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Visit kgraradio. om for a complete list of live shows and rebroadcasts of your favorites. Ian also shares a few of his own creepy encounters had over the years. Massive white Hammerheads, bloody massacres, little green men, apparitions over water, UFOs, USOs and Skunk Apes are all discussed. Visit Mark and Kari on their website: EerieFlorida. om Find them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Purchase their book and get all the details of the stories, 'Eerie Florida' on Amazon Get your special edition, signed and personally illustrated copy HERE 'Tales of Terror From Tampa Bay' and ' 31 Tales of Terror from Hellview Cemetery ' by Mark Muncy and Elizabeth Abbott Mini Lights -the upcoming movie Matter of Frak - Episode 1 with Mark and Kari Want to support the show and get more content. She also shares other encounters with them. nd for the most part, they are not the friendly and only semi-mischievous creatures some would have you believe. Become an iNSIDER and get more, from. he iNSIDE! The video versions will be far less edited, bloopers and blunders (mostly my own) are staying in. Recent episodes up for iNSIDERS. ideo interview with Vance and Jen of the podcast, ' The Caravan of Lore ', more listener emails which include Sasquatch encounters, and 'Utah the Strange' which is video footage from Duck Creek, Utah. ocation of my sighting of the four shadow beings. Find Ryan's book 'Somewhere in the Skies: A Human Approach to an Alien Phenomenon' on Amazon and Richard Dolan Press Find Ryan Sprague on his websites somewhereintheskies. om, RyanDSprague. om, and ThirdKindProductions. om Visit DarkMyths.

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Short Films: Fiction Film Festivals 2nd Asiana International Short Film Festival, Audience Award 8th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival 2004 Pusan Asian Short Film Festival HONG Sung-hyuk Born in Seoul in 1978, HONG studied in Sungkyunkwan University, Department of Film Television and Media. The student keeps threatening the teacher, and the frightened teacher delivers an unknown lecture. Film Festivals 3rd Mise-en-scene Genre Film Festival, Jury s Special Prize 9th Pusan International Film Festival, Wide Angle LEE Sang-geun Born in 1978, Seoul. Her thesis film won the Sunje Fund Award for Best Korean Short Film at the 8th Pusan International Film Festival. He always delivers numerous packages and boxes all over. What is held inside the boxes is not important to him, and all the packages are packed before he takes them. He just connects people with spaces in order like a spider s web. Film Festivals 9th Pusan International Film Festival, Wide Angle 15h Sao Paulo Internatioanal Short Film Festival, MegaCities Showcase KIM Yi-kyoung Born in 1976, Jeju, Korea. A few people gather around this radio to meet someone, and two more people come to this place. The longings, laments, and regrets are what they have. Short Films: Fiction Film Festivals 8th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival 4th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival, Competition 1st Short Shorts Film Festival Asia, Asian Ghost Award 2004 Busan Asian Short Film Festival, Competition YUNE Ji-won Born in 1974, Seoul. A bad memory of her mother disturbs her, and she makes a mistake at the shop. Film Festival 9th Pusan International Film Festival, New Currents FIPRESCI Award KWON Ji-yeon Born in Seoul in 1976, KWON worked as a crew member on (1999, directed by PARK Kwang-su). Kwon went to the Russian National Film School to study film. Her graduate film was shown in the Berlinale Talent Campus special program, New Russian Cinema. Every day, Sara Jeanne hides her wrinkles with heavy make-up, puts on faded worn clothes, and earns her living by selling her body to American soldiers under the influence of alcohol. However, as a prostitute, she no longer has any place to stand and her life grows more vulnerable to the danger of violence. Now she decides to leave the military base-side town.

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That combined with an ambitious and complicated plot make Wyke Wreake a difficult pill to swallow. In many cases characters speak in extended soliloquies that mask or color their emotions and intent providing the film with a deep theatrical, stage-like presentation as the characters are often speaking out loud for the benefit of the audience and not necessarily the film nor the story. It’s an interesting approach but inconsistently successful. The film begins with three friends, sisters Bec (Edwina Lea) and Kate (Gemma Deerfield) along with Bec’s boyfriend Thom (Leon Florentine), sitting in a small, disturbingly decorated room performing a seance. Bec and Thom are concerned for Kate’s safety and sanity as she refuses to let go of her paranormal obsession and her sorrow from a recent tragic event. Kate is convinced she has established contact with the spirit of Alex Clifford (Jon Stoley) who promises to hold the secrets Kate desires. Both Kate’s and Alex’s stories are inter-weaved as the film progresses, until their story become one with surprising and emotionally driven results. For the most part, the action is confined to the single room, at one point the room obsessively decorated for Kate’s seance, at one point the same room reverts back to the home of Alex Clifford. However, when Alex is sharing his back story and motivation, the film allows him to wonder the countryside, often covered in blood. The story ends with an interesting twist that redefines the opening elements that affects each of the primary characters quite dramatically. However, the chemistry between Bec and Thom isn’t entirely or well established or strong enough to draw much empathy or sympathy for their situation. Gemma Deerfield is effectively driven as the obsessed Kate but is typically relegated to sitting in front of the Ouija board for most of the first half of the film. Of the crew, Jon Stoley is the stand out and the lead of the film as Alex, the visitor. Between the two, Deerfield and Stoley, there is an ample amount of crazy to fill the frame. Stoley has a very stoic presence and a hypnotic, lyrical delivery that is engaging. Throughout Wyke Wreake he suffers from a grave case of permanent sour brow, very serious, very intense. But, the subject matter demands it, and Stoley, along with Deerfield, deliver. For US audiences, the accents alone can be challenging; however, they are far more discernible than those found in other films by comparison, such as Attack the Block which often requires subtitles even though it is in English.

