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CORMAH: Well, in 1964 1 graduated from UCLA with a degree in English. The student employment office, now mostly onwas then just two women in a poorly room with Rolodexes. They had three suggestions for me, and one of them was to be Roger’s assistant. I coiddn’t understand what the job with Roger entailed; of course, now I know that our assistants may one day be required to get an actor a haircut he doesn’t want for a role, and the next to negotiate a contract for book rights. I actually had no inten- tion of producing anything until we had pany. Roger asked if I would stay and help him for a couple of days, and I ended up helping for more than a couple of days. There were further problems that came up, as things wiU, and we actually got engaged during the The power couple behind the Lon Amn powerful, Roger and Julie Cormon launched countless careers together. FANG: At what CORMAN: RICHARD BENJAMIN PAULA PRENTISS with Shelley Vfinters for AIP, and it was very successful, so they wanted him to make another woman-gangster film. I don’t think Boxcar Bertha was responsible for any changes in the law, but I do think the fact that producers like Roger were willing to put their thinking about how women and blacks were and could not find any items on great female gangsters. I called a friend who worked the DA’s my had been canlaw celled because the in office and told him my dilemma, and he treated unfairly into their films contributed to the said the reason I changes we’ve seen. FANG: Have things changed for women since Boxcar Bertha was made. Jim had worked with friends of mine who were television producers. They sent him to me, and when I reahzed he was a sci-fi guy, I thought he should meet Roger. Cohen, who came from Second City and brought some of those alumni with him. Most notably, he cast Severn Darden, who was the guru from Second City. Anyway, Paula failed to announce until we started filming that she refused to wear fangs as a vampire. What cotdd I do? I’m always on the side of “Give the actors what they want and what they need to do the work. She said, “I wfil convince you that I’m a vampire”. What can you do?

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On your phone, you can find the lists option by opening up a profile and tapping the three dots (Android) or the cog icon (iOS). Once you've created a list, you can find a link to it on your profile page. If you've set your list to be private, then only you will be able to see and access it. Other people can subscribe to your public lists, so you can also use them to curate Twitter accounts for your friends to follow. But how can you be sure it's performing to its full potential. For that, you need to see what kind of updates your followers are interested in, and what will make a big impression on your audience. Which is why Twitter created its own free analytics dashboard, available for all users to take advantage of. Navigate to the analytics page, and you can see how much you're tweeting, how much traction those tweets are earning over time, how many new followers and profile visits you're getting, and more. If you want to start paying to promote posts on the network, you can do this from Twitter Analytics too. But the blue light emanating from the screen can strain your eyes and disrupt your ability to fall asleep. So turn on night mode, which gives the entire interface a darker look that's easier on the eyes after the sun's gone down. To access the night mode setting, go to the app menu, open Settings and privacy, and then hit Display and sound. If you're using an Android phone, then Twitter gives you an extra bonus option: Tap the Night mode entry in the menu, and you can set the dark version of your feed to automatically kick in based on your region's sunset and sunrise times. You can access them on the advanced search page, which gives you plenty of options for tracking down your quarry. In addition to searching for certain keywords while excluding others, you can look for tweets based on the account that wrote them, as well as the post's geographical location, date, language, and more. These advanced search abilities instantly turn you into a superpowered tweet hunter. Trying to avoid spoilers for your favorite TV show. This prevents tweets that contain the forbidden phrases from appearing in your timeline's main feed or in your notifications. To adjust your mute options, open the Twitter settings page and click Add on the Muted words screen. You can get specific about individual words, as well as phrases, emojis, usernames, and hashtags.


