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If they really are intent on Glennon as their starter, that’s not a good sign. He said he understands that there might be some discussions going on among fans and media members over who should be the team’s starting quarterback. But the noise is so loud that it will eventually find its way to his ears. He’ d have an easier time blocking out Andre Drummond. The only way it stops being that way is if Trubisky comes down to earth. And if public sentiment is any indication, that’s never, ever going to happen. Now, 50 years later, three neighboring museums here are revisiting that fateful summer with exhibitions that portray and explore the riots in sharply different ways. The exhibitions also amount to a forceful attempt by two of the museums, the Detroit Historical Museum and the Detroit Institute of Arts, to connect with African-Americans. These museums draw predominantly white patronage in a city in which more than 80 percent of residents are black. A mere 10 percent of the institute’s patrons are black. “Within the African-American community, we were seen as the white museum, ” said Joel Stone, senior curator for the Detroit Historical Society, which runs the Detroit Historical Museum. The most provocative of the exhibitions is at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, an institution that is more popular with black residents. Its examination of violence against African-Americans mirrors the intensity of Kathryn Bigelow’s new movie, “Detroit, ” and like the film, it uses the riots to comment on race in the United States today. Detroit’s riots began early on the morning of Sunday, July 23,1967, set off by a police raid on a “blind pig, ” local terminology for an illegal club.

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When Montgomery went down in the fourth quarter with an ankle injury, Croney carried the running back workload and helped Iowa State milk the clock and close out the game. “Sheldon’s practiced great,” Noland said. “He’s earned the right to play, and I knew when he got in there, he was going to hang on to the ball and give it everything he had every play. It’s become a remarkable turnaround for Croney who impressed Campbell in spring practice and then again in fall camp. Part of what caught Campbell’s attention is Croney’s team-first attitude. “It’s not about Sheldon,” Campbell said. “He’s really pressed to get better every day and that’s hard to do at running back. There’s one ball. You’d love to have 800 carries by different guys. But David has kind of pushed himself to the front of the pack (with) his ability to block and catch and run. What’s been fun for Sheldon is he’s kind of mirrored that and he’s allowed himself to really have a niche and a role in this football team. Campbell said Croney has come a long ways in just one year. “He’s one of those guys who has really worked hard because it wasn’t easy for Sheldon,” Campbell said. “I was all over his case a year ago to be honest with you. Embed Share Embed Share Embed Share Embed Share Embed Share Embed Share Even Croney is amazed how far his career has come.

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This epiphany is related only to the narrative system of the game, and it does not affect its ludic elements. Rather, it permits the player to understand parts of the story, thus gaining a better comprehension of some aspects of the ongoing narration. On the other hand, to understand Oxenfree in its entirety, the player has to experience a ? al, global ludonarrative epiphany. After Alex has rescued her friends and they are all on the ferry back to the mainland, she discusses the events that have happened and that would happen afterwards. However, at one point her voice starts glitching and suddenly she is talking about going to an island with her friends for a weekend party. It is in this moment that the game gives the player the “continue timeline” option (see Fig. 2). Thus, Oxenfree narratively motivates an aspect of the gameplay, that is the possibility of re-playing it. In this way, players can try different options to experience different endings. In order to keep track of the choices players have made in previous playthroughs, the player can leave hints and messages in speci? places. Oxenfree’s global ludonarrative epiphany is given precisely by the understanding of the relationship between those two mechanics and the time-looped structure of the narrative. Alex cannot break out of the loop, she is trapped there for good. The hints left by the users over the course of the game contribute to create the global ludonarrative epiphany: Oxenfree’s story is endless, and it does not have a univocal ?

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Plus Varys is more of a pure good guy on the show, which would fit with that portrayal. - In Meeren, I expect one of Dany's supporting cast to go down (most big battles will likely have at least one prominent victim to keep the stakes high). It's not going to be Tyrion and Varys just left, so this really only leaves Missandei (please not! , Grey Worm (I like him, but he's expendable) and Daario (eh, whatever). - I'll throw in Littlefinger as a potential victim. Sansa may decide to kill him off after using him for the army, which might make LF proud of her (not really happy, obviously. . There's a reason they showed us that shot of him in the trailer and if they just wanted to include him, they could've picked any of the shots in the Vale. That figure dressed in black may be Sansa bringing him the news. Of course the show could also show him emerge as the new power and have him make a move for the Iron Throne, which would be one explanation for a potential conflict with Dany. We'll see. - This sounds like Tormund will survive, which is great news. Wun Wun going down like this kind of sucks, but he's really more of a gimmick than a real character, so if that's the price for everyone else surviving (besides Rickon of course), so be it. - I was hoping for more Sam this season, especially at Oldtown. I wonder if they basically just show him finding whatever it is he needs to find and that's going to be the entire arc or if that's just delayed until next season.

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But even after said agreement is reached, Grey Worm warns Tyrion that slave owners are a different breed and they may be the ones doing the politicking in this scenario. This is really the first reminder we’ve gotten in a while that Meereen is essentially a different world than Westeros. It’s safe to assume we haven’t seen the last of the Sons of the Harpy. She’s still locked away for her sinning, but she’s not as broken as her brother Loras; or even as broken as Cersei was in the same spot last season. Mr. Sparrow gave another private sermon about pitfalls of vanity. Blah blah blah. His rationalizations are getting annoying, and none of the characters are really buying them. The real development came via the small council where Cersei has convinced Lady Olenna to take up action against the Sparrow and his zealous goons before Margaery has to experience the “Walk of Shame” that Cersei did. If she can successfully oversee a hit on a king, I’m sure she can do the same on an old man with bad knees. Of all the females on the show, these two are the most adept when it comes to navigating the upper echelon of society free of any male influence. I’m not sure why he let her get so close to him considering he knew who she was, but whatever, Ramsay prefers a sadistic neck stabbing as opposed to a simple beheading or hanging any day of the week. This scene was a nice way to harken back to Theon’s flaws. Osha pulled the same shit with Theon to bust Bran and Rickon out of Winterfell. Theon went for it.

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