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It is the first season with nobody in 9 episodes. 1st place in each episode in order: Sansa, Jaime, Arya, Jon, Sansa, Sam, Jon, Jaime, Jon, Walder Frey. In a statement to tech site Mashable, an HBO spokesperson said that the episode was “accidentally posted” to HBO Nordic and HBO Espana before it was taken down. HBO said that the episode was mistakenly published by an unidentified “third-party vendor” and quickly removed it. Some users even streamed the episode live over social networks, according to Mashable. However, HBO moved swiftly to have those clips removed, and social media sites approved its request. Those who saw at least some of the episode have shared details on social media sites, making it awfully dangerous out there for those who want to be surprised when the full episode airs on Sunday. Four people were arrested in India on Tuesday on suspicion they might have leaked the episode. But if he loves her and them betrays her I mean that would be a real shocker. Also, if you want clues, Peter Dinklage confirmed that Tyrion is smitten with Daenerys ( ):lol. Ugh, when actors have to explain things about their characters because the writers are constantly flopping. lol. Who didn't? lol: Lazarus? lol::wave: I thought Sage was a fan as well. But also: Unlike many here, I wasn't happy with Littlefinger's demise, and the stupid way it happened, but I can't blame this episode, it goes way back, this entire season (and the last one, to some extent) has been screwing the character and cutting all his wit and brains (not to mention dumbing down both Arya and Sansa). He could've been an interesting presence in this last season, had the writers planned more carefully a better structured arc for Winterfell, post-BotB. But, that's what we got, gotta content with it, but damn if the entire Winterfell arc was shit for me.

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And why was Jaden able to live for days without eating, still able to run all day through the jungle, maneuvering smartly away from danger. It beat The Great White Gatsby, Star Trek Into Darkness, Iron Man 3, and Hangover 3. Is he running from subpoenas like that other late night schlockmeister, whose name escapes me right now, but will be the center of a TV expose next week. I worked for a major motion picture company for years and worked with Will on several films. He is loved by everyone in Hollywood and everyone on the set was in awe of him. He gives and gives and gives and still people outside the biz hate him. The Smiths are the most level-headed people on earth. They love their children and they give to more charities than you could imagine. It seems like you gay people would not be bothered by the Scientology thing. Many members of the Church are former-homosexuals themselves. Ask anyone in the biz what they think of the Smiths. If you think anyone will say anything negative about them, you've got another think coming. Mommy likes it too. Daddy told me that he took a print of it out to the Church a few nights ago and they were jumping for joy over how good my movie is. They said it is the best movie Daddy ever bought for me. Good! Maybe he'll concentrate on making a good movie next time. Still, given the fact that Smith has made billions for Sony Pictures, the studio felt it just couldn’t say no to its most successful movie partner.

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About time they moved that stupid plot along though. Count me in! If Dany is true to form, she'll exile Tyrion for violating her intent with the slavers and then she'll go bed down with 2-3 different mercenary captains for 3 more seasons rather than reward him for his intelligence and political acumen. Their primary income seems pretty exclusively drawn from a mix of slaving and pillaging. They'll be useful against Astapor and Yunkai, but they'll obviously also want to rape and enslave the survivors of any city, town, or village that they sack here, or in Westeros. I suspect this just won't come up as an issue in the show. They're going to be shown as completely in her pocket. That scene was the only one I rewound and watched again. Even though he didn't like Tyrion, even Tywin recognized that Tyrion was gifted with intelligence. Either Dany's naivete is showing itself (again) or she was written stupid for that part. Not a fantasy, just a prediction based on her previous behavior on the show. Hell, look how she treated Jorah when he came back to save her. The show hasn't really built her up as some sort of brilliant leader or anything. I mean, wouldn't at least some of them be a little upset at her for this. Also, were the khals covered in lighter fluid or something. Even if they're on dry grass, pushing a brazier over in their general direction shouldn't kill them instantly. I saw an interesting theory online that the secret the High Sparrow told Tommen was that Loras revealed the Tyrell's plan to kill Joffrey. So Cersei's plan is to basically have the Tyrells and sparrows kill each other, then kill whoever wins.