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out of 10 gold stars for DOCTOR STRANGE. Mereka adalah produk makanan dan barang yang dijual sehari-hari; ada sosis, ada roti, taco, selada, saos tomat, kecap, kentang, mereka punya society masing-masing di sana. Rak tempat mereka dijual udah kayak batas negara deh. Kehidupan mereka-mereka ini berlandaskan kepada kepercayaan bahwa manusia adalah dewa-dewa, atau katakanlah; Tuhan. Jadi, tokoh-tokoh film ini semuanya menanti untuk dibawa ke surga, di mana mereka bisa bersatu, melakukan apapun yang mereka mau. Namun seperti yang kita semua tahu, bukan begitu cara kerja makanan dan manusia. Atau bahkan, jangan nonton film ini jika kalian orang yang cukup mudah tersinggung. Serius, film ini punya sedikit lebih banyak daging on the inside daripada presentasi ngaco yang ditampilkannya. Komedi dan leluconnya mungkin akan membuat kita yang nonton jarang tertawa karena film ini sesungguhnya SANGAT SATIR. Kita akan liat roti kosher dengan roti halal terus-terusan menolak bekerja sama. Kita bakal nyaksiin produk makanan Jerman begitu ngebet memburu semua produk jus. Konsep yang membungkus film ini benar-benar menyenangkan. Konsepnya ini actually adalah yang paling aku suka dari Sausage Party. Film ini juga punya adegan musikal dengan lagu original, you know, hal-hal yang definitely biasa kita temukan di animasi Disney. Hanya saja begitu adegan nyanyian tersebut dimulai, kita langsung tahu Sausage Party adalah ANIMASI UNTUK ORANG DEWASA. Kayak anggota tubuh yang terpotong, percikan dara. h, salah ding, saos. Sebenarnya merupakan hal yang biasa jika sering nonton anime ataupun film animasi rated-r yang lain, apalagi di sini disimbolkan oleh makanan-makanan, tapi film ini mengolahnya dengan dramatis sehingga jadinya benar-benar lucu.

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, but otherwise there wasn't an extensive interconnected interior set. The complex consists of many buildings and keeps, some ancient and decrepit, some in good repair. According to legend, Winterfell was built by Bran the Builder eight thousand years ago. Open pools smoke day and night in a dozen small courtyards. In summer, it is so significant; in winter, it is the difference between life and death. Parts have also had to be rebuilt over time, either due to natural degeneration or damage in sieges (Winterfell was burned out several times in ancient wars with the Boltons and other enemies, but the Starks always rallied and rebuilt it). The eldest surviving part of the castle is the First Keep, an old tower no longer actively used, which some maesters think dates back to some point after the Andal Invasion began six thousand years ago. This is a testament to just how long the Starks have held Winterfell: according to tradition, there should be eight thousand years' worth of tombs in the crypts. According to tradition, while all Stark family members are buried in the crypts, statues are only made for those who were head of House Stark (either as kings or later as lords). There have been some exceptions over the generations, and Eddard himself had statues made at the tombs of his older brother Brandon and his sister Lyanna. The most ancient tombs are in the lower levels, and the more current ones closer to the surface. Many of the lower levels are half-collapsed and unexplored. With their vast size and lack of active use, it is quite easy for someone to hide in the crypts for weeks or even months at a time, as Bran, Rickon, and their followers did during the Sack of Winterfell, provided that they bring sufficient supplies with them. According to legend, when the infamous wildling rogue Bael the Bard seduced the daughter of a Stark lord, they hid out in the crypts for nearly a year undetected, long enough that when the daughter one day reappeared in her chambers she had with her the infant son that she had with Bael. It is based on the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, written by George R. . Martin, who serves as a producer, creative consultant and scriptwriter on the television series. David Benioff and D.

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