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The client system tray icon doesn't give you any right-click connection-related options. You can't right-click to see your current server, close a connection or connect to something else, for instance. These actions are only available from the main interface. There's no kill switch, specialist DNS leak protection or anything else even faintly advanced. And does this mean not all servers support every protocol. We chose a local UK server, clicked the On button, and watched as the client connected. One immediate concern is that our connection didn't default to OpenVPN. The client's automatic selection had used IKEv2 instead. That's not a significant security issue, but experienced users might want to choose their preferred protocol in Settings to ensure it's always used. We noticed another oddity a few minutes later, when a pop-up window appeared asking if were enjoying Goose VPN, and a second asked us to provide feedback. Both windows could be closed with a click, but our guess is that most users won't expect or want to be faced with marketing pop-ups on their own system, even just once or twice. During our last review of the service, we had great problems connecting to some Goose locations.

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Because it had the misfortune of hitting theaters a month after M. Night Shyamalan’s ghost thriller set box offices ablaze, and because it contains several of the same elements—including a young boy who can communicate with the dead— Stir of Echoes was widely derided at the time as knowingly derivative, but that assessment was never really fair. Unlike The Sixth Sense, which leans so heavily on atmosphere and tension, Stir of Echoes is more of a true popcorn thriller, a supernatural whodunit that sees Kevin Bacon descending into frothing hyperactivity after having the doors of his perception thrown wide open during a botched hypnosis session. Today, the film’s growing fandom seem to be trying to reclaim its status as an underrated horror classic, but the reality is that Stir of Echoes is an effective, classical potboiler full of themes that have been common in ghost movies for as long as we’ve had ghost movies. It does have the warm likability of Kevin Bacon going for it, though, and that’s enough to make it worthwhile. — Jim Vorel. There’s nothing particularly revolutionary in its interconnected series of tales involving people menaced by the ghosts of a murdered family, but damn if its depiction of the child spirit of “Toshio” in particular didn’t become a symbol of the entire J-horror genre. Its stories of punishment may be on the conventional side, but the appearance and art direction that went into creating its creepy kid have been an undeniable influence on pretty much all the ghost movies that have come along since. — Jim Vorel. Its story is basic and primordial—family moves into a new house, but things go bump in the night. Every haunted house trope is well-represented, from secret rooms and unseen hands to disembodied voices and spiritual possession. If anything, the film overloads itself with concurrent, dueling reasons for the haunting, ranging from “Indian burial ground” to “site of Satanic rituals,” never really settling on a central theme.

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I have my criticisms of the festival, because, well, it's a festival and rather imperfect. But I have participated in 5 straight years of Gooses, and I rarely do anything for 5 years straight. Deb's post focused on a letter sent by the Goose President, Jeff Clark. We've got 46 mutual friends, so I'll probably meet him sooner or later. The main points of the post are below (in blue) with some response from me (in red). YMMV with this festival, but if you find yourself there, look me up. You'll find me at the Desanka Spirit Cafe, which is run by the evangelical foot washers who will also offer you a free meal or six, no strings attached. To be honest, this is a point of agreement I have with Deb--I also grimaced when I read the letter. The festival couldn't afford to move locations at this date. However hopeful the festival organizers were about the laws changing by 2017, contingency plans should have been made. Moving this festival, even for this year, would require a significant outlay of capital, the cancellation of contracts, and nightmare logistics planning. Moving Wild Goose this year would likely have resulted in a Dead Goose.

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Though there are solid vegan options around the city -- standbys like Veggie Planet in Harvard Square and Grasshopper in Allston and relative newcomers like TJ Scallywaggle's in Allston -- it's nice to see an upper crust restaurant offer tasty gourmet options for our meat-free and dairy-free friends. This year's What the Fluff Festival, on September 29 in Union Sqaure, marks the 90th anniversary of the invention, so the party should be over the top. I'm just not into paying people to take unwanted junk off their hands. But Saturday's Somerville Rock 'n' Roll Yard Sale sounds infinitely more interesting. All things music will be for sale -- vinyl records, posters, stereo equipment, tapes -- along with vintage clothing and vegan food. Bands will play, and a DJ will spin records found at thrift stores and yard sales. Best of all, there'll be an exhibit of bad thrift-store lamps -- the worst of which will be honored with a lightbulb-smashing ceremony. There's a limit of two tickets per person, cash only. You already missed the make-up and beauty tailgating party outside Nordstrom, for shame. All this weekend, the revamped Natick Collection is celebrating its unveiling -- with trunk shows, demonstrations, and more, oh my. I'm one happy camper if my weekend plans keep me north of the Charles. Cambridge Bicycles and the OtherSide Cafe, among others, are sponsoring a two-day bike race; the winner receives prizes (maybe like the one above) and a celebratory awards party at OtherSide Sunday evening.


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