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Lou had friends at every club and he delighted in helping them all with his presence and star quality. Lou is a legend. Who else gets an eight-page wraparound in the Herald Sun that is as much a part of this city as Lou and the MCG. So Lou Richards leaves us after 94 marvellous years, with memories that will last our lifetime. Lou might not have kicked as many goals as Tony Lockett or Peter Hudson but he is a legend. Lou might not have won as many Brownlow Medals as Haydn Bunton, Bob Skilton, Dick Reynolds and Ian Stewart but he is a legend. And if his game as a player was just a little short of the class of the great EJ or the dynamic Ron Barassi, Lou is still a legend. Decency, loyalty, gentleness, warmth, kindness, integrity, humility, cheek and fun all in equal parts gave us Lou Richards. Our love and thoughts are with Kim and Nicole and their families. Their loss first of Edna and now Lou is immeasurable. I thank them for the honour of speaking here today, I thank them for sharing Lou with us and, on behalf of all of us and our marvellous sport, I thank Lou for all that he gave. We remember Lou with affection, admiration, gratitude and delight. I want to thank all of our friends and family for the outpouring of love over the past few days. He showed me the internet for the first time, planned fun outings, took me to temple for the Jewish holidays, introduced me to much cooler music than I had ever heard. We had 11 truly joyful years of the deepest love, happiest marriage, and truest partnership that I could imagine. Most importantly, he gave me the two most amazing children in the world. Dave was my rock. When I got upset, he stayed calm.

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This seems like a biased assumption in the article. The partnership has been forged because it’s likely going to be lucrative to lock the content down with Apple. Copyright laws are more to do with protecting monopolies opposed to the public benefit these days. It won’t hurt sales (I buy the Blu Rays every year). If anything, distribution companies exaggerate damages of “piracy” to validate themselves as protectors of artists. Why couldn’t the produces just break off from HBO and distribute the show online themselves. That is a thought that scares traditional media companies no doubt. Files without digital rights management and quick access are crucial for some fan communities, which ultimately add value to the brand. For free. Just sayin’. Three got busted last week and cut off just after E2 aired. We weren’t able to figure out why some people got caught and others didn’t, but however HBO is doing it, they are being pretty aggressive. Needless to say, all three of the people who got caught will still see every episode. There is, of course, one major exception to this rule in both cases: shareholders. HBO cares a lot about their shareholders, American or otherwise. Their shareholders, in turn, reciprocate that care by not threatening to get people fired if they do not feel that HBO is profitable enough. And that takes us to the part about which HBO does care: your (and mine and everyone else’s) money. Moreover, HBO is entirely within their legal rights to do this: and if they did not, then their peers would pressure them to do so because of simple prisoner’s dilemma theory.

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District Working Committee meeting held at Poonch District Working Committee meeting held at Poonch. Pertinent to mention here that during the Winter Session of Legislature the bill was moved by Pathania but the assembly did not pass it. The Shrine OF Mata Shri Pingla Devi Ji located at Village Pinger in a picturesque landscape, 25 kms from Ramnagar town and at equidistant another Shrine of Mata Chountra Devi Ji located at Dhar Chountra. The place is worth visiting, The Natural surroundings and the picturesque scenery gives a relief from the complexities of life. owever road connectivity to both the shrines is not in a very healthy condition. A PMGSY road to the Shrine Of Shri Mata Pingla Devi Ji from Ramnagar side is in under construction and from Manwal Side the road connectivity to Holy Shrine is being funded through NABARD. A 26 crore package under CRF will be providing the circular connectivity to the Shrine of Shri Mata Chountra Devi Ji from Dhar Road (Thial) to Shrine and Ramnagar is in offing. It is expected that after the Board is constituted the avenues of employment will generate forthe local population. In view of the fast growing popularity of the Shrines and increase in the number of pilgrims in thousands, a need has been felt to constitute a Statutory Authority on the pattern of the Board Shri Shiv Khori Shrine, Shri Mata Sukrala Devi Ji and Shri Mata Sundari Shrine for better management, administration and governance of Shri Pingla Devi Ji Shrine and Shri Chountra Mata Ji Shrine and their endowments including the land and structures attached to the Shrines. Responding on the behalf of Government, Naeem Akhter Hon’ble Minister for Education, said that the Govt. Apparently satisfied by the Government response, the bill was later drawn by the legislator. Expressing satisfaction over the response of Government, the Civil Society of Ramnagar was in full praise for the young legislator who untiringly took up this issue seriously in the legislative assembly as these Shrines are held in strong belief by local populace. The civil Society expressed further hoped that with this step the Pilgrimage to these Shrines will increase manifold which will not only increase the religious tourism in the area but also provide ample employment and business opportunities to the local populace. The civil society also said they were fed up with the petty politics, fake and hollow promises by the politicians on this issue and have lost hope, but finally their present legislator has make it possible that Govt. On the occasion, addressing to the gathering, Rajeev Charak focused on the pro people policies of the Central and the State Government and put light upon the different people oriented schemes so that members of BJP unit play a vital role in changing and uplifting the social, economical conditions of the people and all around development of the area through availing the benefits of different schemes of the Government. On the occasion Kr. Rajeev Charak also focused on rooting the ideal pillar of democracy at Panchyat level and to strengthen the cadre at ground level. While remembering the period of National Emergency that was imposed by Congress on 26 June 1975 as Black Day, Charak stated the Congress even not hesitated in curtailing the basic rights of the people and committing atrocities upon the people in lust of power.