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With an official running time of 50 minutes, the episode sets a brevity record by just a minute or so for the series as a whole. But it’s considerably shorter than the current season’s first three episodes, which were each an hour, or even a few minutes over. Let's go ahead and call Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asb? ) the funniest character on 'Game of Thrones. After The Queen's Justice cemented itself as one of, if not the funniest Game of Thrones episodes of all time, it's important to note why that episode was so hilarious. Some of the snarky commentary between Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Littlefinger (Aidan Gillan) was pretty comical. Watching her shut him down with such disdain is quite amusing, particularly if you are not a fan of Littlefinger. Former Game of Thrones actress, Gemma Whelan is hinting that she might want to be the Thirteenth Doctor, and we solidly support her campaign. Gemma Whelan is throwing her hat in the ring for Thirteenth Doctor. Although Peter Capaldi’s announcement about leaving Doctor Who is barely even cold, everyone is having feelings about who the new Doctor should be. Celebs and fans alike are speculating (and campaigning hard) for the Thirteenth Doctor. Whelan took to Twitter with a low-key acceptance of the role. In the course of a few minutes, Euron torched Yara's ships, killed two of the Sand Snakes, took Ellaria Sand prisoner, and bested Yara in combat before intimidating Theon into jumping overboard. Judging by what he said to HBO's Making Game of Thrones blog, he loved it, particularly when thee were stunts involved. It was sick. It was six days in Northern Ireland on a fake ship with a bi. It wasn't exactly the most heroic scene watching him completely abandon his sister and not even making an attempt at saving Yara from their Uncle Euron. Fans were pretty quick to react on social media after the epi. Game of Thrones has zombies, dragons, and a zombie dragon. But Westeros may be getting an appearance by the biggest monster of all — at least, if Yara Greyjoy has her way.


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But it does star Daniel Radcliffe, who could hardly have tried harder to cast off the spell of Harry Potter, yet here allows himself back into a fantasy, sporting not a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead but a pair of goat-like horns. Radcliffe plays Ig, desperately trying to prove himself innocent of the brutal murder of his girlfriend Merrin (Juno Temple), when those damnable horns start sprouting. But Radcliffe contributes a decent, committed performance. Still only 25, he might yet have an acting future as exciting as his acting past. As the EU appears set to force May into a year-long extension this is what is likely to happen as Britain's exit is put off AGAIN tonight. Sample a set of free images from a list of curated categories, with the ability to unlock hundreds more via in-app purchase. Nykturie kann durch eine vermehrte Flussigkeitsaufnahme, gesteigerte Diurese oder verminderte Blasenkapazitat verursacht werden. Nocturia, defined as nocturnal micturition with a frequency of at least once per night, is one of the most frequent lower urinary tract symptoms in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and often causes them to consult a physician. Nocturia is often bothersome and responsible for increased morbidity and mortality. Nocturia can be caused by increased fluid intake, increased diuresis or decreased bladder capacity, either alone or in combination. The underlying pathophysiology of nocturia can only be detected by methodical evaluation of the patient. Bladder diaries for 3 days are an essential part of the assessment. Treatment goals include reducing the nocturnal voiding frequency to less than 2 episodes per night, increasing the duration of undisturbed sleep to more than 4 hours, restoring quality of life, and reducing morbidity as well as mortality. In patients with reduced functional bladder capacity, ? blockers, 5? reductase inhibitors, phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors, plant extracts or prostate operations (e. . TURP) have shown to significantly reduce nocturnal voiding frequency. If nocturnal polyuria causes or contributes to nocturia, as shown in up to 80? of BPH patients with nocturia, the treatment goal is to reduce urine production during the night.


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Nikki recently posted a beautiful photo to Instagram describing how hard it is to get Bodhi to eat baby food and stating that she’s still nursing her. Here’s the picture and I’m excerpting the caption below so it’s easier to read. To be honest, I have no idea how long her and I will be on this journey together. I follow her lead, and she tells me exactly what she needs. At 20 months she is only just becoming interested in food. I discovered after a year of blending and smooshing and mashing, that my daughter doesn’t like mushy baby food. Wild right? It wasn’t until someone suggested I skip pureed food and go straight to finger foods that she became intrigued by what was on her plate. Who knew some kids just don’t ever go for blended baby food. I tried bananas, avocado, all the semi-soft good stuff and she rejected everything. Never in a million years did I think to skip that step when she only had two teeth. If your little one isn’t eating pureed solids, they might want to go straight for big people food. Right now thats where were at, still breastfeeding and skipping right to finger foods. Also, in case you need to hear it again because I definitely did, whatever you’re doing you are doing it right. Every baby is on their own path doing things when and how they need to, and our job is to trust our gut, talk to other mamas and just go with the flow. That’s a great way to cover up actually, not that you should have to, but it’s clever to put a little sunhat on the baby. As for feeding, it sounds like she’s got it under control and like the baby isn’t underfed and is just moving to finger foods. She’s right that you have to do what feels right as a mom and people should stop being nosy about how long she’s going to nurse. There’s nothing weird or abnormal about breastfeeding a toddler. It’s every mother’s business whether she bottle feeds or breastfeeds and how long she does that.