthesis of Irish clogs, Scottish jigs, English reels, Spanish fandangos, Caribbean rhythms, and more, African dances left an indelible imprint on American dance. The story of their influence unfolds against the backdrop of American history, tracing Africans through slavery, the Great Migration north, the culturally rich Harlem Renaissance, racial segregation, and the Great Depression. And in the early 1900s, when American choreographers Isadora Duncan, Loie Fuller, and Ruth St. She experienced dance that was a powerful echo of African culture and an integral part of spiritual and secular life. This documentary provides an intimate portrait of a divided community four months after this historical event, and their efforts to chart a collective future in a context shaped by deforestation, NGO activity, anthropologists and evangelical Christianity. The Svans represent about 1% of the Georgian population. Their language differs from the Georgian language, and their religion is a syncretism of Orthodox Christian faith and pre-Christian beliefs. The polyphony of the Svans appears as one of the major styles of the Georgian vocal art. It consists of two soloist voices and the bass of the choir. In their funeral rituals, the Svans combine three vocal expressions which are rarely found nowadays in other parts of the world: women's individual laments punctuated by collective wails like in Ancient Greece, men's individual laments, and polyphonic chants by male choirs. While the individual laments are aimed at the deceased and the souls of departed people, the men's polyphonic chants use no words but a series of syllables which follow a set pattern. With chords partly dissonant to a Western European ear, and without any cries other than musically stylized ones, these collective chants of great intensity manage to convey the helplessness and inexpressible grief of Man faced with death. Funeral chants of the Svans of northwestern Georgia. Most of the chants are polyphonic chants by male choirs with no words. Alternative eco-friendly products and new methods for living green will be introduced that will show visitors how to make changes at home, where the revolution is born. Filmmaker Karen Silverstein captures three generations of women talking about, and demonstrating how they make gefilte fish. Made for generations by Eastern European Jews, gefilte fish was a delicacy reserved for holidays and special occasions.

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Be sure to purchase or own the installation tools you may need to install your Pre-Cut Tail Light Tint Kit, no installation tools are included. Gen Gonzalez 2. out of 5 stars If your taillights have 3D angles. Sturdy enough to avoid abrasions and tears - great smoke tint shade - precut to near perfections. Had to do minimal edge cutting when placed. - decent adhesive backing when placing. Cons: - Malleability is horrible (even after light heat treatment) Attempted to install on a 2015 Lexus GS 350. Referencing the photos, you’ll notice that the outer taillights have two design aerodynamic fins. I attempted to install the film five separate times, and the same issues came up - film would pinch; film would bubble; film would not conform to shape. Instructions were followed to the dot and I watched mnumerous installation videos before beginning. Despite leaving the film out overnight to flatten (came rolled up), warming up lightly before instal, and heat treating it once installed. Overall, on flat surfaces, the film was easy to install and looks great. Please be aware that if you don't have square lenses this will be much harder than you think. I had all of the tools needed for the install and have installed tint previously many times and couldn't for the life of me get this to fit properly. Otherwise, was a quality product but installation is much harder than it being worth. It did not adhere to my lights and also it did not fit. I followed the instructions to the t and it was not happening.

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The first half of the film begins in 1953, where Varun is an archaeologist on Pakhi’s family’s considerable estates in West Bengal. In the second part of the film, Varun is on the run but takes refuge in Pakhi’s house in the hills, where she is dying. Ram ( Ranveer Singh ) wants peace, but when he and Leela ( Deepika Padukone ) elope, they are separated by their families. Later, with Ram and Leela installed as heads of their families, they try to bring about peace during riots that occurred during the Dussehra festival. It has the exquisite design that’s associated with director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, as well as his typically wonderful use of music. The couple have to reconcile their romance with their family obligations, which include constant references to money, whether for education or for weddings. Here she plays a clever but awkward engineering geek whose older, much more glamorous sister, Karishma, is engaged to Nikhil ( Sidharth Malhotra ). However, Nikhil and Meeta become close friends, and it’s only at the last minute he realises what the audience already knows, that he’s in love with the wrong sister, even as Meeta’s behaviour becomes ever stranger. The film explores the idea that love is not always based on conventional ideas of beauty and desirability but on other emotional bonding, so the surprise is that the handsome Nikhil falls in love with the sister who does not conform to these norms. He finds her unattractive as she is overweight, but he can’t see his own limitations or consider how she might feel about him. After enduring troubles and insults, she leaves him, blaming his father for neither educating his son nor teaching him to respect women. Sharat Katariya’s film then explores the emotional bonds of marriage and love, which are much more important than the conventions of female beauty. We’ve dug through all 478 pf the romantic movies on Netflix to find the best, with the caveat that we’re not experts on the many Bollywood selections available there. From historical romance to romantic comedies to one true-life romantic documentary, here are the 40 best romantic movies on Netflix. One of them is a creative disaster and a sign of bad things to come for the streaming giant’s philosophy on original releases. Upfront, Irreplaceable You is aggressively mushy and cutesy as hell, but Mbatha-Raw is an effortless charmer, and director Stephanie Laing is clearly a wizard because she found a way to scrub Michiel Huisman of his typical stubbly hipster douchiness. He’s still a brooding hottie, but an awkward nerd brooding hottie, and he’s good at playing the part.

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